Chapter 588

Sun Zhiwei on the other side of the phone is just impatient. He has to make things clear with Chen Jialing.

Now that we know that Chen Jialing has no use value, we might as well kick her away.

Therefore, sun Zhiwei said directly, "Chen Jialing, I'm tired of it. Let's break up."

After Chen Jialing on the phone was a little stunned, her mobile phone "snapped" and fell onto the asphalt road.

She responded immediately, bent down and picked up the phone.

Looking at the mobile phone has not broken, she will face eagerly to the phone side to ask. "Zhiwei, are you kidding? Did I hear you wrong? Or was the signal bad just now? Where were you? I'll come to you now. "

She was suddenly a little nervous.

All along, what Chen Jialing longed for most was to get married with sun Zhiwei, and then she would be Mrs. sun.

However, she never thought that sun Zhiwei had never thought of marrying her.

The reason why he went to perfunctory her was just a temporary tactic. He needed to take advantage of Chen Jialing.

But now sun Zhiwei gradually feels that this stupid woman is useless. Instead, she will only make trouble for herself.

He doesn't need to be around any more.

"Well, Chen Jialing, you don't have to come to me. Our relationship is over. How much do you want? In this way, I'll give you 50000 yuan as a break-up fee."

Chen Jialing stood alone in the middle of the road, unable to react.

She felt as if she had been cheated seriously. How could she spend 50000 yuan to kill herself?

Sun Zhiwei regards himself as what he is.

"Sun Zhiwei, I tell you, you don't want to get rid of me in your life. You want to use 50000 yuan to send me away. You treat me as a beggar, don't you?"

Chen Jialing said, with a cold smile, suddenly arrogant like crazy.

It's also windy outside, and there's a whirring sound coming out of the microphone that's going into the phone.

She was laughing crazily, just like a madman. When the passers-by looked at the madwoman, they just looked at her.

However, because of the fear that this madman would hurt others, no one dared to step forward.

However, sun Zhiwei is impatient. He has no time to deal with Chen Jialing.

"Well, it's only 50000 yuan. At most, it's only 50000 yuan. There's no more."

However, Chen Jialing suddenly became crazy. "Where are you now? I want to see you

"I said, I'm busy now, I don't have time to see you! We don't need to see each other again. Let's end this way. "

After sun Zhiwei said this, he coldly wanted to hang up.

However, Chen Jialing suddenly held her mobile phone in her hand, looking crazy.

She screamed, "I tell you, if you don't come to see me today, I'll jump from your company building. I want to see how the news media and the reporters will report you tomorrow."

After hearing the threat from Chen Jialing, sun Zhiwei was obviously afraid.

If Chen Jialing really ran to the top of her company's building and asked to jump off the building, the rumors reported by those reporters the next day would surely be closed to her again.

So, he just frowned and looked annoyed.

"Chen Jialing, what do you want to do?"

Sun Zhiwei frowned with impatience.

He can't make trouble with Chen Jialing any more now. This woman is a real trouble.

However, Chen Jialing did not give up.

She also knows that sun Zhiwei's heart must be away from her, but she can't have two talents now.

It's too easy to kill yourself for 50000 yuan.

She wasted five years of her youth on Sun Zhiwei. How could she be reconciled!

Chen Jialing just stood in the cold wind, then sneered and said, "if you want to break up, sun Zhiwei, you have to call me 5 million today."

Sun Zhiwei was stunned. The woman was talking to the lion.

It's not worth a million to sell Chen Jialing as a whole.

Unexpectedly want to own 5 million break-up fee, what does she regard herself as?

"Chen Jialing, do you think you are more valuable? You are just a rotten shoe worn by others. You don't know how many times you have been worn."

However, no matter what sun Zhiwei said, Chen Jialing was not affected at all.

Anyway, she's used to being a junior these years. She's already familiar with such abuse, so she doesn't care at all.Chen Jialing just sneered and said, "no matter what you say, as long as you don't give me the five million yuan, I'll tell the news media all the things you've been with me and the secrets you told me. I'm curious if we will Die together? "

When Chen Jialing said this, she laughed happily. She didn't believe it. Sun Zhiwei was not afraid.

Before, in order to ask her to help, sun Zhiwei told her many things about the company, and Chen Jialing also wrote them down one by one.

She knew that it was not easy for her little three to do it, so she had to leave some backhand for herself.

After hearing Chen Jialing's threat, sun Zhiwei was obviously afraid.

Of course, he knows that this woman is crazy and does things regardless of the consequences.

In this way, he not only destroyed Chen Jialing, but also his own company.

Of course, sun Zhiwei didn't want this to happen, so he could only frown and say, "I tell you, I can only give you 500000 at most."

Chen Jialing thought a little bit in her heart. In fact, 500000 yuan is more than enough.

After all, she has made a lot of money from sun Zhiwei over the past few years.

However, the more she thought about it, the more she felt guilty.

She could have been Mrs. sun. By then, the sun family would have half of their own property.

People's greed will never be satisfied.

"No, half a million is not enough, two million is necessary!"

Sun Zhiwei never thought that this woman was really greedy. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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