Chapter 599

Li Jingyan immediately put on a look of innocence, replied, "I dare not, I love you too late, how can I dislike you?"

Shixia is just laughing.

After watching the movie, she and Li Jingyan went upstairs to pack their luggage.

Just as it happens, the company has been operating steadily during this period of time, and there is no big storm. If there is any big problem, Li Tao will contact him as soon as possible.

However, when Li Tao heard that his boss was going to leave, he was really reluctant.

"Boss, do you really plan to go out on your honeymoon at this time?"

Li Tao looked reluctant, but Li Jingyan just replied, "what's the matter? I'm hurt now. I don't even have a chance to take a vacation for myself?"

Li Tao immediately waved his hand. How dare he interfere with the boss's holiday?

"It's OK. I wish you a good journey and have a good time."

Li Tao smiles. If the boss leaves, he will be finished. If the boss is not in the company, 80% of the company's work will fall on him.

At that time, he was afraid that he would work overtime again. The more he thought about it, the more he felt aggrieved, and the more he wanted to cry.

However, before hanging up, Li Jingyan gave him a welfare.

"When I come back from there, I'll give you a month's long holiday with pay and salary increase."

Li Tao was excited when he heard that he was not only paid more, but also paid more holidays.

"Really, boss?"

However, Li Jingyan just solemnly replied, "you think I lied to you, then I will continue to cheat you."

Li Tao immediately shook his head. The boss made a promise. Of course, he would not cheat himself.

Li Tao just replied with a smile, "even if you cheat me, I believe you are telling the truth."

Now Chenchen has grown up, so Shixia thinks that she is more relieved to give her children to her parents.

What's more, the parents in law are so concerned about the children that they will definitely not let Chenchen suffer any injustice.

Shi Xia and Li Jingyan packed their bags and left Yishi.

They took the latest flight to Bali, ready to start their honeymoon.

They are looking forward to a honeymoon trip for several years, but they delay it again and again because all kinds of things have to be postponed.

However, this time, the trip was finally on the way, although Li Jingyan's arm was still injured.

However, looking at the people around him, he also felt satisfied, even with a wound on his body.

Even if the wound is still bleeding, there is no scab, but as long as the people around him is his sweetheart, then the journey is happy.

Shi Xia follows Li Jingyan with a suitcase, and suddenly looks forward to the journey.

This time, only the two of them seemed to have never felt like this.

All along, she has put all her mind on the work, it seems that work is the top priority.

However, because of this, Shixia missed a lot of interesting things.

This time, put down all the work at hand for the time being, take a walk on the road, completely empty yourself, and go to a new world to feel the different scenery.

Shixia thought of this and looked at Li Jingyan beside him and laughed at him.

This time at the airport, my parents-in-law didn't call to urge them to say something happened to Chenchen, so they arrived in Bali smoothly.

Although Li Jingyan is happy here, he is much distressed in the south of ease.

He didn't send an invitation to Li Jingyan about his engagement.

Li Jingyan now runs out for his honeymoon, apparently avoiding the wedding of Anyi south.

He even felt that by doing so, Anyi Nan was completely destroying his own happiness.

Therefore, it is impossible for him to let himself wish an easy south. After all, this marriage because of political marriage is impossible to harvest happiness.

Anyi Nan now thinks that the crisis has been lifted, but Li Jingyan still thinks that Anyi Nan will regret it one day.

He also sent a short message to Anyi Nan yesterday, asking Anyi Nan not to ruin his whole life just because of impulse.

However, the ease South did not give him any reply.

He seems to be paranoid that as long as marriage can solve the biggest problem at present.

California, 7 a.m.

Mu Jiayan just woke up. The pace of life in the United States is very slow. In fact, she got up early today.

After all, it's still after 9:30 to go to school.

She just sat on the sofa in the living room, watching some financial news.Because when I was studying psychology, I also majored in some finance and economics subjects, and I went back to the company to help my father run the business.

Roommate Anna came over and poured a glass of milk to Mu Jiayan.

He said, "I just saw a financial news on TV. The Chinese men on it are quite handsome. They seem to come from the same place as you."

Mu Jia Yan just Leng for a moment, looked up at her, as if some don't understand.

"What Chinese man?"

Anna frowned and said, "I don't remember very much. The name is a bit strange, but don't you come from Yishi? It seems that the man is also from Yichang city. He seems to be getting married soon. He will release some news on the news. "

Mu Jia Yan just laughed and didn't take it for granted.

She lowered her head and touched her stomach. The baby in her stomach has been eight months and is about to give birth.

Now, she has to pay special attention when she goes to school. Fortunately, the school spirit in the United States is more open, and pregnant women often go to school.

It's just that she has to protect the child.

However, roommate Anna reminds Mu Jiayan and says, "Jiayan, I think you have a good rest at home these few months. Your stomach is too big and it's not convenient to go out."

Mu Jia Yan shook her head. For her, it was nothing.

Moreover, pregnant women also need more exercise. It's not a big deal to let her stay at home all day.

Just as she was about to speak to Anna, she suddenly heard the financial report in the news. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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