Chapter 616

Mu Jia Yan heard that Anna and Xiao Bai were all well, and then she was relieved.

Originally, she was worried that Anna was too busy to take care of Xiaobai at that time, and she would feel exhausted.

However, Anna on the phone said, "although I've been busy with my work recently, fortunately, your senior often comes to help me. With him, I've saved a lot of heart."

Mu Jia Yan heard Anna said so, immediately understand, must be Zhao Yunfei these two days in help.

Moreover, every time Zhao Yunfei calls her, he chooses her spare time.

Mu Jia Yan is also very grateful for the good intentions of the seniors, and take care of her so much.

However, Mu Jiayan can't help but want to keep a little distance from Zhao Yunfei. She also knows what kind of heart Zhao Yunfei has for herself.

Zhao Yunfei likes her, but after all, she can't give everything Zhao Yunfei wants, so she can only run away.

However, sometimes I can't avoid it, and I can only stick to it.

Mujiayan just replied, "OK, Anna, I'll work hard for you. You can have a rest early. Everything is fine here. I'll call you if there's anything else, OK?"

Anna heard Mu Jia Yan said so, also know her there are many things, very busy, then also just nodded.

"Don't worry, Xiaobai is with me, so you can be at ease. I'll send you a picture of the little guy later."

Hearing Anna say so, Mu Jia Yan just laughed.

"OK, good night."

It's still in the morning, but mu Jiayan says good night to Anna.

Because Anna is about to rest. On her side, the sun has just risen.

At two o'clock in the afternoon, without hesitation, Mu Jiayan immediately turned off her mobile phone and walked into the conference room of the hospital.

For her, her father's illness is the most important thing.

And today's expert consultation, she obviously can't miss.

Before two o'clock, five minutes ahead of time, Anyi South had already gone to the place they agreed to wait.

He thought in his heart that he had warned Mu Jiayan this morning, and believed that Mu Jiayan would not stand him up.

But, who knows, five minutes later, two o'clock arrived, and no one came.

An Yinan suddenly felt a little bad, this guy should not be running to where, right?

He just frowned and looked around him impatiently.

However, he didn't even have the shadow of Mu Jiayan. He thought to wait another five minutes, the last five minutes.

Maybe she's in a traffic jam.

However, five minutes later, ten minutes later, and fifteen minutes later, no one came.

An Yi Nan looked down at his watch. It was a quarter past two.

Obviously, Mu Jiayan is late, he just impatiently takes out his mobile phone from his trouser pocket and dials a phone.

There was a mechanical female voice on the phone.

"Sorry, the subscriber you dialed is powered off, please redial later."

An Yinan's brow is frowning more tightly. Now he immediately realizes that this time he has been stood up again.

"Damn it

He also just murmured a curse, and then, in his hands of the mobile phone thrown aside.

He looked at the sun outside, then stood up and without hesitation turned away from the cafe.

He thought in his heart, maybe Mu Jiayan hasn't gone to California this time. After all, Mu Liangcai's illness is not good, and he is still in the hospital. Therefore, I believe Mu Jiayan can't go far.

With that little thought, he drove quickly to Mu's house.

Hearing the sound of the doorbell at the door, Aunt Wang, who was cleaning at home, was just stunned.

She thought the young lady had come back, so she just ran quickly and opened the door.


However, she just opened the door and found that the person standing at the door was not mu Jiayan, but a strange gentleman.

She just frowned, looked at the gentleman and asked, "who are you looking for, sir?"

Although the face of an Yinan is very recognizable in Yishi, almost most people know it.

After all, like Li Jingyan, he is well-known in Yishi.

On the posters in the streets, including the huge televisions in the shopping malls, are all about his deeds.

After all, Aunt Wang is over 50 years old. She just feels familiar, but she can't remember who this gentleman is.

An Yi south hears the young lady that she just said, then immediately knew, Mu Jia Yan is definitely at home, has not left.

So, he just explained with a friendly face, "Hello, auntie, I'm a friend of Jiayan. I came to see him. Is he at home now?"Aunt Wang's face softened a little when she heard that it was Miss's friend. Then she said with a smile, "it's a pity that you are here today, sir. Our miss is accompanying Mr. mu in the hospital now."

After hearing Aunt Wang say so, ease south then also just frowned, then understood her meaning.

It seems that Mu Jiayan didn't mean to break the contract today, just because of her father's illness.

Thinking of this, he suddenly felt relaxed, as if not as angry as just now.

However, he has already made an appointment with Mu Jiayan this morning. This woman is too unpunctual.

Therefore, he just looked at Aunt Wang. He wanted to ask more questions.

However, later I felt that I had come here as a stranger and asked too many questions, which seemed a little inappropriate.

So, he just said to Aunt Wang, "thank you, aunt. I'll come back next time."

"Yes, sir. Take your time." Aunt Wang said, looking at this gentleman's appearance, she doubted that he would not be miss's pursuer.

So, she added at the back, "Sir, maybe you leave a message. When Jiayan comes back, I'll tell her."

"No, thank you, auntie. I'll visit you in person some other day."

An Yi south smiles, said this words later, then also just drove the car, went to the hospital inside.

He thought he should visit.

However, I went to the hospital to find out that Mu Jiayan had an expert consultation today and needed to be an auditor.

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