Chapter 625

She was wearing a little champagne dress with a straight shoulder design. In the part of her arm near the shoulder, there was a long ribbon falling down. When she walked, it was a bit fairy.

A light metal belt at the waist outlines a slim figure. It looks like a girl of eighteen or nineteen years old.

But God knows she's a mother of a two-year-old.

With a smile on her face, Lin Yayin is busy going in and out downstairs. There are too many guests at home. She can't greet them by herself.

However, when she turned around, she found that her daughter didn't know when she went to the upstairs room again.

Lin Ya Yin also does not know his daughter is how to return a responsibility?

Didn't you love the excitement before? At home when party, she is the first to help meet the guests at the door.

Why are you hiding in the room today?

Lin Ya Yin felt a little strange in her heart, so she quickly walked to her daughter's room door and knocked on her daughter's room door.

"Jiayan, why don't you go out? How impolite! There are so many guests at the door. There are still some of your friends. Go and greet them. "

Mu Jia Yan heard her mother's eager voice, then just nodded, and then, looking at the mirror inside the smile, turned away.

However, I didn't expect that as soon as she appeared, she received a roar from her mother.

"You smelly girl, what's the matter? Why are you so stuffy in the room? Just now, ling'er and Xiaoyu have come to see you."

Seeing that her daughter finally came late and came out of the room, Lin Yayin just complained.

Mu Jia Yan just mumbled, "OK, OK, I'm coming here. Mom, what's the hurry?"

She hasn't worn such thin high-heeled shoes for a long time. When she walks, she still feels a little uncomfortable.

Even when he was going down the stairs, he almost stumbled and fell.

What's more, she hasn't met her best friends mentioned by her mother for a long time, and even hasn't contacted them.

Even if I see you later, I'm afraid there won't be any common topic. Standing together, I feel embarrassed.

It's better to be in a daze in the room by yourself.

Lin Ya Yin looks at her daughter's performance today, which is obviously a bit unexpected. You know, Jiayan used to be able to climb mountains in high heels.

Why did you put on a high-heeled shoe today and almost fell down when you went down the stairs.

If it wasn't for her quick eyes and quick hands, she would make a fool of herself in public.

Lin Ya Yin then just approached her daughter, and then reminded her to say, "you girl, how absent-minded? Are you not feeling well, or didn't you have a good rest last night?"

However, Mu Jia Yan just shook his head.

She just gave herself an excuse and explained, "it's OK. I just slipped and stepped on it carelessly."

There are so many guests at home today. If they don't be a little more enthusiastic, they should treat the guests well.

Maybe the guests will find the family impolite.

What's more, today is the day when Mr. Mu was discharged from hospital, and it should be a day to celebrate. They should be happy.

Mu Jia Yan just looked down at her high-heeled shoes innocently.

It's not that she's absent-minded, it's because she hasn't worn high heels for a long time, so she's not quite used to it.

Didn't my mother notice that she had been wearing flat shoes since she came back?

Walking around in high-heeled shoes every day seems to be a few years ago.

In the United States, because Xiaobai is often hospitalized, she needs a lot of medical expenses, but it's not easy for her to ask her parents for too much money.

Although parents give Mu Jiayan a lot of living expenses every month, she always wants to reserve a little for Xiaobai.

Hospitalization in the United States is too expensive.

As a newborn, Xiaobai is more prone to cold and cough.

Taking Xiaobai to the hospital is a routine. Every time I go to the children's Hospital, it costs hundreds of dollars.

Mu Jiayan herself also started a part-time job in the United States, but she did all these things without telling her parents.

People who work part-time, as waiters, or as shopping guides can't walk around in high-heeled shoes.

Even if you wear high-heeled shoes, they are suitable for work. High heeled shoes are only three or four centimeters long.

Today, however, in order to attend the banquet, she wore a pair of 12 centimeter stiletto heels, which made her walk more swaying.

Lin Yayin just complained about her daughter, then took her daughter to see her old friends.She thought in her heart, it doesn't matter if her daughter doesn't like Dr. Lin. anyway, he invited many talented young people here today.

I believe there's always a daughter in the eye.

However, Mu Jiayan was a little tired.

She walked around with the champagne, smiling at the guests from time to time, or one or two acquaintances came to say hello.

However, most people don't remember who Mu Jiayan is.

Her memory is not very good, plus a bit of face blindness, for a patient with face blindness, it is too difficult to remember a person clearly.

What's more, two years later, most people's appearance has changed.

So when those people came to say hello, she even felt a little embarrassed.

However, when Mu Jiayan pestle was in a daze, he suddenly heard a voice behind him.

"Mu Jiayan, you stood me up last time, don't you need to apologize to me?"

She didn't even look back. She just heard the voice of an Yi Nan and felt her scalp numb.

Really, this haunted man!

Mu Jia Yan Bian just turned around and gave him a gloomy stare, then grumbled unhappily, "I've explained it last time, there's no need to apologize."

An Yinan just looks at Mu Jiayan with a smile. She stands here alone.

Then, an Yi Nan looked around and suddenly asked, "why did you come here alone today? Where's your boyfriend? "

Mu Jia Yan slightly Leng for a while, she hasn't responded, after all this matter is also oneself lie just.

So when she heard about her boyfriend, she couldn't react. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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