Chapter 631

Mu Jia Yan thought, just stood up and went to the dresser beside.

She opened a small box in the cupboard and took out a ruby necklace.

It's a birthday present for mom tomorrow.

However, on Mother's birthday, suddenly talking about having children, will it cause a shadow to mother.

Mu Jia Yan heart suddenly some tangled.

However, fortunately, this year's mother's birthday did not invite too many people, just the three of them, a family of three to celebrate together.

Mu Jia Yan then also just long ground sighed a tone.

She thought to herself, let it be, and it's up to her fortune tomorrow.

No, and Xiaobai. Xiaobai is so cute.

Mu Jia Yan thought of her children and suddenly felt full of confidence.

She turned out her mobile phone. There was a folder in it, which was specially used to store Xiaobai's photos.

When she is free, she always likes to look through these photos to ease her yearning for her children.

The more you look at the child, the more lovely it is. The more you look between your eyebrows, the more comfortable it is.

Genetic inheritance is really a very strange thing. Why does her baby son look like that annoying guy in an Yi Nan, not like himself.

It's good to be like yourself, or like your father.

Mu Jia Yan thought more and more and felt depressed.

She is also a little worried. What if her parents accept the child and she brings the child back to Yishi and meets Anyi South later?

Now, I haven't even talked about these things with my parents, but mu Jiayan already has all kinds of worries in her heart.

For a moment, she didn't know where to go.

If you really give up Xiaobai, she obviously can't agree.

The next day.

Today is Lin Yayin's birthday, so the whole family is busy.

However, no outsider was invited. The three members of the family celebrated together.

Originally, Lin Yayin wanted to invite Lin Hao to come and play together, but mu Jiayan refused.

She's going to make a big announcement today, but no one else can be there.

Otherwise, it would be more embarrassing.

Looking at her mother's happy face, after blowing out the birthday candle, Mu Jiayan's face was tangled.

Should she say it now

If you say it, is it a blow to your mother?

Mu Liangcai is ready to bless his wife, every year has today, every year has today.

However, at this time, he noticed that his daughter was absent-minded.

"Jiayan, what's the matter with you? What a listless look? "

Mu Jia Yan heard his father suddenly talk to himself, this just came back to God.

She just waved her hand and said, "it's OK, Dad. I'm just so happy. I'm so happy that I'm in a trance."

However, after that, she just scratched her head a little unnaturally.

In fact, there are still some things I want to say, but it seems that it is not appropriate to speak.

But Lin Ya Yin just looks happy. She brings up the old story again and mentions Mu Jia Yan's finding a partner again.

"Jiayan, don't blame your mother's nagging. Now that you are at this age, it's time to make up your mind. Don't wander outside all day. Look at your friends, they have more or less fiance, and they are even taking care of their children. I don't trust that you are alone."

Mu Jia Yan heard her mother's babbling, but she just turned around and looked at her father.

Mu Liangcai just shrugged and spread his hands, a helpless look.

Over the years, he has been listening to his wife, and the wife makes the decisions about the major events in the family.

It is obviously useless for her daughter to ask for help.

Mu Jia Yan but also just suddenly a serious cough, and then looked at his parents, face a little strange.

Lin Yayin still thinks it's a little strange.

However, when she looked at her daughter's present appearance, she obviously had something to say.

"Smelly girl, tell me honestly if there is something to hide from me. Now I look at you and feel that there must be something."

Mu Jia Yan just smiles awkwardly.

Then, she just said to her mother with a smile, "Mom, do I look obvious now? Am I completely exposed?"

But Lin Ya Yin just nodded her head solemnly.

Of course, my daughter grew up with her.Moreover, it was a piece of meat that fell from her stomach. How could she not know what kind of character her daughter was.

She is a straight hearted person, and she can't hide things in her heart.

Even if Mu Jiayan doesn't say it, even if she wants to hide it, her facial expression and other body language will be exposed.

Lin Ya Yin just pretended to be a professional detective and took a look at her daughter.

Then, she said firmly, "today, since you came downstairs in the morning, you look restless. I know that something must have happened to you."

Mu Jia Yan just looked at her parents with a smile, and the expression on her face became more tangled.

How does she feel that she is now like a criminal who has committed a crime and is waiting for the punishment of the law.

However, it seems that the matter is not so serious. After all, she has not committed bigamy or murder.

"Mom and Dad, actually In fact, I really have one thing I want to tell you, but I'm afraid you can't withstand the blow, so please promise me not to get excited first, OK? Whatever I say next. "

Mu Jia Yan is a kind of faltering.

Then, she just looked at her parents, clenched her lips and looked uneasy.

Seeing her daughter so nervous, Mu's parents felt even more bottomless.

Is something really wrong?

Mu Liangcai just looked at her daughter nervously.

Before waiting for his daughter to say anything, he asked, "Jiayan, tell your parents honestly, is something wrong?"

Mu Jia Yan just closed his eyes, clenched his lips, and then nodded his head, a look of death. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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