Chapter 632

No matter what, she must make things clear today. Even if she feels afraid again, she must make it clear.

Otherwise, Xiaobai will live in the shadow all his life.

Mu Jia Yan but some not too at ease to emphasize again, said, "but, if I said, you must forgive me, and don't be too excited, must stabilize their emotions."

She was worried that her mother's fiery temper would really stand up and slap herself.

It doesn't matter. The point is that my father just came out of the hospital.

She doesn't want to put her father into the hospital again. However, when Lin Ya Yin looks at her daughter like this, she immediately understands that this is definitely not a good thing.

So, she just looked at her daughter, and then said, "well, smelly girl, please tell me. We can bear it in our heart."

Mu Jia Yan clenched his lips, thinking in his heart, don't be afraid, don't be afraid.

"Mom and Dad, actually, when I was in California, I was pregnant and had a child. He was two years old and his name was Xiaobai."

Mu Jia Yan breathed and explained everything clearly.

She thought, anyway, it's a dead end. It's better to explain it completely.

However, Mu's parents just look surprised, as if they don't believe it.

How is that possible?

Lin Ya Yin just giggled twice, and then, like muttering to herself, said, "does this child have a fever? What nonsense? "

Mu Jia Yan is the whole heart mentioned the throat.

Of course she didn't lie.

Besides, how dare she lie about it.

"Mom, you'd better be sober. What I said is true. Besides, I have a picture of the child. Do you want to have a look?"

Mu Jia Yan carefully took a look at his mother's adult, praying that his mother's adult's heart disease must not be angry.

Who knows, the next second, Lin Ya Yin suddenly stood up, pointed to her daughter, scolded and said, "you dead girl, do you dare to be unmarried and pregnant now? Are you not paying attention to my mother, the child is so old, and you have been hiding from us for such a long time. What happened to you in California

Mu Jia Yan then also just a face frightened ground to cover ear, carefully low head.

However, she felt comforted in her heart, which seemed to be her mother's normal reaction.

When she saw her mother like this, she didn't feel worried. Otherwise, she was worried about whether her mother was scared by this.

The father next to him looked calm. Fortunately, there was a calm man in the family.

So, Mu Jia Yan just stretched out her finger and pounded her father's arm.

She just asked cautiously, "Dad, you're saying something. Don't be silent. I feel flustered when I see you don't speak."

Mu Jia Yan carefully finished saying such words, then also just clench lips.

She also knew that her father had reminded her to be a self respecting and self loving girl since childhood.

She also kept her father's words in mind all the time.

Just, that time of affair is completely an accident, small white of arrival also let her be caught off guard.

Mu Liangcai just sighed heavily, then looked at his daughter seriously and asked, "whose child is it? Do you know who the father of the child is? "

Compared with his wife now so excited and angry mood, he is a lot of calm.

Now, the crux of the problem is not the children's problem, but how to deal with it.

Mu Jia Yan just clenched her lips. To be honest, she didn't think well whether to tell her parents who the father was.

After all, it doesn't seem necessary.

"Dad, I'll tell you the truth, but don't be angry or hit me."

Mu Jia Yan said, carefully looked up at his father.

Looking at her father's serious face, she just lowered her head slightly, a little ashamed.

Over the years, thanks to my father's upbringing.

But she let Dad down.

"I actually In fact, I didn't want to pursue the responsibility of the father of the child. I just want to raise the child alone. He's really cute. If you don't believe me, I'll show you his picture. "

Beside Lin Ya Yin but immediately can not sit.

What? Does it mean that the daughter still plans to be single for the sake of that child all her life and not get married?

Lin Yayin just yelled at her daughter, who was not in a good mood. "Mu Jiayan, are you kidding? Do you really want to be a bachelor all your life?"Mu Jia Yan is just a face stubborn appearance, nodded, she originally had such plan.

Moreover, she didn't feel regret for Xiaobai's life.

However, Mu Liangcai just asked his daughter, "who is the father of that child, do you know? You just need to tell me that you can rest assured that we are your family and will not tell others. "

Mu Jia Yan is biting his lips tightly, a face insists of appearance.

Obviously, she still has no intention to tell her parents who the father of the child is.

If dad knows about this, he will feel embarrassed when he makes a cooperation case with Enron.

What's more, will my father let anyinan go?

What if he forces himself to marry Anyi Nan, or he forces Anyi nan to take charge?

Mu Jia Yan thought about it and felt numb on her scalp.

She won't let that happen.

So, Mu Jiayan just looked at his father carefully and asked, "Dad, if I said this, would you force me to marry that man?"

Mu Liangcai looks at his daughter, but he just sighs heavily and doesn't speak.

Next to Lin Ya Yin said, "of course, he should have been responsible for what he did. Besides, you both have children. By the way, Jiayan, the father of that child is not a little punk. Don't tell me what kind of social personage he is? " , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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