Chapter 637

He just clenched his fist, and his nails were embedded in the palm of his hand.

Then, he nodded forcefully.

"OK, I see what you mean. You'd better let our company go as soon as possible. I won't look for you for the next thing."

Sun Zhiwei said, just with an angry look on his face, he quickly turned around and left Enron.

He didn't want to be humiliated any more. He felt that it was an insult for him to stay here one more second.

Chen Zhen looked at Sun Zhiwei's angry appearance and left angrily. Then he walked into the conference room.

However, an Yi Nan was leaning against the table beside him, with a leisurely look.

He was still looking through the papers in his hand, as if he didn't care at all.

Chen Zhen just took a look at his boss, then said with a smile, "boss, you were so bold just now. You didn't see what sun Zhiwei looked like when he left."

An Yinan just laughed. He didn't have much courage. He just wanted to fight for the freedom he wanted.

Over the past few years, he has been pitied by the sun family.

An Yi Nan just sighed, and then said, "I think I have given him enough in the past two years. I have a clear conscience."

When Chen Zhen heard the boss say so, he just nodded.

He can understand what the boss is thinking.

Over the past few years, he has been with an Yinan, so Chen Zhen knows best what the sun family has done to Enron.

At the beginning, there was a contract that needed to settle down and give up the benefits of 1 million yuan to win 500000 yuan for the sun family.

However, at Sun Zhiwei's request, the boss still did.

Chen Zhen just said with emotion, "now we can finally breathe a sigh of relief, and we won't be entangled by this bloodsucker all day."

An Yi Nan smiles. It can be said that sun Zhiwei is really a bloodsucker.

And it has been attached to itself for many years.

Now that he finally took the bug away, he felt a lot more relaxed.

Chen Zhen was just beside him, reminding his boss, "in fact, boss, I think the sun's family will only become more dangerous after they leave our Enron company. Before, many enterprises have been very unhappy with sun's group. They all want to deal with sun Zhiwei. However, our Enron company has been supporting us all the time, and their companies are not happy What can we do? Now if we announce the dissolution of our engagement with the sun family, it will be difficult for the sun family to protect themselves. "

Chen Zhen's analysis is not unreasonable. Everyone is also developing in this industry. They also know what kind of person sun Zhiwei is.

Before, because Enron company was behind the protection, so sun Zhiwei had been doing whatever he wanted.

In that way, he also offended the presidents of many large enterprises.

However, in view of the support of Enron, the managers of those companies did not dare to say anything.

However, today is different from the past. Soon, the president will announce that he and the sun family have broken their engagement.

Then, at that time, the sun family was like an umbrella.

However, an Yi Nan just said, "next, the sun family's affairs will not have anything to do with me. I have done what I should do. Next, they will kill themselves. That's his own business."

Chen Zhen just nodded and did as the boss ordered.

However, an Yi Nan's heart is now more and more thinking about Mu Jia Yan, and I don't know how mu Jia Yan will feel after this news is released.

However, Mu Jiayan is just in a hurry these days.

She is busy with the affairs of the company day and night.

Because she has just arrived at the company, she is not familiar with many things in the company. She always has her father's assistant Yang Ping to manage on her behalf.

Yang Ping helps the Mu family take care of the Mu family's business while guiding the young lady to deal with some company affairs.

Now, Mu Jiayan comes to the company early in the morning every day, from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m., even without sleep, and has been studying.

At noon, when the staff went to lunch, she was constantly charging herself.

She constantly through the network above learning, or consult a variety of management teachers, to understand the relevant knowledge about management.

Because her major and the management of the company are quite different, she has to master the knowledge of economics and management.

However, today's daily life is full, and there is no time to think about anything.

However, she was more and more concerned about the little devil in California.I don't know how Xiaobai is now.

She has asked her assistant to go to the United States. I believe she will come back with Xiaobai soon.

However, Mu Jiayan is still a little worried, for fear that Xiaobai will be found after he returns to Yishi.

When Yang Ping came to deliver information, she just saw Mu Jiayan standing in front of the French window, staring at the building in front of the company in a daze.

Yang Ping just laughed and said to Mu Jiayan, "Miss mu, do you know that the building in front of you is the most famous stock market building in Yishi, but last month, it was just replaced."

This city is so ruthless, its competition is happening all the time.

As long as you slack off a little, you are likely to be caught up and surpassed by the people behind you.

Therefore, if you want to live a stable life in this city, you must always keep a vigilant heart.

It's like the building they're facing in front of their office.

A month ago, it was still beautiful and made the front page of Yishi. However, overnight, it seemed to be reduced to history.

Mu Jia Yan just smiles. Maybe, she knows what Yang Ping is talking about now.

Yang Ping was originally born in a poor family, and it is not easy for her to step up to the present position.

Because of her father's promotion, Yang Ping has always respected her father. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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