Chapter 650

Mu Jia Yan just stood up and put his knife and fork aside.

"Well, I'll eat. Let's go there together."

An Yinan saw Mu Jiayan in such a hurry, but he just frowned.

"You must eat your lunch well. Don't go in a hurry and starve your stomach."

But, Mu Jia Yan is also just a pair of smiling appearance, she certainly knew.

She just replied, "don't worry. In fact, I haven't bought clothes for a long time, so I'm a little excited. Let's go quickly."

For a girl who loves beauty, shopping is a crazy thing for her, not to mention the fun of choosing dresses.

Therefore, when an Yinan said she was going to buy clothes, she was immediately moved.

An Yi south saw Mu Jia Yan one eye later, then also just helplessly shook head.

"Well, let's go and have a look."

Mu Jia Yan nodded happily.

Recently, she has been busy in and out of the company all day, dealing with work clothes almost all day.

Yang Jie also specially explained that she was young and would inevitably feel unconvinced when she took over her father's company.

So her dress must be a little more sophisticated, not too naive.

However, Mu Jiayan felt that she was not naive in her clothes, but she was fresh, beautiful and young.

But sister Yang said that the clothes were not stable enough, so now she is wearing a suit every day at work, and she is almost bored to death.

Looking at Mu Jia Yan with his side, a vivid appearance, ease South will know, this young lady is really a shopping maniac.

Now as long as we go shopping with her, it is estimated that she can become carefree in a second.

After entering the store mentioned by Anyi Nan, the staff in the store just came out respectfully. It seems that they all know Anyi Nan.

The shopping guide in the shop came forward with a smile on her face and asked with a smile, "president an, are you bringing your girlfriend to pick clothes today?"

Mu Jia Yan wants to explain the relationship between himself and an Yi Nan, but he doesn't think that explanation is necessary.

After all, it's just a stranger who meets by chance, but it's a bit awkward not to explain.

She just put all her attention on the clothes in the store and left it alone.

The clothes in this shop seem to have a sense of design. She usually goes shopping. It seems that she goes shopping in the East Street.

This West Street seldom comes here. The commercialization of this street is not particularly prosperous.

However, I never thought that there should be such a good shop and let myself miss it.

Mu Jia Yan thought more and more regretfully, so she just threw herself on her favorite clothes.

She doesn't care what the shopping guide and ease south are saying.

An Yi south sees Mu Jia Yan whole-heartedly all above this dress, then also didn't explain what, just smile to nod.

As soon as the shopping guides heard that this beautiful lady was president an's girlfriend, they became more attentive.

They immediately took out all the latest styles in the shop.

"Miss, you are so good-looking and beautiful that you are a model for our clothes."

As the guide said, he pushed the shelf of a new product exhibition next to him.

Mu Jia Yan was also surprised.

This store should be designed by an independent designer. She can see that the same model will not appear in the whole city.

She just picked a lot of them quickly.

"This, and the blue one, and the lavender one on the top, and the light blue one on the top."

Mu Jiayan thought to herself that her life had been quite miserable during this period,

if she didn't treat herself well, she was afraid that she would really be unable to bear it.

Originally, the reason to work hard is to make money. If you make money, you can buy your favorite things.

So, after a while, she picked out more than a dozen clothes and felt that they were not enough.

Ease south is also a face leisurely appearance, sitting on the sofa against the window.

The fashion magazine in his hand is on the sofa, and he just looks at Mu Jiayan with a smile.

Mu Jia Yan is buying crazily there, looking happy and satisfied.

"An Yinan, how do you think I'll wear this pink today?"

I don't know when, Mu Jiayan suddenly came out of the dressing room, stood in front of the comfortable south, changed his clothes, and turned around in front of him.The skirt on the body also flutters with the wind, with a trace of Fairy Spirit.

It has to be said that several years have passed. It seems that the years have not left any trace on this girl.

She looks, it seems, the same as she did a few years ago.

Ease south then also just smile, nodded, "is really good, this can take down, however, you can try the white next to, white neckline design may look better."

An Yi south said, then also just pointed to own right hand side a white short section small dress.

Mu Jia Yan a little Leng for a while, walked over, took that white small dress in the hand to have a look.

"Is that what you're talking about?"

An Yinan just nodded.

It's not that he doesn't like the pink one. It's just that the pink bra looks a little too exposed.

And this winter, doesn't she feel cold?

However, Mu Jia Yan just mumbled and said, "but is this skirt a little too short? It's all above the knee. What if it's frozen?"

Ease South frowned, he looked at Mu Jia Yan take that skirt on his body, compared, just saw the length of that skirt.

When it's on the shelf, it looks like it's quite long.

However, the leg of Mu Jia Yan is a little longer.

The next shopping guide just looked down at her watch and said with a smile, "in fact, Miss mu, there is a new model in our store. It is estimated that it will take three minutes to get to the store. At that time, you will know that it is a short skirt made of wool fabric, which is very suitable for your temperament."

The arrival time of new products in their store is quite accurate, but it hasn't arrived yet. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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