Chapter 665

"I don't have a rest day. Because of this, not to mention my hobbies, even my parents are worried about finding a partner."

Lin Hao said, but only helplessly shook his head.

He works in a hospital. No girl can accept such a boyfriend.

Boyfriends are often in the hospital, especially in the operating room, which is not allowed to carry a mobile phone.

And he's in the operating room for almost ten hours a day, that is, he's out of touch for ten hours.

Mu Jia Yan just said with a smile, "in fact, you are excellent. If you want to find a girlfriend, it should be very easy to find, and your appearance is also pretty."

Lin Hao smiles and shakes his head. In fact, he thinks it's quite difficult.

"You know, our parents used to make us together on purpose."

After hearing Lin Hao say so suddenly, Mu Jia Yan just Leng for a while.

She couldn't help thinking back to the time when her father was in hospital.

Indeed, my mother seems to be particularly attentive to Lin Hao. That's the reason.

Mu Jia Yan just shook her head and sighed, "I said, my mother is so enthusiastic about you, and always interrogates me about you. It turns out that they have such an idea!"

Mu Jia Yan said, also just sighed.

Now that she has Xiaobai, she feels that everything is enough and she doesn't need love any more.

To be exact, I don't want love any more.

Mujiayan is also determined to be honest with Lin Hao. Now she has regarded Lin Hao as her friend. She doesn't intend to keep something from her.

"In fact, I have a secret that you don't know. After you know it, maybe your parents won't let us be together."

After hearing Mu Jia Yan say so, Lin Hao just frowned.

"What's the secret?"

Lin Hao a pair of puzzled appearance, looking at oneself in front of Mu Jia Yan, really don't understand.

Is there any secret in Mu Jiayan's heart?

However, Mu Jia Yan just grinned bitterly and put the fresh orange juice in her hand aside.

"Look at me now. Can you imagine that I already have a son?"

Mu Jia Yan's expression on her face is frank. From beginning to end, she has never lied to Lin Hao.

As for today, it is just a matter of fact.

Lin Hao was obviously surprised.

He looked at Mu Jia Yan in front of him and looked up and down at Mu Jia Yan now.

She At most, it can only be regarded as an unmarried girl, or a little bit older than a girl.

Say she is the mother of a child, that How old is the child?

Lin Hao just asked with a smile, "you should not be to avoid us together, so find an excuse to cheat me."

Obviously, he can't believe what Mu Jiayan said now.

However, Mu Jia Yan looked at his face and nodded his head seriously.

"You have to believe what I say, Lin Hao, because what I say is true."

Lin Hao frowned, moved his fingers, and then looked up at Mu Jia Yan.

"Can you tell me how old your child is this year?"

"He's three and a half years old." Mu Jiayan said this and continued to add, "Lin Hao, I told you this when I thought you were a friend. I don't intend to make it public, so can you keep it a secret for me?"

Lin Hao was just stunned, then nodded.

Of course, he will keep a secret. He never talks about other people's affairs outside.

"Don't worry. I'm not a babbling woman. I can't talk nonsense outside."

He knew that Mu Jiayan now regarded him as his best friend, so he told him the truth.

He will naturally believe in Mu Jiayan, and keep a secret for mu Jiayan.

Mu Jia Yan just laughed. When she was about to say something, Lin Hao's mobile phone rang.

Seeing the call from the hospital, Lin Hao just frowned.

It seems that there's something urgent for him in the hospital.

"Hello, who is it?"

"OK, I see. I'll come right away. Don't worry."

After receiving the phone call from the hospital, Lin Hao just hung up in a hurry.

I can hear that there should be another emergency patient in the hospital. As an attending doctor, he has to go there.

He just stood up and threw the lunch box beside him into the non recyclable garbage can.

Then, he turned to Mu Jiayan and said, "I'm sorry, Jiayan. There's something urgent in my hospital. I need to go there."Mu Jia Yan just laughed.

She said to Lin Hao, "go ahead and get busy, but remember to eat on time and let us take care of your body. You are the same."

Lin Hao looked back and took a deep look at Mu Jia Yan.

"In fact, I'm very happy that you can be frank with me today. If you choose not to be with me just because of your children's affairs, I'll tell you, Mu Jiayan, I don't care about these at all."

Lin Hao looks at Mu Jiayan in front of him. Every word he says now comes from his heart and comes from his heart.

He didn't lie, he didn't cheat the girl in front of him.

Mu Jia Yan is stunned, looking at Lin Hao in front of him foolishly, it seems that he still can't react.

He said, he doesn't care that he already has a child?

Is this true or not?

Mu Jia Yan is obviously a little surprised. She doesn't believe that this is what Lin Hao said.

However, Lin Hao was standing in front of her.

Moreover, the voice also reached her ears, not a lie, not an illusion.

Before leaving, Lin Hao dropped another sentence and said, "Mu Jiayan, actually I think we are quite suitable. If you think about it carefully, I suddenly feel that my mother's decision is quite wise."

With that, he just turned around and left in a hurry.

The patients in the hospital are still waiting for him. Now every minute counts, but he is still here talking to Mu Jiayan.

Looking at the figure that Lin Hao turned to leave, Mu Jia Yan just stood in the same place, stupefied.

She can't react at all for a while now. She can only stand there and look at it foolishly. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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