Chapter 684

Lin Hao helps Mu Jiayan to check her body while looking at her, stupidly and stupidly.

"Dr. Lin, you are looking at Miss Mu so affectionately. Is it a relationship between you and her The little nurse beside said with a smile.

Who knows, Lin Hao really nodded.

"You guessed right. It's the relationship between a man and a woman."

The little nurse looked at Lin Hao and Mu Jia Yan lying on the bed.

Two days ago, two gossipy girls in their department were still discussing about Dr. Lin's girlfriend.

They were still debating who might become Dr. Lin's girlfriend.

"Dr. Lin, it turns out that you already have girlfriends, but if you let other girls in our department know about this news, they will be heartbroken." The little nurse said with a smile.

When they come to the hospital, whether they are little nurses with or without boyfriends, they can't help but focus on Dr. Lin.

Dr. Lin is tall and handsome. He has a serious work attitude. Moreover, he looks very sincere.

However, Lin Hao definitely replied, "well, I already have a girlfriend."

All of a sudden, all the little nurses' hearts fell to the ground with a "pop" sound, and they were broken into pieces.

"Well, I really envy this beautiful miss mu. However, only such a beautiful girl can be worthy of our doctor Lin."

The little nurse smiles and looks at Mu Jiayan lying on the bed. Mu Jiayan is really beautiful and has a lot of temperament.

Lin Hao smiles, looks at the little nurse, and sighs softly, "don't talk nonsense, go to confirm the patients in bed 2 with Xiao Yu, have you taken your blood pressure today?"

He should not gossip so much, otherwise, tomorrow he will become the focus of the eyes of these little nurses.

"Oh, such an important thing, look at me, I almost forgot."

"You, you don't know what kind of memory you have, alas!"

Lin Hao shook his head, helpless.

The nurse turned her lips and looked innocent.

"No, my reaction is normal."

Lin Hao just laughed, "go on."

Looking at the little nurse left, he went over to help Mu Jiayan make the bed, and helped Mu Jiayan cover her quilt.

"Jiayan, have you really forgotten the ease south? But why do I feel that he still hasn't forgotten you? " Lin Hao asked softly.

He knows, Mu Jia Yan has been sleeping now, oneself ask out this words, won't get any answer at all.

After about 20 minutes, mujiayan slowly opened his eyes.

She just felt that she was paralyzed and had no strength at all, probably because she had slept too long.

Open your eyes, see the person in front of you is Lin Hao, Mu Jia Yan obviously Leng for a while.

"Lin Hao, why are you?"

Why did she feel like she had come to the south in a trance just now?

Is it your own illusion?

Yes, why is Anyi Nan here?

This is a hospital. She seems to have a car accident. It's normal to meet Lin Hao. It's strange to meet Anyi south.

Lin Hao was relieved to see Mu Jia Yan finally wake up. He sighed and looked at Mu Jia Yan in front of him.

"Do you know that if you are tired driving, you almost have a big problem."

Mu Jia Yan listened to this words, immediately flustered.

"Ah, is there anyone else injured?"

Lin Hao replied, "there is another man, but he is much better than you. He just had a slight scratch. You almost hit your head."

I don't know why she can be so calm and care about whether other people are hurt.

Mu Jia Yan heard that no one else was hurt, and he was relieved.

Otherwise, because of her own fault, she felt a little sorry for the harm she caused to others.

Mu Jia Yan smile, "nothing is good."

Lin Hao looked at the woman in front of him, probably because she lost too much blood. Her face looked a little pale. Even her lip color was as pale as white paper.

Lin Hao looked at Mu Jia Yan in front of him and frowned tightly.

He can see that Mu Jia Yan has lost a lot of weight in this period of time. She is so thin that she can see it, and it is especially obvious.

Even if she was wearing a hospital uniform, she could see her thin skeleton.

"How can you be so calm? Do you know that this situation is very dangerous?"Mu Jia Yan smile, obediently nodded, "I know, but, this is not you?"

Lin Hao tightly frowned, he really did not laugh, just worried about Mu Jia Yan's body.

He just gave mujiayan to do the physical index examination, just found that mujiayan's physical index is really bad, need a period of time to recuperate.

During this period of time, she had better put down all the work at hand.

"Look at you. How much have you lost now? I weighed you just before the operation. Now you only have 80 kilos."

Mu Jia Yan is a pair of don't care appearance, she also took the orange next to, peeled, handed Lin Hao, a light expression.

"Now many actresses have racked their brains to lose a kilo or two. It takes a lot of effort. I have lost ten kilos without any effort. It seems that the hard work during this period is rewarding."

Lin Hao tightly frowned, and without hesitation reached out to Mu Jiayan's head, and gave it to her.

"When are you going to have a snack?"

Looking at Lin Hao tightly frowning, a worried look, Mu Jia Yan also know, he is really worried about himself.

Mu Jia Yan smile, "you don't worry, I just casually talk about it, I will take good care of my body, and I have my own body."

She can also feel that she is often tired recently.

Moreover, after working overtime for a long time, I feel that my heart beats faster. Maybe as Lin Hao said, my body function has been overdrawn, but she doesn't feel it. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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