Chapter 695

As the saying goes, there is no harm without comparison. Chen Zhen's attitude towards the two is totally different.

Xu Jiahui's eyes widened and she looked surprised. She couldn't believe what she heard.

She just used up all her efforts and left Mu Jiayan. Now, she tried her best to drive herself away, right?

"Chen Zhen, what do you say?"

It seems that Xu Jiahui still doesn't believe it.

However, Chen Zhen has a serious attitude.

What he said is the truth. If these two ladies are really together, the president will see that they are not big enough.

"I'm telling the truth, Miss Xu. The president may not want to see you."

Xu Jiahui is really angry now!

After Xu Jiahui became the wife of the president of Enron one day, the first thing she did was to resign Chen Zhen as an assistant.

"Chen Zhen, wait for me!"

Mu Jia Yan also really don't want to listen to these two people continue to argue here, she now only feel that her brain Ren is going to hurt.

Mu Jia Yan sighed and said, "Chen Zhen, well, don't talk about it again, don't stimulate her."

After Chen Zhen heard Mu Jiayan say so, he just made a face at Xu Jiahui in front of him.

To tell the truth, he didn't think Miss Xu was any good, and he didn't know how his wife liked Miss Xu.

She may be really worried that the president really can't find a girlfriend, so she will find such a rotten woman for him!

At this time, Lin Hao also happened to pass this department.

This century hospital is originally where Lin Hao works. He goes back and forth every day, but he did not expect to see Mu Jiayan here.

What's more, the white shirt on Mu Jia Yan's body is still with blood. It looks very embarrassed.

Lin Hao quickly walked over, with a nervous look on his face, pulling Mu Jia Yan in front of him and looking up and down.

"Jia Yan, what's the matter with you? Why do you have so much blood on your body?"

Mu Jiayan was surprised and embarrassed when she saw Lin Hao. She didn't even know how to explain it.

An Yinan's identity is a bit awkward. It's her ex boyfriend.

Mu Jia Yan or gently sighed, said, "An Yi Nan had an accident, he blocked a knife for me, the injured person is not me."

Lin Hao heard Mu Jia Yan say so, is also a face worried appearance.

However, now it seems that people have been transferred from ICU, the situation should not be too bad.

On the contrary, Mu Jiayan, who is now wearing a white shirt with blood and standing in the hospital, looks really eye-catching.

What's more, she is also a public figure. Dressed like this, this image appears in century hospital, which is not easy to explain.

At that time, in case the reporter took photos and gossiped outside, it would be bad for mu Jiayan's reputation.

Lin Hao thought for a while, persuading Mu Jia Yan to say, "otherwise, you go back to change a suit of clothes first, it looks really terrible. If there is any problem here, I will inform you as soon as possible."

Mu Jia Yan hesitated a little, looking at Lin Hao in front of him, and felt that what he said also had some truth.

What's more, I'll wait here. When Anyi Nan wakes up, Xu Jiahui will also be here.

They two women together, originally feel embarrassed, at that time ease South wake up, still don't know to Xu Jiahui what to say.

Mu Jia Yan really doesn't want to listen, and doesn't want to listen.

She sighed and took a look at Chen Zhen beside her. Chen Zhen didn't say anything to dissuade her.

What kind of decision does Miss Mu make? It's her own decision. Chen Zhen will respect it in her heart.

Mu Jia Yan and some not at ease to Lin Hao said, "well, if there is any problem, you must remember to inform me."

Lin Hao nodded.

"Don't worry. I'll let you know as soon as possible."

"All right."

Mu Jia Yan takes a look at Chen Zhen, and then tells Chen Zhen to take good care of an Yi Nan.

"Miss mu, don't worry. With me here, the president won't have an accident. If there is any problem, I'll call you again, OK?"

Mu Jia Yan nodded slowly, and then left at ease.

She really needs to go back and change her bloody white shirt.

Wearing this dress, standing here, people come and go, everyone will notice her, it seems that she is not very good.

Chen Zhen looks at Mu Jia Yan to leave later, in the heart faintly some disappointments.

If the president wakes up and doesn't see Miss Mu around, he will feel disappointed.

Next to Xu Jiahui is a pair of schadenfreude look, she was eager to Mu Jia Yan quickly go."It's good to leave. It's a hindrance when you look at it!"

Xu Jiahui cursed in a low voice. Now she was relieved to see Mu Jiayan go.

However, when she turned her head and saw Chen Zhen, she cursed again, "and you, I think it's eye-catching to look at it!"

Chen Zhen is just indifferent, coldly gave Miss Xu a white eye.

This woman is really hypocritical. In front of the president, she is as meek as a lamb. In private, she is really a tigress!

Now, he really wants to record this woman's virtue, and then let the president have a good look at it. This woman is a chameleon.

In the first second, she was the same, and in the second, she became another.

Chen Zhen said in his heart, the president must not marry such a woman back, otherwise it's really family unrest.

At that time, I'm afraid it will be bad luck for him.

If such a woman stays at home, the house will not work, and if such a woman stays in the company, the business of the company will be affected.

Chen Zhen looks at Xu Jiahui in front of him with a look of disdain. Even if Xu Jiahui is the future president's wife determined by his wife.

However, he was still very disdainful. He didn't like this woman, just didn't like it. There was no reason.

After Mu Jiayan left, about 15 minutes later, the little nurse came out of the ward in a hurry.

"The patient is awake."

Hearing that Anyi Nan woke up, Chen Zhen finally let go. He was really worried to death just now.

Although the doctor has just said that the president is out of danger, as long as the president has not woken up, Chen Zhen's heart is hanging. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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