Chapter 697

Lin Ya Yin frowned and muttered, "my God, how could it be like this."

Mu Jia Yan took a look at her mother, her eyes a little tired.

She has gone through too many things today, and she still can't relax.

"Mom, I'm very tired now. I want to go upstairs to take a bath and have a good rest."

Lin Yayin originally intended to ask more about what happened to her daughter today.

But, see Mu Jia Yan now this pair of tired appearance, she also can only nod, in the heart some not quite at ease.

This is the first time for my daughter.

"All right, all right, you go quickly."

Mu Jia Yan nodded, went upstairs, closed his door, leaned against the door, and sat down slowly.

What happened all day today caught her off guard. She didn't even have time to react.

However, things have become like this.

Originally, the person who was stabbed by Zhang Xincai, the injured person, the bleeding coma person, should be himself.

However, no one thought that an Yi Nan would rush out and block the knife for her.

Mu Jia Yan gathered her hair and frowned tightly. After thinking about it, she took out the hand in her bag.

Maybe she should text and ask.

Open the mobile phone and select the name of "comfort south", which she hasn't seen in her mobile phone address book for a long time.

Although the number has been kept, she never dials through. She even hacked the wechat and all the communication methods of Anyi south, leaving only the phone number.

It's just for the convenience of communication at work.

However, Mu Jia Yan looked at the phone number in front of him stupidly, but hesitated for a long time.

How to ask.

Fifteen minutes later, she edited the message, but hesitated to send it.

If you send it, will ease South reply to your SMS?

If he replies, what will he reply to?

After an Yinan replied, how can he reply?

However, Mu Jia Yan's fingers trembled, and the message was sent by accident.

By the time Mu Jiayan responded, it was too late. Unlike wechat, SMS didn't withdraw this function within two minutes.

"How are you? How are you doing? "

The ease south over there will soon have a reply.

"I'm fine. Don't worry."

"That's good."

The stone in Mu Jia Yan's heart finally fell to the ground.

This should be an easy South personally reply to their text messages, that is to prove that he has now awakened.

Is that ok?

An Yinan replied, "can you add my wechat back?"

However, Mu Jia Yan didn't reply.

The ease south on the other side of the mobile phone was in a hurry immediately.

He sent another text message in the back, "don't get me wrong. I just think it might be more convenient to have a contact information."

Mu Jia Yan bit his lips, looked at the message on the mobile phone, and slowly replied a word.


Perhaps deliberately to avoid not touching, this is not really forgotten it.

The real forgetting should be that even if we see it again, we can pretend to turn a blind eye to it.

And for so many years, she has always put ease south in the corner of her heart, deliberately not to touch it, deliberately to avoid, deliberately to forget.

However, it seems to have not forgotten today!

Maybe one day, when you see the three words "ease south", you can turn a blind eye to it and keep your heart calm. At that time, you will really forget it.

On the other side of the mobile phone, ease South saw Mu Jiayan add back his wechat, and then laughed.

Since Mu Jiayan left last time, he even deleted his wechat, MSN, QQ and all communication methods, even his phone number.

However, Mu Jia Yan's circle of friends is empty, nothing.

He has some empty sense of loss in his heart. Mu Jiayan has always been a very lively and cheerful person.

She always likes to share her life in the circle of friends. No matter what, she likes to share it in the circle of friends.

However, Mu Jiayan's latest circle of friends was a year ago.

Has she stopped making friends? Is it because of unhappiness? Don't want to expose your emotions to too many people?

Mu Jiayan's wechat Avatar has changed from the previous cartoon character to the back of a child.

The child's back to the camera, raised two fingers, chubby figure, looks very cute.But what does this child have to do with her?

An Yinan was puzzled. He couldn't figure out why Mu Jiayan would change her portrait into that of such a child.

Maybe it's popular now. Many girls seem to replace their wechat avatar with a cute child's.

On the other hand, Mu Jiayan seems to be aware of something. After taking a bath, she comes out immediately. The first thing is to change her wechat avatar to the previous one.

Fortunately, when she set the wechat avatar, she used Xiaobai's back instead of the front photo.

Otherwise, it will be more exposed. She is too careless.

Anyina doesn't doubt anything else. After all, there are many wechat users who use children's avatars.

In century hospital.

When Xu Jiahui came in, she saw an Yi Nan holding a mobile phone in a daze.

Xu Jiahui came in from the outside with the hot porridge she had just bought in her hand.

She went a long way to buy this porridge, just to move the south.

She knows that now in an Yi Nan's heart, Mu Jia Yan has an irreplaceable position.

However, she must try her best to become Mrs. an, and she must be moved to ease south.

At this time, ease South injured, it is her best performance time.

"Yi Nan, what are you looking at?"

Seeing that Xu Jiahui is back, an Yinan takes her mobile phone aside and puts it on the head of the bed.

"Nothing. Just look around."

He thought that Xu Jiahui had gone, and she should not come back. Who knows, Xu Jiahui came back.

Xu Jiahui doesn't seem to be aware of this problem. In fact, Anyi Nan doesn't welcome her to come.

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