Chapter 705

Lin Ya Yin got up early this morning and arranged everything.

In her impression, marriage is a very cumbersome thing, she has been very worried about what steps she missed.

Every time she did something, she was making sure several times to make sure whether the etiquette was really thoughtful.

Mu Jia Yan shrugged helplessly, "Mom, you can rest assured that time is definitely in time."

She knew that her mother was worried about herself, but there was no need to be so nervous. She was not as nervous as her mother.

Lin Ya Yin is in a hurry. She is afraid that her daughter will not get married if she delays the auspicious day.

She quickly let those stylists come in and helped her daughter quickly finish her make-up.

"It looks like a bride. Look, you lie in bed in the morning and don't get up. I don't know. I thought you were resting at home on the weekend."

Mu Jia Yan curled her lips, gently stretched and yawned, "that's what it is. Today I should rest at home, but I can't rest because I'm married."

Lin Yayin was busy beside him.

To tell the truth, Mu Jia Yan can't see what her mother is busy with.

Everything at home has been arranged by her aunt. She doesn't need to be nervous at all.

But Lin Yayin was scolding her precious daughter, "you smelly girl, how can you ignore such an important thing as marriage?"

She also let the family to prepare her daughter's dowry, mujiayan married, dowry naturally can not be less.

At the thought of the chaos this morning, Mu Jiayan couldn't help laughing.

She peeked at the audience, her mother sitting in the front position, she was wearing a light blue cheongsam, looks elegant and generous.

Her soft hair was tied into a bun and combed neatly behind her head. Years have left indelible traces on her face.

However, her smiling face still looks elegant and dignified.

Sitting next to her is her father, father Mu Liangcai wearing a black suit, he is particularly grand today.

Mujiayan knows that her parents care about her, so she will dress up today.

But what about Xiaobai?

Mujiayan realized at this time that Xiaobai didn't know where to go.

However, it is said that Xiaobai will be his own flower boy today. We all don't know Xiaobai's real identity. We thought it was just a relative's child.

Mu's parents did not disclose their children's life experience, but said they were relatives' children.

At the thought that his son would come to make a flower boy for him today, Mu Jiayan still felt a little strange in her heart.

Where did Xiaobai go again? I don't know if he would be playful and lost.

Everybody's ready. The lighting man, the photographer, the makeup man, including the godfather, are waiting.

However, at this time, people found that Xiaobai was gone.

"Xiaobai, Xiaobai!"

At the beginning, Lin Ya Yin just thought that her good grandson was playful and ran to one side to play.

There are many adults here. Maybe he went to the backyard.

However, the servant searched all the places, but still couldn't find the child.

"Madam, miss, I don't know where Xiaobai has gone."


As soon as he heard that Xiaobai had disappeared, Mu Jiayan was worried.

She lifted the white veil on her head, and in a panic, she wanted to find the child.

The guests nearby don't know what happened. They all think Xiaobai is just the child of the relatives of Mu family.

However, looking at Mu Jiayan now, she seems to care about the child very much.

Lin Ya Yin immediately walked over and said to her daughter, "Jia Yan, the veil can't be lifted at will. It's unlucky that you leave this matter to your mother. Mother will find a way. Mother will help you find Xiao Bai immediately. You should follow Lin Hao first."

Mu Jia Yan but decisively shook his head, did not see white, she really can't rest assured.

"Mom, let me go to Xiaobai. If I can't see Xiaobai, I will feel flustered."

Lin Hao also immediately comforted Mu Jiayan and said, "Jiayan, don't be nervous. I'll ask someone to look for it right now. Xiaobai may just be playful and go to nearby places to play."

However, Mu Jia Yan hurried over, grabbed Aunt Wang and asked anxiously, "Aunt Wang, don't you take care of Xiao Bai all the time today? How could you have lost Xiaobai? "

When Aunt Wang heard the young lady's question, she also looked ashamed. She didn't take good care of her.

"Miss, just now a guest asked where the bathroom is. I just led them to the bathroom. I thought that Xiaobai was familiar with the neighborhood, so I didn't follow him. Who knows that the child suddenly disappeared. Sorry, miss, I'll go to find someone right now." Aunt Wang looks guilty."Well, well, it's not your fault. Let me do something about it."

Mu Jia Yan frowned tightly and looked anxious.

The guests who come to the wedding do not know what happened. It is reasonable to say that if a little flower boy is lost, it should not cause such a big panic.

Is the child the son of the bride and groom?

Or are they illegitimate children?

"You say, is this child the wild seed of the bride! Why else would she be so worried? "

"Yes, it's really possible that Mu Jiayan has been abroad for so many years and she doesn't know what happened, and she hasn't been married at such an old age. It's really suspicious!"

"Then who is the father of this child?"

People at the bottom began to talk, and Lin Hao's face became a little ugly.

In fact, Xiaobai lost, can find another person to find, Mu Jia Yan is particularly worried about the child, must go in person.

Today's wedding, if there is no bride present, obviously can not continue.

Lin Hao grabbed Mu Jiayan's wrist, "Jiayan, listen to me, don't worry, let's finish the wedding ceremony, the oath ceremony is only a few minutes, after these things are handled, we can find a way to find Xiaobai, now there are too many guests here, if we do this, we can't stop the long crowd." , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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