Chapter 731

"In fact, I just want to tell you that my wedding with Jiayan has been cancelled, so you'd better give this gift to her in person."

Lin Hao said, but sighed. He didn't intend to explain it.

However, it seems a bit inappropriate for the present to stay here. After all, Jiayan's friend should have the right to know these things.

Moreover, she specially came back from abroad to celebrate for Jiayan. She should be a very important friend to Jiayan.

Lin Hao did not intend to hide, so he said more.

Chen Lulu looked surprised and almost couldn't believe her ears.

Is she listening in a hallucination, or is her ear really broken, so she heard it wrong?

"What did you say, the wedding was cancelled? Why don't I know when? "

Lin Hao's expression is a little embarrassed. Now it's still his working time. He explains too much, and it seems that it's not suitable.

There are so many patients waiting for him outside.

"Maybe it's because you just came back, or you're on the plane, and we haven't had time to inform you, because there was an accident."

"What happened? What kind of accident can make your wedding cancelled? Jiayan is not such a muddleheaded person? "

Chen Lulu now feels confused. She has 110000 doubts to figure out.

However, Lin Hao felt that now was not the time to explain these reasons.

"Sorry, Miss Chen, it's not convenient for me to talk to you too much now. It's my working time. Otherwise, I'll leave you a contact information. If you are interested, you can contact me afterwards. Let's talk slowly."

Lin Hao said, politely took out a business card from his business card box and handed it to Chen lulu.

Chen Lulu takes Lin Hao's business card, which is still absent-minded.

"Well, then, how could you get a divorce? Oh, no, how could it be good to break up? This Aren't you married yet? "

Chen Lulu sighed heavily. Originally, she was still happy.

Jiayan finally figured out that she wanted to get married, and she specially prepared a wedding gift for Jiayan.

Who knows, Jiayan has such a problem at this time.

After leaving the hospital, Chen Lulu took the phone number in her hand and dialed it without hesitation.

She must ask Mu Jiayan what happened.

Isn't it all decided to get married?

Why did you run away again?

This woman, what's in her head!

"Jiayan, where are you now? I'm Chen lulu. I'm lulu. Do you remember? I'm your roommate. I'm back. "

Hearing Chen Lulu's familiar and strange voice on the phone, Mu Jiayan was stunned.

Now, she is sitting on the sofa in the living room, playing with her son.

The building blocks put up by her son are tall and stable. To tell you the truth, her mother can't do it.

The son builds a building block almost to have his own stature tall, but, Mu Jia Yan built a while later, directly fell down, also got the son mercilessly despise accordingly.

"Mom, you are too stupid. Can't you build these blocks well?"

However, Mu Jia Yan's mind is no longer on these building blocks of her son.

On the contrary, she felt very happy. Chen Lulu finally came back.

"How did you come back? It's a surprise! Where are you now? "

Chen Lulu frowned and sighed, looking at the busy city in front of her.

She hasn't been back for nearly four years.

The city has changed a lot!

Chen Lulu asked anxiously on the phone, "Hello, Da meiniu, I came back to attend your wedding. I went back to China specially, but I had an accident and got a little bruise on my leg, so I went to the hospital first. I met your fiance. He said that the wedding between you two had been cancelled. What happened?"

She had been full of expectations, want to come back to attend the wedding, who knows, but there was such an accident.

Mu Jia Yan heard Chen Lulu say so, also feel a little embarrassed on the face, this matter, explain it is too troublesome.

"Lulu, I can't explain it clearly now. Otherwise, would you come to me first?"

Chen Lulu nodded forcefully. They couldn't make it clear on the phone, so they might as well go and see each other in person.

"Then you hurry up and send me a positioning via wechat. I haven't contacted you for a long time. I haven't seen you for a long time. I really miss you."

After Chen Lulu said this, she immediately jumped to the wechat interface and added Mu Jiayan's wechat.Mu Jia Yan also with the fastest speed, gave her a positioning.

Home villa?

Is there something wrong with the positioning of these four words?

Jiayan doesn't stay at home. What's the place to settle down?

Chen Lulu was full of confusion. She just recruited a taxi and then reported her wechat address.

After 20 minutes, Chen Lulu had arrived at her destination.

"Miss, the address on your wechat location is right here."

Chen Lulu nodded and said thank you. After paying the fare, she got out of the car.

She looked around in a daze.

It seems a little different from the position where she came to Jiayan's home a few years ago!

She immediately called Mu Jiayan.

"Jiayan, where are you now? I've arrived, but I look around and feel strange. I don't know where you are

Mu Jia Yan just replied with a smile, "OK, you wait for me first, I'll come out to meet you now."

About five minutes later, Chen Lulu saw Mu Jiayan come out of the house behind him.

She was wearing a pink housecoat and looked soft and beautiful.

Her face looks so good, her skin is still so white, her eyes are still so big, her hair is still so soft and smooth.

In recent years, the years did not seem to leave any traces on her face.

If there is anything, it is that he has become more gentle, more generous and more beautiful.

"Jiayan, I haven't seen you for a long time. It's been so many years since we graduated. Your appearance hasn't changed at all. Time drives me old. In my opinion, this pig knife has worked for me." Chen Lulu walked forward with a smile.

She hugged Mu Jia Yan, and Mu Jia Yan also gave her a strong hug.

"Long time no see. I miss you so much!"

They have been separated from each other for nearly four years, and they have hardly met each other.

Did not expect to meet again, even in such a situation.

"What are you talking about? If time is really a knife, it should make you more beautiful. " Mu Jia Yan said with a smile.

Today's Chen Lulu, and before that Chen Lulu has a very different change.

Before Chen Lulu was a typical rural Xueba. She had no background at home, and her clothes were very rustic.

However, she gets a full scholarship every year, and her tuition never needs the family to worry about.

When the scholarship comes, Lulu is the richest.

Lulu is not a mean person. She always invites other girls in the dormitory to have dinner together. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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