Chapter 746

Well, it's really bad luck.

Zhang Keke frowned when he heard his aunt say so. He thought what she said was reasonable.

Indeed, his brother Lin Hao has not been in love for a long time.

It seems that she hasn't met Lin Hao's brother's girlfriend since she graduated from university.

Does brother Lin Hao have been single since he was a child?

"Aunt, now I even doubt whether brother Lin Hao is gay or not. My classmates used to say that if a boy doesn't find a girlfriend all the time, he must be interested in boys."

Zhang Keke doesn't mean to scare her aunt at will. She has heard such a saying.

Just her friend likes to talk nonsense. Moreover, she is a rotten girl who has always been interested in the relationship between boys and boys.

Zhang Yan's heart had been very worried, now listen to his good niece said so, the heart felt more bottomless.

"Yes? I have often heard about homosexuality before, but people of our age really have no way to understand it, and homosexuality is said to be infected with AIDS. "

When Zhang Yan said this, she was scared to shiver.

If this is really the result, it is really too bad luck.

I can't help thinking about my son. All over the world, there are so many good girls, and others are so handsome. Why can't I think about it? They are gay?

"Auntie, don't worry. I just casually said that. Don't be too nervous. I don't think my brother is gay. Let's wait. My birthday will be in a few days. At that time, I'll find some little sisters to come over and see if there are any brothers. I think my brother is so handsome, even if he doesn't care If you go after other people's girls, they will go after him. "

Zhang Keke is very confident about his brother.

My brother Lin Hao is a handsome man with a good job and a good family background.

How could it not be liked by girls?

If you want to blame, you can only blame your brother for being too proud. He is always busy. Which girl dares to approach him.

Even if a brave girl wants to pursue him, she is scared away by his cold attitude.

Zhang Yan heard his niece said so, also can only face worried nodded.

She is now on holiday in the United States. She is very happy. The only thing she feels uneasy about is her son's wedding.

My son's wedding was ruined. When I asked him why, he couldn't explain himself.

Zhang Yan estimates in her heart that her son must be too cold, or else she is too obsessed with work, which makes other girls die.

A few days ago, a friend of hers in the United States was two years younger than herself, and her sons had grandchildren.

The child is fat, white and lovely.

Zhang Yan looks jealous, but she can't help it. Her son doesn't even have a girlfriend today. Where's her grandson?

"Coco, I'm not in China now. I'm going to ask you for this. Your uncle doesn't worry about it at all. I'm dying of anxiety, and there's no movement from your brother."

Zhang Yan said, sighing heavily, looking worried.

How can she be such a mother? After worrying about her son's growth, she still has to worry about his marriage.

After that, I have to worry about my son's future birth.

Zhang Keke nodded with a smile, that's no problem.

There is a good candidate in their research institute. The director Chen she just met today is good.

"Aunt, you can rest assured that you are going on holiday in the United States. Don't worry about other things. I'll take care of my brother's business. Don't worry. As soon as my brother has a girlfriend, I'll let you know. I'm not busy with my work now. I'll give my brother the first priority in my work, OK?"

Zhang Keke said with a smile, she was also a warm-hearted child.

On weekdays, she is not serious about her work and study, but she is very interested in such gossip.

And when she grew up with her brother Lin Hao, she was very worried that he would not find his sister-in-law.

When Zhang Yan heard her niece's promise, she finally put her heart back into her stomach.

"Well, well, this is naturally the best. I'm relieved to hear you say that. You don't know that I'm in the United States. I've been worried for several days and can't sleep."

When she talked about it with her husband, he even made fun of her, thinking that she was worried too much.

If she doesn't care a little bit, she is afraid that her son will still be in this state one year, two years or even ten years later.No way!

The son is so handsome, their husband and wife strive to create such a good family background for the son, and the son has strong personal ability. How can he not have a girlfriend?

"Aunt, you don't have to worry about it. Don't worry. My brother has such good conditions. How can he not find a girlfriend? Now the main problem is whether he can take a fancy to other girls."

Zhang Keke's worry is not without reason!

She remembers that on the day when she was 18 years old, many of her best friends came to play at home. At that time, brother Lin Hao was also there.

One of the little friends fell in love with brother Lin Hao and asked Zhang Keke if brother Lin Hao had a girlfriend.

At that time, brother Lin Hao had just graduated from University for one year. Zhang Keke also wanted to introduce his best friend to brother Lin Hao.

However, who knows that after his brother just looked at it, he lightly raised his eyebrows,

"I'm not interested in such girls."

What is a girl like this? This is clearly insulting!

When the little girl heard what brother Lin Hao said, she burst into tears and broke up with Zhang Keke on the spot.

Fortunately, Zhang Keke was quite easygoing. After that, he used a lot of means to win his little friend's heart back.

It's all my brother's fault!

It's also because of this that she dares not introduce any of her best friends who want to help her introduce them to her brother. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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