Chapter 747

As far as my brother's poisonous tongue is concerned, if he just talks, he may frighten other girls somewhere.

In fact, Zhang Keke promised to help his brother Lin Hao introduce his girlfriend this time, which also carries a great risk.

Zhang Yan, Lin Hao's mother, assured her on the phone, "don't worry. As long as you find a girl who is willing to marry your brother, I'll try my best to have a girlfriend. He's picky. If he doesn't marry now, he really plans to stay single all his life."

Zhang Keke nodded at ease. With the assurance of her aunt, she was relieved.

In this way, if brother Lin Hao insults his best friend again, she will ask her aunt to deal with him.

Brother too much, this age still don't find a girlfriend, it's difficult to realize the plan to boil himself into a single old monster?

"OK, OK, aunt, I'll hang up first. I'm still working here. I can't talk on the phone during working hours."

After returning to his desk, Zhang Keke immediately said to the colleagues in the whole research institute with a smile, "by the way, my friends, it's my birthday in a few days. I invite all the single women to my birthday party."

However, we feel very confused about Zhang Keke's strange invitation. Why must she be a single female colleague?

"Can't single men be gay?"

"Right, right, not married? If you have a boyfriend, can't you join it? "

They all look confused. They don't know. They think Zhang Ke is choosing a boyfriend for them.

However, if you choose a boyfriend, the scope of your choice should also be the majority of single and unmarried gay men, not lesbians.

Is this to choose a girlfriend for yourself?

Next to him, a colleague who had a good time with Zhang Keke said with a smile, "coco, to be honest, is there any conspiracy at this birthday party?"

But at this time, Chen Lulu came from the outside with an embarrassed face.

"Oh, I'm sorry to disturb you. I don't know why there is no signal in my office. Who can repair computers?"

For a moment, everyone's fingers all point to Zhang Keke.

Although Zhang Keke is a colleague in their research institute, you know, she graduated from the computer major before. It's a piece of cake for her to study computer.

"No problem, you can rest assured, director Chen. You go back to work first. I will arrive at the battlefield in five minutes."

Zhang Keke smiles and nods.

Repairing the computer is a piece of cake for her.

Her only value in this research institute is to help her colleagues deal with computer problems every day.

Because UAV research sometimes needs computer-controlled system, so every colleague's computer must be in the best state to achieve the highest work efficiency.

Chen Lulu heard Zhang Keke say so and nodded with a smile.

"I'll really trouble you, coco."

"What's the trouble? It's my pleasure to be able to serve a beautiful woman."

Less than five minutes after Chen Lulu came back to the office, Zhang Keke came.

"Beautiful chief executive, I'm here to help you fix your computer."

Chen Lulu is looking at the documents in her hand. She looks serious. She doesn't seem to realize that someone has come to the office.

It was not until Zhang Keke spoke that she raised her head and gave a slightly sorry smile.

"Well, I'm sorry. I'm too involved in my work. I didn't notice that you came in. The computer is over there. Take a look first. Thank you."

Zhang Keke nodded. Indeed, when she came in just now, she found that Chen Lulu was working hard and didn't seem to realize that someone was coming in.

This serious work attitude is really a bit like his brother Lin Hao.

What's more, it's said that director Chen is a very hard worker. He often works overtime from night to early morning.

But at the same time, she is kind-hearted and doesn't let other colleagues share their overtime. She is the only one who works overtime every time.

Zhang Keke walked over and took Chen Lulu's computer. He just played with it.

Of course, Chen Lulu can't understand what Zhang Keke is doing.

However, five minutes later, all the data on the computer are back to the original state, and run faster than before.

Chen Lulu looks surprised. Looking at the young lady in front of her, she can see that this young lady's family should be very good.

The necklace she wears around her neck should be a limited edition Cartier necklace, and the diamond ring in her hand is also a South African designer's diamond ring.

So, this girl should have money at home.I didn't expect that a little girl could repair the computer so badly. Chen Lulu was so impressed.

She used to work in a research institute in the United States. Every time she repaired a computer, her colleagues were male. Female colleagues were always helpless about computer problems.

"Coco, you are too good at repairing computers. I've never seen a girl repair computers like this before. By the way, I also have chocolate from America. If you don't like it, I'll share it with you."

With a smile, Chen Lulu finds some famous brand chocolates in her office drawer.

When she was in the United States, her favorite food was chocolate. In order to prevent the chocolates she ate there from being bought in China, she brought a lot of chocolates when she came back.

Today, Zhang Keke also helped himself. Chen Lulu is not a poor Iron Rooster, so she shared her favorite chocolate.

Zhang Keke smiles, nods and takes the chocolate in Chen Lulu's hand.

She suddenly felt that the young director Chen was quite approachable.

Moreover, at a young age, she was able to take the position of director of the Institute, which shows that her ability is also extraordinary.

What's more, how can a person who has won the gold medal of designer in the international competition be bad?

This man, tut Tut, is the perfect choice for his sister-in-law.

"Dear director, my birthday party will be in two days. Would you like to come and celebrate with me? I welcome you very much. If you come, I will be very happy." , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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