Chapter 748

Zhang Keke looks at Chen lulu in front of him with a smile. Although he says that Chen Lulu's work attitude is very serious, he is very kind to others.

When Chen Lulu heard Zhang Keke say so, she also nodded with a smile.

"Well, I'll be more respectful than obedient. On which day, can you send me the time?"

When she first arrived, her colleagues from the research institute sent out an invitation for her birthday, which was a welcome attitude and she would not resist.

Although the work is busy, but to participate in some appropriate social activities can also help relieve their pressure.

Good working environment and good interpersonal relationship are also conducive to their work efficiency.

Zhang Keke said with a smile, "honey, this is not necessary. I will send you an invitation in person. Then you will know when and where. I'm looking forward to your coming, Miss Chen."

Zhang Keke's smiling face.

After that, she twisted her waist and went out with a happy face.

Chen Lulu found that the domestic office environment seems to be much more relaxed than that of foreign countries.

When we are abroad, we are always strict. We frown all day and stare at the data on the computer or the reports in our hands. We almost never smile.

However, domestic research institutes seem to be very relaxed. Sometimes, we can talk and laugh together. She likes this kind of office environment.

In fact, this kind of environment is more humanized, and it's easier to have some inspiration.

Three days later, Chen Lulu's mailbox received an email, the content of which is the place and time of Zhang Keke's birthday party.

However, this site seems to be quite close to the villa.

Maybe after the banquet, she can go to the villa to have a look at Jiayan.

She hasn't seen Jiayan for a long time. She thought she could go shopping with Jiayan all day after she came back to work.

Unexpectedly, Jiayan has now become a housewife, and she has also become a workaholic.

Neither of them has so much time to go shopping and drink tea together.

However, when Jiayan's children are a little older, they can be watched by the nanny at home. When their work is a little more stable and they don't need to be so busy, they can buy clothes, go shopping, drink tea and watch movies together.

That's good.

In the lower right corner of this email, there is also a lovely warm tip.

"Warm tips: Dear director Chen, you must dress well this evening. Maybe you will meet your prince charming at this banquet!"

When Chen Lulu saw these words, she thought of the playful expression on Zhang Keke's face and couldn't help but smile.

This girl is very interesting. She is a lovely girl. She is simple and has no intention. She is warm, cheerful and kind.

However, to attend such a birthday party, it is estimated that you really need to dress up.

She can see that Zhang Keke is not a child of an ordinary family. It is estimated that this birthday party should be based on the scale of the party.

Moreover, many times, dress up to attend is also a respect for the invitees.

After Chen Lulu went back, she dressed up a little. It's not exaggeration, but it looks much more delicate than usual.

Today, she specially changed into a small sleeveless A-line skirt in champagne color, simple and generous.

She has short hair. She looks smart and handsome. Now she goes to the barber shop to have a haircut. She wears two slightly exaggerated earrings to make the finishing point.

Slender legs exposed outside, although a little cold, but it is better to wear a cashmere coat outside.

When it comes to the room, it is in a constant temperature state. You can take off your coat and it will be beautiful.

At 7 pm, Chen Lulu arrived at the address mentioned in Zhang Keke's email on time.

It's really resplendent here. It looks like a luxury villa. You can see that this coco family is really good.

Everyone who came to the banquet was dressed up. They were driving luxury cars, wearing brand-name clothes, holding brand-name bags in their hands, and wearing delicate makeup and proper smile.

Chen Lulu can't help but take a deep breath. She remembers that before she became famous, she was just an ordinary little employee, with an ordinary salary, living an ordinary life.

Once, she went to an American friend's birthday party and felt the gap between people.

Fortunately, she has no pressure to attend such a banquet now.

Zhang Keke is hiding in the room on the second floor, calling his aunt.

"Aunt, you can rest assured this time. You will be absolutely satisfied with the daughter-in-law I introduced to you this time. She is director Chen of our research institute. She is very beautiful. I will send you a picture of her later. She has short hair and looks neat. She is also a workaholic like her brother. He is together, They're going to look at each other. "In Zhang Keke's view, there is absolutely no mistake in saying that birds of a feather flock together.

Therefore, to deal with brother's workaholic character, we should find a workaholic wife for him.

Because it's so similar, only when they are together can they have a common language, and my brother will certainly like my sister-in-law's way of working.

Zhang Yan is on the phone. She still feels a little unreliable.

"But coco, if these two people are workaholics, if they live together in the future, how can they have children after they work?"

At that time, one or two people will be workaholics, one in his own work, the other in other work.

They are good and contribute to their work. But what can their family do? Is such a home still a home?

Zhang Ke Ke could only sigh helplessly, "aunt, don't worry so much. It's still a question whether they can take a fancy to each other. Now the most important question is to find a beautiful girl who suits my brother's heart. Do you know what I mean?"

Zhang Keke sighed. He would recommend Chen Lulu for his own reasons.

Other girls, if the elder brother has a crush on them, it will be strange.

"If you are a serious person like your brother, you have to find him a girl friend who plays all day. That's sure that your brother looks down on him."

Zhang Yan on this side of the phone hesitated a little and felt that what her niece said was also very reasonable. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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