Chapter 758

It's dark in the studio. How can I go to work normally?

"If you set the lighting of the building like this today, how can other employees go to work? Are you delaying other people's work?"

Mu Jia Yan reached out to wipe her tears and looked up at an Yi Nan, pretending to be angry, but she felt very sweet in her heart.

An Yi Nan smiles and pinches Mu Jia Yan's face. "Today I propose to my wife and celebrate with the company. I specially let them have a day off today. If they have a wife to accompany them, if they don't, they will find a wife. Today is Valentine's day."

Mu Jia Yan had just felt very moved, but now, she couldn't help being amused.

"What do you mean by that, Mr. Ann? Ask me to marry you? " Mu Jia Yan asked.

Ease South forced to nod, so obvious thing, don't need him to emphasize specially again.

"Yes, Miss mu, there are so many words written on it. Aren't you illiterate?"

Mu Jia Yan angrily waiting for an Yi Nan, this annoying guy, is he proposing now? Shouldn't he lower his voice?

He was angry with his girlfriend. He didn't want the proposal to be successful, did he?

"An Yi Nan, you make me angry again, don't you?"

An Yinan immediately shook his head, "no, I don't dare. I come here to propose sincerely today. Can't you see my sincerity?"

Mu Jia Yan shook his head solemnly.

She stares at an Yi Nan's face, suddenly can't help but want to laugh, but, still can't help it.

"An Yinan, when he proposed, didn't he even have a decent diamond ring? I'm so pathetic. "

"Yes, there are. How can there be no such thing?"

Ease South hook lip smile, such an important occasion, how can there be no diamond ring?

However, Mu Jia Yan asked him if he had a diamond ring. Does that mean that she has agreed to her proposal?

An Yi Nan's face excitedly changes a blue brocade box from his hand. He opens the brocade box and puts a bright pink diamond ring inside. It's very beautiful.

"How does this diamond ring feel? Are you satisfied? "

Mu Jiayan looks at the ring specially designed by the designer for their wedding.

In fact, whether it's a priceless pink diamond ring or a can cap in front of you now.

As long as it is given by the person you like, it is the right person, and the ring will become very precious.

Mu Jia Yan forced to nod.

"It's almost the same. It's a bit like proposing. People propose with flowers and balloons, but I can only see the lights in this room. What's good..."

Mu Jia Yan Du mouth, a face not happy appearance.

Ease south is not worried, just smile, hit a ring finger, soon, he often drove that white Maserati appeared in the two people's side.

Mu Jia Yan looked at it in a daze. Maserati's trunk opened automatically, and many pink hot-air balloons rose slowly. Under the pink hot-air balloon, there was a trunk full of pink roses.

"I'm ready for the balloons and flowers you want, honey. Is there anything else you want?" An Yinan looks at Mu Jiayan.

Mu Jia Yan Du mouth, this man really ready so complete?

She didn't believe it at all. She wanted to see if there was anything she hadn't thought of.

Mu Jia Yan frowned and thought for a while, then asked, "is there a big puppet?"

"Mu Jiayan, how old are you this year? It's Xiaobai who plays with things like big puppets. Now Xiaobai is disgusted with them. Will you still like them as a mother? " Ease South frowned.

But mu Jia Yan gave a cold hum.

She is so proud now, that is to "revenge" her first confession failure.

At the beginning, she was so humble to ask this man to associate with him, but, ease south is good, he is to do, is not willing to, is to refuse.

Now, he's proposing, and he's going to have to set some barriers for him.

She bathes beautiful face, that is not so good to marry.

"An Yi Nan, I think you are not well prepared now. You are making excuses for yourself. I don't believe your lies."

Ease South hook lips a smile, a face evil charm appearance, almost let ease South commit flower crazy again.

There's no way. She's been a flower crazy girl since she was a child. At the beginning, why she so persistently wanted to advertise with Anyi Nan was also because Anyi Nan was handsome.

She grew up, only like handsome boys, other boys for her, there is no temptation.

What about an interesting soul? She still wants a good-looking skin.

Ease South pour also not angry, he owes Mu Jia Yan too much.Even if Mu Jiayan now asks himself to pick the moon from the sky, he will go to the sky to pick the moon as long as he can achieve this wish through his unremitting efforts.

As long as mujiayan likes everything, he will use all his strength to get it, and send it to mujiayan's hand.

This is his biggest goal for the rest of his life and what he needs to work on next.

"Jiayan, do you think I haven't prepared any dolls for you?"

Mu Jia Yan nodded, "yes, you are not only not ready for dolls, you are still making excuses for yourself. It's really inappropriate."

"Well, as long as it's what you want and what I have, I'll send it to you."

An Yinan said, the door of the sports car opened.

Mu Jiayan found that there was a big doll higher than herself lying on the front passenger seat.

It's just that this doll is It's so ugly.

Sure enough, it's an Yinan's aesthetic. How can he buy himself a relaxed bear.

"An Yi Nan, did you buy it yourself?"

He nodded, "yes, don't you think it's cute? I think it looks very much like you. "

A group of black crows flew over Mu Jiayan's head

She just felt that the relaxed bear was very ugly, but now it's good. Anyi Nan said that the relaxed bear was very similar to her.

Isn't she ugly, too?

"But I really think it's ugly. Besides, don't you think the color is ugly?" , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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