Chapter 763

After Chen Zhen left with Chen Chen, there were only two people left in the office, namely, an Yi Nan and Wen Fang.

Wen Fang sneered and went to the opposite sofa to sit down, but it was not polite.

An Yinan took a deep breath, but he was not angry because Wen Fang humiliated himself in front of the crowd.

He just calmly went to the nearby water fountain, poured two cups of hot water, made a pot of tea and put it on the table.

"I think, Miss Wen, you may be menopause is advanced, you need to drink some tea to reduce the fire."

"An Yinan, now there is no third person here, so you don't have to go on pretending with me."

Wen Fang sneers, grabs the cup of tea in front of her and wants to pour it on the face of an Yi Nan.

After a while, an Yi Nan grabbed her wrist and gave her a cup of tea to the ground.

"Miss Wen, I have already reminded you just now that a woman's mood should not be so irritable. Now you are likely to have advanced menopause. If you are not willing to drink water or tea to reduce the fire, you can also go to the hospital."

Wen Fang was even more amused after hearing the words of Yi Nan.

Is she ahead of menopause now?

She just felt angry, angry that she had no ability to revenge for her sister, angry that her sister had died unjustly.

"An Yinan, what's the matter with my sister's death? Does it have anything to do with your family? Don't lie to me. Someone has told me the truth. I'll tell you, I won't let you settle down!" Wen Fang said maliciously.

Even though she knows very well in her heart, her threat is useless to ainan.

However, she still felt very angry. She must pay the price and apologize for it.

After hearing Wen Fang's words, an Yinan narrowed her eyes slightly.

Who told Wen Fang about these things?

Why does Wen Fang have to revenge for her sister now? What does she want to revenge for her sister?

Her sister's death has nothing to do with settling down!

"Miss Wen, after listening to what you said just now, I think it is really necessary for us to have an in-depth conversation. First of all, the first question I want to ask you is, how do you know that your sister's death was caused by our settling down? Who on earth told you that? "

An Yinan frowned. She must catch the murderer behind the scenes.

He faintly felt that Wen Fang's hostility to himself was actually a misunderstanding.

He also knows that Wen Fang and his sister Wen Hui are not the same kind of people.

He knew before, but he didn't expect Wen Fang to hate himself so much.

It is clear that Wen Hui's death had nothing to do with settling down!

Wen Fang sneered.

Is he still quibbling?

"An Yi Nan, you don't care who told me this, you just tell me the truth." Wen Fang insisted.

"Wen Fang, now it's not that I don't tell you the truth, but that you believe what the person says. Have you ever considered what evidence he has in his hand, or what his intention is to say these words?"

After hearing such a question, Wen Fang was stunned.

Indeed, from the beginning to the end, he never doubted the truth of Wang An's words.

And why did Wang an say that.

What is Wang An's intention to say those words?

Just as Anyi Nan suspected in his heart, Wang an did not provide any evidence for himself.

Why did he believe Wang An's lies from the beginning?

What's more, Wang Anli took so much money out of his own hands, and now Wen Fang suddenly felt a little unreliable.

In vain of her wisdom, she was confused and defeated by this man.

"Now you tell me the whole story. I want to see what evidence you have?"

Wen Fang sneered, but he wanted to listen to the words of an Yi Nan.

And see if there is any evidence in Anyi Nan's hand.

He kept saying that other people's testimony was a false accusation, and he had no evidence in his hand. What about an Yinan? Does an Yinan have any evidence in his own hand?

Ease South pour also don't worry, anyway clear from clear, turbid from turbid.

The mountain villa is still there, and all the evidence is still there.

Fortunately, all the evidence is preserved. Now, even if he wants to prove his innocence, it's actually an easy thing, and it doesn't take much effort.

"Wenfang, if you still don't believe me now, I can take you to the villa where your sister used to live. Do you have the courage to come with me now?"Wen Fang sneered.

It's not her fault why she didn't have the courage.

It was Ann's family that killed her sister.

"What am I afraid of, Anyi Nan? It's you. Don't you feel guilty to be a thief?"

"I've never felt guilty of being a thief. We've always been honest in our family. I said that I didn't do it, so I didn't do it. Wenfang, now that you have the courage, you can go to the villa with me. I'll take you to see what happened in those years."

When Wen Fang heard that an Yi Nan was so committed, she could only believe an Yi Nan suspiciously.

"Well, I believe your lies now. You should take me to have a look. I want to see where my sister used to live. I want to see where her ghost is. Do you dare to lie to me like today?"

An Yi Nan smiles. He has a clear conscience. What is he afraid of?

Moreover, he felt that he had done a perfect job in settling down his family, and he did not owe anything to the literati.

He got up, went to the next desk and took his car key.

"Well, since you think I'm lying all the time, I'll take you to have a look."

Wen Fang nods and goes behind the easy south, but as soon as they leave the office, they bump into Chen Zhen.

Chen Zhen saw that the boss was taking the car key and was going out with Miss Wen.

He frowned. At this time, shouldn't they talk business in the company?

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