Chapter 764

"No, President, where are you going with Miss Wen now? Aren't you two going to talk about cooperation? " Chen Zhen asked in confusion.

An Yinan explained, "the cooperation will be discussed tomorrow for the time being. I have other things to do now."

An Yinan said, directly with Wenfang left Enron group.

Here, no matter how much you say, Wen Fang will not believe it.

Because there's not enough evidence.

Chen Zhen doesn't know what happened behind him, just looks confused.

He frowned. It looked strange.

Why did the president leave with Miss Wen at this time.

He hurried to the reception room and went to greet the morning lady first.

Miss Chenchen is obviously worried about whether this matter will come to nothing.

"Assistant Chen, just now Wen Fang's excessive appearance won't make President an angry and give up our cooperation?" Chenchen asked with some fear.

You know, she is just a little assistant and a little clerk in the company. If she was resigned because of this, she would be wronged!

Chen Zhen smiles, pours a cup of tea and hands it to Chenchen.

"Well, Miss Chenchen, don't worry so much. Does our president seem to be so fussy? He just had a misunderstanding with Miss Wen Fang before. Now they are going to explain the misunderstanding. "

Chenchen nodded as if she knew nothing.

Is that so? Why does she feel that there seems to be a deep hatred between Wenfang and president an?

It turned out that Wenfang had been calm for a year, but after seeing president an, her face changed, as if she wanted to eat president an.

"Assistant Chen, do you know the relationship between them?"

Chen Zhen shook his head decisively.

He knows that some things can't be gossip, especially the internal affairs of these rich families.

Even if he knows that as an assistant, he can only say that he doesn't know. What's more, Miss Chenchen is not a related person.

If she knows about it, it will be very bad for the president if it gets out.

"Miss Chenchen, you and I are all assistants to the boss. We should also know that some things can't be said casually. The boss's affairs can only be solved by the boss. As employees, we just need to help."

Chen Chen heard Chen Zhen say so, also nodded, she understood the meaning of Chen Zhen's words.

However, Chen Zhen's remark that we are all assistants seems a little strange?

In fact, they all know that Chen Zhen has been around Anyi Nan for so many years. He seems to be an assistant, but he is actually the second leader of Enron group.

"Assistant Chen, you are too modest. We all know that President an trusts you very much. He treats you like a good brother."

Chen Zhen smiles. The boss believes in himself. That's his blessing.

However, he will do his own job well.

Villa in the mountains.

An Yinan and Wen Fang feel a deep air-conditioning when they go to the foot of the mountain together.

Because of these dead people, this place has always put this house here. It's vacant. It's not rented to others or sold. It's just put on this mountain.

On weekdays, no one came.

There are many houses to settle down. This villa is just a drop in the bucket for them. It is not an important place.

Wen Fang took a look at the comfortable south next to him. The comfortable South still looks calm.

"Don't you feel afraid now? Don't you feel guilty when you kill someone and her ghost is here? " Wen Fang sneered and asked.

An Yi Nan just smile, a face relaxed appearance.

This mountain villa has not been visited for a long time.

But every year during the Spring Festival, he would send several servants to clean it.

"I feel guilty. I didn't kill this man. Besides, this villa is my house. What's terrible when I come back to my home?"

Easy south side said, while straight forward.

This villa is located in the mountains and forests, the traffic is not very convenient, but it is a good place to rest.

At that time, the reason why my father arranged Wen Hui in this place was because he asked.

He thinks that although Wenhui is a disgusting woman, she has served her father for a period of time, so it's good to let her rest for a period of time.

The scenery here is very good. You can see the sea not far away from the watchtower on the top floor.

Moreover, the house is surrounded by lush trees, and the air is very fresh.When you get up in the morning, you can still hear birds.

Now this season is just the beginning of spring, there are some grass on the ground has sprouted, the treetops above the branches are still bare.

Maybe the snow last winter was so heavy that all the trees took off their clothes.

An Yi Nan chuckled and suddenly asked, "Miss Wen, do you think the scenery here is very good?"

Because he thought of Wen Fang's last speech at an international conference.

He has heard that speech, and he also knows that Wen Fang always likes some clean places. Wen Fang spoke on behalf of the world health organization that time.

In fact, Wen Fang is quite outstanding. Unlike her sister Wen Hui, Wen Hui is a parasite.

But Wen Fang is not.

Just don't know why, Wenfang suddenly had a misunderstanding to settle down.

An Yinan made up her mind today to explain this misunderstanding.

Wen Fang said coldly, "I don't think this is a good place at all. My sister died in this place, and her ghost stayed in this place. Do you think I can laugh?"

When an Yinan heard Wen Fang say so, he could only sigh.

Well, he seems to be saying something wrong.

"Then you just think I'm joking."

An Yinan finds the key, opens the door and walks into the villa together.

Wen Fang looked as like as two peas. The villa was still clean and the same as when the older sister lived.

She had been here once or twice at that time.

An Yinan is not in a hurry. He goes to connect the power first. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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