Chapter 786

Moreover, in order to avoid a blind date, she must have told her mother about it.

"Mom, I'd better admit it to you. I I'm in love. "

Ms. Jiang Aiyuan widened her eyes excitedly and looked at her daughter in front of her with a surprised look on her face.

But how could it be?

She asked her girl yesterday.

"But, smelly girl, when I asked you about your partner last night, you told me that you haven't been in love yet. Why did your partner come to you today?"

Ms. Jiang Aiyuan looks suspicious and stares into her baby daughter's eyes.

From childhood to adulthood, the daughter will not lie, she felt that the daughter is impossible to cheat her mother.

As long as her daughter tells a lie, she will blush and stammer.

However, Ms. Jiang Aiyuan obviously underestimated her daughter's skill this time.

Chen Lulu said with a smile, "because Because I'm the one who took off the bill today. "

After saying this, Chen Lulu hurried to her room.

Just in the car, Lin Hao specially reminded her that her lying skill was not very high.

Therefore, when she lies, she is likely to be found by her parents. In order to prevent her from being found by her family, Lin Hao helps Chen Lulu find a way.

That is, after the lie, run away, don't face my mother's eyes.

Otherwise, she'll show up.

When she lies, she is not only easy to stutter, but also easy to blush. The only way is to pretend to be shy, to pretend to be embarrassed, to pretend not to want to explain, and to run quickly.

When Ms. Jiang saw her baby daughter run away, she really thought her daughter was shy.

However, she was even more excited that her daughter fell in love.

That boy should be excellent, right?

Just now Ms. Jiang Aiyuan looked at the man's appearance, in fact, it is not particularly clear.

However, she could see that the profile of the man's side face was very handsome, and her daughter's eyes were always good.

Jiang Aiyuan thought of this, quickly followed her daughter and ran to her daughter's door. However, Chen Lulu had already closed the door.

Jiang Aiyuan knocked on her daughter's door.

"This smelly girl, you are not in love with your mother. I'll make it clear to your mother. Who is it? What's the boy's name, where does he live, what's his job, and what do his parents do? "

Jiang Aiyuan's face is full of excitement. Now after her daughter tells her half story, she suddenly runs away. Her curiosity has been overflowing.

However, Chen Lulu ignored it and began to wash in her room.

"Mom, well, don't ask so many questions. You have to believe your daughter's eyes. I'm sure the person I choose can't be wrong. His parents are intellectuals, and his family conditions are good. He is a doctor. When he comes to pick me up tomorrow, you'll know."

Chen Lulu is really reluctant to explain more.

What's more, when Lin Hao comes over tomorrow, I believe he will definitely solve it.

At that time, all the problems will be solved by Lin Hao.

Chen Lulu still feels that although Lin Hao is a doctor, he doesn't like to socialize.

However, he still has communication skills, so Lin Hao will solve all the other thorny problems tomorrow morning.

"No, girl, I think he left in your car today. You have a little white face, don't you? Can't he even afford a car? "

Ms. Jiang Aiyuan is still a little worried. She is afraid that her daughter will be unfaithful. After all, her daughter has never been in love and has little experience.

In case of a slag man, was slag man to cheat how to do?

"Well, mom, don't worry. He's in the hospital today, and the car hasn't come out. People are driving Bentley cars, so they won't covet my little garbage truck?"

Ms. Jiang Aiyuan is not satisfied with her daughter's idea of belittling herself.

Her baby daughter has studied abroad, and is also knowledgeable. She is still a doctor, so she must find an excellent boyfriend.

"Smelly girl, what are you talking about? Didn't you buy that car for more than 200000 yuan? Why is it rubbish? "

Chen Lulu gave up helplessly. However, in terms of educational background, family background and personal ability, Ms. Jiang Aiyuan really underestimated Lin Hao.

"Mom, you can rest assured. I've already washed and rinsed. Next, I'll go to bed after reading the information for a while. If you don't rest assured, you can go to Baidu Encyclopedia to check Lin Hao, who is the chief physician in century hospital. His personal information, including his family background, can be found on Baidu Encyclopedia."When Ms. Jiang Aiyuan heard what her baby daughter said, she immediately got excited.

It turns out that her future son-in-law has been listed on Baidu Encyclopedia. He must be a big shot.

As soon as she thought of this, she ran excitedly to charge and turn on her iPad.

Then, I found Baidu Encyclopedia and began to search for the name of Lin Hao.

After watching it for half an hour, the more she looked, the more satisfied she felt. She was just like a God.

Just, how did he go blind and meet his daughter?

Originally, Ms. Jiang Aiyuan was very confident in her daughter. She felt that her daughter should never find a man worse than herself.

However, now she doubts whether Lin Hao is blind, so she meets her daughter and falls in love with her.

So at 11 p.m., Ms. Jiang Aiyuan went to knock on her daughter's door again.

My daughter certainly didn't sleep at this point.

Chen Lulu works overtime until 11 or 2 o'clock every night, which is a common thing.

"Girl, have you gone to bed? You open the door quickly, and mom has something to tell you. "

Chen Lulu sighed helplessly. She has already said it. If there is anything, just come and ask Lin Hao tomorrow.

What's more, the information about Lin Hao in Baidu Encyclopedia is clearer than what she knows.

Mom, take a look and you'll already know?

Her mother has been watching it for more than half an hour, and she should have seen why.

"Mom, you should have known about Lin Hao in Baidu Encyclopedia. Is it hard to succeed? Do you still have no confidence in him?" , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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