Chapter 793

"Whoa, whoa, whoa

Zhang Keke covered his mouth and couldn't help exclaiming.

However, Chen Lulu felt a little embarrassed. She could feel the exaggerated scream of Zhang Keke's surprise, which made all the shop assistants look at them.

It's really strange.

"Coco, keep a low profile. I'm just wearing a skirt. Is there anything strange about this skirt?"

What Zhang Keke chose for her today is a White Sleeveless A-line dress.

Looks very simple style, but, wear in Chen Lulu's body, but appears to have temperament.

Her clean short hair hanging in the ear, slightly rolled up, more modest set off the whole face has become petite.

Zhang Keke looks excited and quickly takes out his mobile phone from his bag.

She wants to take photos, she wants to send photos, she wants to tell her aunt that she has found a beautiful girl for her cousin.

"Coco, what are you doing? Do you want to take a picture of me? "

See Zhang cocoa took out the mobile phone, Chen Lulu immediately anxious to go forward, want to grab Zhang cocoa's mobile phone.

However, Zhang Keke did not give up.

"No, I can't. It's all my credit for making you look so beautiful today. I must take a picture as a souvenir."

Chen Lulu frowned helplessly and could only stand there and let her take a picture.

However, after Zhang Keke took a picture, he disliked Chen Lulu's rigid expression and action.

"Cousin, don't stand there motionless. It looks strange. Where do you sit? Sit there and have a more natural look. I'll take another picture for you."

Chen Lulu frowned and looked embarrassed. She still felt a little strange.

She didn't like to take photos before. Every time she took photos, it was either because of graduation photos or because of ID photos. It seemed that there were no other life photos.

Sometimes, when we go out to play with friends, they all like to take photos together, but she seldom takes photos.

Zhang Keke, like a veteran photographer, is holding his mobile phone while telling Chen Lulu how to pose and how to pose.

"Yes, yes, that's it. You hold your chin and cover your cheek a little bit. Yes, it's perfect. It looks more lovely."

Chen Lulu helplessly looks at the crazy girl in front of her. However, she feels that it's really pleasant to get along with Zhang Keke.

The clerks nearby are also smiling. They can see the changes of Chen lulu.

This Miss Zhang is a regular customer in their store, or a VIP customer in their store.

Today, Miss Zhang came with her friends. She was also her cousin. Naturally, the shop assistants were very enthusiastic.

After struggling for half an hour, Zhang Keke finally took a picture that he thought was very satisfied, no, just perfect, and sent it to his circle of friends.

After she finished her circle of friends, she helped Chen Lulu choose some other clothes.

However, her eyes have been paying attention to the situation of her circle of friends.

After seeing this circle of friends, I believe my cousin will ask her who this beautiful woman is, right?

Hey, hey

About ten minutes later, Lin Hao praised Zhang Keke's friend.

Looking at his cousin did not comment on himself, Zhang Keke immediately worried.

How can there be no comment!

Zhang Keke refreshed twice again, confirmed that there was really no comment!

Cousin is too calm, he should not have seen that this is his girlfriend, right?

Since he didn't comment, Zhang coco took the initiative to come to the door.

Thinking of this, Zhang Keke quickly sent a wechat message to his cousin Lin Hao.

"Cousin, I'm buying clothes with coco, but we didn't drive out today. It seems that it's not easy to get a taxi in this street. Can you come and meet us?"

Usually, every time she comes out, she wants her cousin to pick her up.

However, cousin is a thousand kinds of obstacles, all unwilling, because he is busy with work.

However, this time she came out with her cousin, and her cousin became so beautiful today, so she didn't believe it. Her cousin was not ready to move.

After Zhang Keke sent this message, he sat on one side of the sofa, waiting for Chen Lulu to change clothes in the fitting room.

She holds her cell phone and stares at the screen, waiting for Lin Hao's reply.

Three minutes later, Lin Hao finally got a reply.

"Which clothing store are you in now?"

Sure enough, ginger is tender and spicy. Ha ha, she is the smartest.I can't help it. The charm of her cousin is less than that of her sister-in-law.

If she only went out to the clothing store alone today, her cousin would not come to pick her up.

Lin Keke still has this self-knowledge, but if he comes out with his cousin today, it will be different.

Zhang Keke quickly replied, "we are now in the flagship store of Mo fan'er on Changjiang Road, which I often go to. Come here, cousin. Besides, I changed my cousin's pretty look today."

Lin Hao only replied three words, "I know."

Looking at his cousin finally willingly come to pick him up to go shopping this time, Zhang Keke looks excited.

All this is due to my cousin.

Chen Lulu came out of the fitting room. She had just tried all the sizes of the five sets of clothes and found them very suitable.

Zhang Keke is really a professional girl. When she puts her favorite clothes on her body, they will have a bright effect.

"Coco, I really want to praise you. Your eyes are really good. I feel very beautiful when I put on these clothes."

Hearing what Chen Lulu said, Zhang Keke felt more proud.

"That's natural. My eyes are just waiting. The next time you go shopping, you must ask me to join you. It happens that when I go shopping, there is no one to accompany me all the time."

In fact, one of the main reasons why these clothes have such a good effect on Chen Lulu is that she has a better figure. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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