Chapter 798

My cousin is a workaholic, and Zhang Keke's father also hopes that she can be more serious.

This girl's whole idea is to have fun, which makes her parents feel worried.

As the saying goes, learning to beg with beggars and following excellent people will naturally lead to positive progress.

Zhang Keke's father, of course, hopes that his daughter will learn something positive energy from the positive people.

Otherwise, my daughter would have spent a lot of time with her friends.

Now when I heard that Zhang Keke's boss had become Lin Hao's girlfriend, Zhang Keke's father immediately felt that this was a good opportunity.

"Cousin, you don't know how happy my father is when he knows that you have become my cousin. He always hopes that I can learn from you."

When Chen Lulu heard Zhang Keke's straightforward reply, she felt a little embarrassed.

Because she's just pretending. She's not Lin Hao's real girlfriend.

If one day this matter is exposed, she does not know whether Zhang Keke will feel angry.

At the thought of this, Lulu suddenly felt a little worried. She suddenly felt that her lying seemed a little incorrect.

Chen Lulu coughed a little and said awkwardly, "but honey, you know, we are just friends and girlfriends. The relationship between friends and girlfriends is the most unstable. Maybe one day we will break up?"

Zhang Keke frowned and lay on the bed with a mask. When she talked to Chen Lulu, she would not feel that way.

She just solemnly told Chen Lulu, "I don't know why, lovers in the world may break up, and the relationship between them is very unstable, which is a common thing, but I always feel that there won't be such a thing between you and my brother. You two are workaholics, concentrating on work. Who has the mind to spend on each other, you know Is that right? "

Hearing what Zhang Keke said, Chen Lulu felt a little helpless.

Indeed, Zhang Keke has seen through both of them. He knows that they are workaholics, and most of them focus on their work.

Therefore, even if they are really together, it is estimated that they spend very little time together and there will be very few conflicts together.

Because my mind is not on it!

"You seem to have a point." Chen Lulu smiles.

She has been used to putting the focus of her life on her work, and rarely considers whether she wants to shift her attention to other things.

However, Zhang Keke thinks that love is the most important thing.

For women, marriage is the most important thing in their life.

"Lulu, to tell you the truth, I still think you should pay more attention to marriage and family. Although your work is very important and you should put more energy into it, now marriage is your life. You should carefully consider whether my cousin is really suitable for you. If he is suitable for you, you should grasp it Opportunity. "

The look on Chen Lulu's face became tangled, and she suddenly wanted to confess.

She didn't want to keep pretending.

But now I confess. How can she tell Lin Hao tomorrow morning?

This smelly girl, she can't continue to talk with Chen Lulu, otherwise she will be exposed.

"Well, well, you ghost girl, don't you say that the most important thing for skin care is to go to bed early and get up early. What time is it now? You're still here talking to me."

Hearing what Chen Lulu said, Zhang Keke realized that she had just been chatting here and had been talking for more than half an hour.

, "you are right. If you hadn't reminded me, I almost forgot the time. I must hurry to wash the mask, and then go to bed early. You can go to bed earlier, see you tomorrow."

Chen Lulu is on the phone, and even can hear Zhang Keke's anxious voice.

She should be in a hurry to get up from the bed, and then rushed to the bathroom, began to wash it.

"All right, all right, see you tomorrow."

In the morning, Lin Hao came to pick up Chen Lulu to work just like a dutiful boyfriend.

Chen Lulu always thinks it's a little bit unpleasant.

They were supposed to be disguised as lovers, but now they're good, and they're acting in an orderly way.

Moreover, it also makes Lin Hao come to pick him up every day, which seems to be a waste of other people's time.

"In fact, Lin Hao, you don't have to come to pick me up from tomorrow. I think it's a waste of your time."

Chen Lulu looks sorry.

Lin Hao didn't know where to change a breakfast and handed it to Chen lulu.

With an understatement, he explained, "remember to have breakfast in the morning. I'll come to pick you up. It's not a waste of time. We're just on our way."He didn't know what he thought. He didn't have this agreement with Chen lulu.

He doesn't need to go through this intersection every day to meet people, but it seems like he is used to it.

At this point, he habitually runs to this intersection, which may be really a kind of bewilderment.

Chen Lulu hesitated for a moment, or said, "Lin Hao, last night, coco and I talked on the phone a lot, I almost feel that I am about to expose myself, it is too dangerous."

Lin Hao looked at Chen Lulu with a nervous look, but he couldn't help laughing.

This woman is really too counsellor, encounter a little thing, unexpectedly flustered became this appearance.

"It's OK. Don't worry. If it's a big deal, you'll take it as true. Anyway, it's quite appropriate for us to communicate with each other." Lin Hao said with a natural look.

However, Chen Lulu was a little surprised.

What is he talking about?

Think it's true?

Is it hard to say that they are still in real contact?

"Lin Hao, what did you just say?"

Chen Lulu now just doubts whether her ear is wrong, so that she hears it wrong.

Lin Hao sighed and said, "nothing. I just said it casually."

Since Chen Lulu didn't hear that, it's OK, but to be honest, he really has such an idea.

He felt that his two personalities and three outlooks seemed to be quite appropriate. Since he had to find a partner in the future, why couldn't he choose each other? , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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