Chapter 799

However, it seems that Chen Lulu doesn't have such a plan now. If he tells others directly, he will scare them away.

Perhaps, at that time, even the contractual relationship will not want to maintain with themselves, and even feel that they have ulterior motives.

After careful consideration, Lin Hao still felt that this matter had to take its time.

Maybe one day, Chen Lulu really takes it as her boyfriend. At that time, it seems that it is a good choice for them to be together again.

While driving, Lin Hao said, "you will remember to have breakfast every morning. Besides, coco, if she gossips with you or inquires about anything, you just need to bite her hard. That girl is not careful."

Of course, Lin Hao knew that his cousin would never care too much.

Listen to Lin Hao say so, Chen Lulu can't help but feel a little want to laugh.

"I think your cousin is too disrespectful. How can you say that about your cousin?"

Lin Hao smiles. In fact, this is the way he and coco get along.

From small to big, coco has been used to his elder brother. That smelly girl is always very naughty.

"Coco grew up spoiled by her mother, so it's inevitable that her character is a bit wayward. You can teach her a lesson, and there won't be any problem."

Chen Lulu just laughed and turned to look out the window. It happened to be the downstairs of her company.

"Well, I can't listen to you. Coco and I are friends. I've arrived. Thank you for sending me here."

After arriving at the Research Institute, Chen Lulu can feel that everyone is looking at herself.

Looking at director Chen's brand-new look today, everyone was shocked.

"Director Chen, did you change last night?"

"Yes, director Chen, you are so beautiful. Where did you buy your clothes and make your hair? It's so beautiful. I feel like I'm more than ten years younger in a moment. "

In the Institute, all colleagues regard Chen Lulu as a friend.

Now seeing that Chen Lulu has changed her appearance and come to work, everyone is naturally gossiping.

Now it's not time to go to work, all the people gathered around and looked very excited.

However, Chen Lulu felt that they looked at themselves as if they were looking at monkeys.

"Hey, all of you, you don't need to go to work. Why are you so gossipy?"

Chen Lulu smiles and looks helpless.

Today, Zhang Keke asked for leave. She specially called to say that it seems that a friend has come back. She should go to pick up her friend.

However, the colleagues in the office are still around Chen lulu. They always feel very curious.

Chen Lulu always looks old-fashioned. Although her character is not too dull, her clothes always make them feel serious and boring.

"Director Chen, just tell us, how did you come here today? It's beautiful. "

Chen Lulu coughed softly and stared at the gang in front of her.

"Did you just say that my clothes were too dull? Did you think that I was too old before?"

After hearing what Chen Lulu said, several colleagues around Chen Lulu immediately widened their eyes and shook their heads.

They don't mean that. Director Chen, don't get me wrong!

"Boss, we just want to praise you. How beautiful you are today. We didn't say how boring you were before. It's just so beautiful, so beautiful!"

A few colleagues talked and laughed, and they hurried back to their desks and continued to work.

However, they are still a little surprised that director Chen has changed so much today?

It is estimated that after waiting for coco to come back, you will know by asking coco.

When Chen Lulu saw that everyone was gone, she had no choice but to smile. She went back to her office and continued to work today.

Coco is very kind. She didn't come to work today, but she has sent her schedule to Chen Lulu's mailbox.

Just look at it and Chen Lulu will know what she is going to do today.

After five in the afternoon, she will accompany Lin Hao to the rich woman's birthday party.

At four in the afternoon.

Chen Lulu took out the small mirror she had put in her office drawer.

She never used to dress up in the office. She thought it was a waste of time.

But, Zhang Keke said, girls must prepare a small mirror, but also to prepare some makeup things.

Otherwise, make-up may be spent at any time.What's more, the mirror is necessary to remind yourself whether the appearance today is appropriate.

Chen Lulu looks at the strange and familiar self in the mirror and smiles. This appearance should not be considered as makeup.

At 4:30 in the afternoon, Lin Hao drove to the company downstairs, ready to pick up Chen Lulu from work.

After Chen Lulu answers Lin Hao's call, she plans to go downstairs.

However, she forgot that she doesn't usually leave work so early.

"Director Chen, why do you leave work so early today?"

"Lolo, that's because you don't know that director Chen's boyfriend is waiting for her downstairs. Director Chen, don't deny it. I've just seen it. That man is really handsome. Is it your boyfriend? It's supposed to be Gao Fu Shuai. It's still Bentley

Chen Lulu can only smile, speed up their own pace, quickly out of the elevator over there.

"Director Chen, don't run!"

"Well, well, how come everyone gossips so much? Go back to work first. I won't tell you any more. It's almost time. I'll go first."

Several colleagues are still laughing.

"Director Chen, are you shy?"

"Yes, director Chen must be shy. Now she's running away. She doesn't dare to face us, but when she comes here tomorrow, we must ask clearly!"

Chen Lulu can imagine that if she is a little later, these gossip colleagues will probably surround her.

At that time, even after work is a problem.

Lin Hao stood by his car, waiting for Chen Lulu to come downstairs.

Seeing Chen Lulu running out of the company building in a panic, it looks like someone is chasing her behind her. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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