Chapter 800

Lin Hao can't help laughing. Why is she so worried?

"You look so flustered, is there a ghost chasing you behind you?"

Chen Lulu patted her chest with a look of shock.

"Yes, I was almost entangled by a group of kids."

It's good, thanks to her speed.

"Ha ha..."

Looking at her lovely appearance, Lin Hao couldn't help laughing.

"That's because you don't know how gossipy our colleagues are. They know that after I fall in love, they want to dig your news all day, but coco is the leader. Her favorite thing is to spread news with everyone."

Chen Lulu said, sighing helplessly, looking as if she had nothing to love.

"It turns out that coco is such a gossip. It seems that I have to find a way to cure her." Lin Hao looks serious.

However, Chen Lulu immediately said, "no, no, her gossip is actually quite lovely. It's just gossip for two days. It's OK after two days."

Chen Lulu just picked up the mineral water in Lin Hao's hand and took a sip of it, which made her feel a little more gentle.

However, she was still a little worried about whether she was just in such a hurry to come out and whether she was dressed properly.

"By the way, Lin Hao, would it be a little strange for me to dress like this to attend that girl's birthday party today?"

When Lin Hao hears Chen Lulu's question, he turns around and looks at Chen lulu. Chen Lulu is wearing a beige skirt today.

She was already thin and looked even more delicate in this little skirt.

"Don't worry, you look beautiful today. There's no problem at all."


Chen Lulu still feels a little uneasy.

When she just left the office today, she was still depressed. Why didn't she set up a full-length mirror in the office.

She never had the habit of wearing a mirror, so she went to the bathroom to look at it, only to see that her upper body was good, and she didn't know the overall effect.

Chen Lulu suddenly has an idea that she wants to install a mirror in her office.

It's really a terrible idea.

Chen Lu patted her head to remind herself that work is the most important thing.

Now don't be distracted by those fancy things.

Recently, Chen Lulu always feels restless. Is she thinking about something else?

I don't think so.

Chen Lulu is thinking and scratching her hair. She looks puzzled. She really doesn't know what's wrong with her. It's a wonderful feeling.

Although sometimes it's easy to think, most of the time I'm happy.

Moreover, there is a sweet feeling in my heart. Is it true that I am in love?

However, she is clearly talking about a false love, such a relationship will also bring happiness and satisfaction?

The more Chen Lulu thinks about it, the more she feels confused.

However, Lin Hao noticed Chen Lulu's tangled appearance.

What was she thinking?

"Lulu, what's the matter with you? What are you thinking now? "

Lin Hao noticed that Chen Lulu is really cute sometimes. She always runs away and thinks something out of tune.

She's always worried about things that don't happen.

Is every girl so cute?

Like cocoa will not, cocoa that girl heartless, never worry about any problems.

Before any problem comes, she will never take any preventive measures. Every time she encounters a problem, her family is in front of her anyway, just block it for her.

Chen Lulu said with a smile, "ha ha, it's nothing. It's just wishful thinking, and then it's gone."

"Lulu, you don't have to worry about so much. Don't worry about it. Since I brought it up, I will be responsible for you. You don't need to worry too much when the soldiers come to block it

Chen Lulu nodded. She still believed in Lin Hao.

Lin Hao is a very responsible person. As long as he comes up with a solution, he will be responsible for it.

Moreover, Chen Lulu also thinks that this is a panacea. At least her mother doesn't take her to some dating websites after work every day.

I have to say that the photos on the dating website are really beautiful, but sometimes the pictures are only for reference.

When you see the real object, you will know that these two people are so different that they are not the same person at all.

Photo, photo deception, now the P map software is so developed, who knows if it is a liar's photo?"To tell you the truth, I'd like to thank you very much. At least when I go home every day, the first thing I do is not to be dragged by my mother to visit the dating website."

Chen Lulu said and couldn't help laughing.

She thought it was interesting.

Lin Hao nodded solemnly, and he felt the same way.

"I also think this method is very good. My mother doesn't force me to have a blind date now, and she seldom comes to take care of my affairs. She's afraid that I'm busy with my work and I don't have time to accompany my girlfriend, so she doesn't dare to call me to harass me. However, she seems to have made a tight schedule there. She should be back in a few days, and then you may accompany me to see her Do you feel nervous when she is alone? "

Lin Hao still feels a little uneasy. Chen Lulu is too timid.

Chen Lulu smiles with a lovely face.

"Don't worry. You've solved this big problem for me, and I'll help you with your problems. I'll do my best."

Lin Hao looks at Chen Lulu with a smile. How does he feel that Chen Lulu seems to have the feeling of going to the battlefield.

In fact, there's no need to be so nervous. His mother is very cute. Besides a little wordy, there's no other problem.

"Don't worry, my mother is not so strict. She has no other problems except a little wordy."

When they talked and laughed, they had already arrived at the downstairs of Pan Yuanyuan's house.

Pan Yuanyuan's father is the president of century hospital, and her mother is a director of a company, which is also a rich family.

Looking at the deep courtyard, you can see that the family circumstances at home must be unusual.

Today is Pan Yuanyuan's birthday party. There are many congratulators. There are a lot of luxury cars at the door. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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