Chapter 814

She came home from work early today. In fact, it's not to be lazy. She just changed her place to continue to work.

Chen Lulu is holding a stack of thick drawings in her hand. She takes all the important materials of the research institute to her home.

Anyway, I am one with the Research Institute.

She doesn't think it's safe to put these materials in the Research Institute. For example, it's bad if something like this happened today.

Fortunately, today all the drawings have been preserved, although some of them are still in a mess.

She went back to deal with it a little bit, but it should still be OK. Chen Lulu was going to drive with the drawings in her arms.

However, she realized that it was Lin Hao who sent her to work this morning.

She didn't drive at all, and now she can only hire a taxi to go.

However, this time point is just the rush hour, there is no spare taxi at all.

Chen Lulu is hesitating, whether to call a didi taxi, but suddenly noticed that not far away came a man in a black suit.

The man was followed by an assistant. She looked at the man vaguely and felt a little familiar.

Are you acquaintances?

Or is that a director of the Institute?

Chen Lulu narrowed her eyes and watched the man passing in the direction of the Research Institute. She felt a little confused.

Although she is director Chen of the Institute, it should have little to do with her.

If there is any important person coming to receive her today, the Institute has already been informed.

Up to now there is no notice, it is estimated that this person should have nothing to do with himself.

Chen Lulu thought, holding her baby's drawing in one hand and her mobile phone in the other, and began to want to call a didi taxi, so that it would be more convenient for her to go back.

However, as soon as she took out her mobile phone, she received a call from Zhang Keke.

Zhang Keke just received the above notice. This notice is too unexpected. I don't know how far director Chen has left the office.

"Director Chen, where are you now? Is it convenient to come back? There are very important guests in the company. "

Chen Lulu is holding the drawing in her hand. When she hears Zhang Keke's anxious voice on the phone, she feels a little strange.

It's already four o'clock in the afternoon. How can important guests come to our company?

Is it the one she saw just now?

"Coco, do you know what the important guest is? Do you want me to go back?"

Zhang Keke nodded. If she didn't have to let director Chen go back, she couldn't have called director Chen at this time.

What's more, Chen Lulu is not in a good mood today because something like that happened during the day.

However, now that there is an order from above, director Chen must personally entertain this distinguished guest.

"Director Chen, I don't know what's going on. When the director called me today, he seemed very worried. He seemed to say that this man donated 15 million yuan to our research institute for UAV research. He is a great hero of our research institute."

He donated 15 million at one time, but he is a rich man.

Chen Lulu thought to herself that he was really a great hero in the Institute.

However, because of this donation, is she going to see the big boss now?

However, Chen Lulu did not know anything about the big boss before.

Now suddenly meet, will feel a little embarrassed?

"Coco, can you tell me the name of the big boss? And his related information, can you send me one now? "

When we meet later, we have to have something to say!

You can't just look at the big boss and say thank you and nothing.

"Lulu, it's time. It's too urgent. I don't have time to collate the information of the big boss, but I know his surname is Lu. By the way, I remember his name is Lu Enron."

Chen Lulu had never thought that she would hear the name again, and it was still under such circumstances.

The boy she once confessed in high school, but now so many years have passed.

She seems to have really forgotten what it was like to like that boy.

Even now that the boy is standing in front of her, she will have no waves.

Otherwise, just saw him, why only look familiar feeling?

Chen Lulu comforts herself in her own heart. Forgetting is a relief for each other.Zhang Keke on the other side of the phone heard that Chen Lulu didn't respond for a long time. He thought something was wrong.

"Director Chen, where are you now? Is it convenient to come back? "

Chen Lulu slightly adjusted her mood and held the drawing tighter. "Wait for me, I'll be back in about ten minutes."

Zhang Keke nodded. She didn't know why. She felt that director Chen's mood seemed to have changed a little.

But now she can't see the change of Chen Lulu's facial expression, and she doesn't know what happened.

"OK, Lulu, please come back slowly. By the way, do you want me to check the information of Lu Enron for you?"

Chen Lulu shook her head. She was most familiar with Lu Enron.

I just don't know if he has changed in recent years.

"No, it's too late to investigate now. I'll go back later."

As she spoke, she took the drawing in her hand and went back to the office.

Zhang Keke has met Lu Enron. She never thought that manager Lu was so young.

According to the Institute, he has invested 15 million yuan. Originally, Zhang Kewei should be a white haired old man or an uncle over 50 years old.

After all, only such a man is successful in his career. I'll see you for the first time, such a young entrepreneur.

There are already some little girls next to me, who are beginning to be crazy about flowers.

"Sister coco, manager Lu is so handsome! If you don't, I thought he was a movie star

"Yes, yes, I thought at the first glance that he was especially like Lu Han. At the beginning, I thought it was a star who entered our company." , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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