Chapter 815

Zhang Keke heard these girls' crazy face, and he could only shake his head helplessly.

To tell you the truth, she admitted that Lu Enron was really good-looking, but compared with her handsome cousin, she seemed a little bit worse.

What's the use of being beautiful? The key is to have good personal ability.

However, it seems that Lu Enron is really capable.

"Hello, manager Lu, our director Chen will come later."

Lu Enron looked calm and nodded.

A man in a black suit has a tall figure and a cold face. His eyes are easy to indulge in.

In fact, Lu Enron does not know why he chose this UAV company as an investment.

Maybe, just because I saw the name of Chen lulu.

To be honest, he can't even be sure that he has made such a decisive decision.

Because it's just the same name. What if it's not her at all?

There are so many people with the same name in this world that he can't be sure about it.

Lu Enron thought about it, then turned to Zhang Keke and said, "by the way, Miss Zhang, is your full name of director Chen Lulu?"

Zhang Keke hesitated for a moment. To be honest, she had never encountered such a strange problem.

In principle, shouldn't investors know the details of their company? How can you not even remember the name of director Chen?

What's more, why should we be interested in the name of director Chen? Shouldn't investors be interested in the Institute as a whole?


Zhang Keke was just about to answer Lu Enron's question when he saw Chen Lulu coming this way.

"Manager Lu, you see, director Chen has just arrived."

Hearing what Zhang Keke said, Lu Enron turned his head and saw Chen Lulu walking this way with 3cm high heels and a small white skirt.

If two days ago, Chen Lulu was still lifeless, it might be similar to her high school days.

However, after Zhang Keke's training last time, now Chen Lulu has completely changed her dressing style.

It seems that she is much younger than before, and even quite different from her high school style.

When Chen Lulu was in high school, she was a typical good girl, a female student bully.

She spent all her time and energy on her study, and she had no time to take care of other things.

She doesn't dress up, she doesn't pay attention to it, she doesn't make up, she always looks like a plain face.

Lu Enron liked Chen Lulu very much at that time. He was sincere, brave and straightforward.

However, when Chen Lulu confessed, he still refused.

He didn't even know why.

He clearly likes a person, but he wants to push Chen Lulu far away.

Over the years, there has been no other opposite sex around him, except a childhood sweetheart Mu Tingting, no one else.

Until today, he suddenly found that his heart seemed to stay in that girl.

Even though the girl had gone far, Lu Enron even wanted to chase her back.

Now looking at standing in front of him, Lu Enron really has a feeling of going back to his high school days, but it has been seven years.

Chen Lulu stepped forward and looked at the road in front of her.

Indeed, it was him, and there was still a shadow on his face.

He is still so handsome, a pair of deep eyes, always let people can't help but indulge in them, just like at the beginning, is their class grass.

Seven years ago, Lu Enron was the star of attention and the school grass that everyone liked.

However, seven years ago, Chen Lulu was too obscure and mediocre. Now she is the best, but Lu Enron was the best.

They didn't meet in the best time, so they were doomed to miss.

"Hello, manager Lu. I'm Chen Lulu from aerospace UAV Research Institute."

Chen Lulu's polite and alienated smile made Lu Enron feel a bit dazzling.

"Long time no see. You're still what you were."

Lu Enron smiles at Chen lulu in front of her and greets her.

"It's nice that you haven't changed at all."

After hearing this, Zhang Keke next to him immediately frowned alertly.

Why does she think they seem to know each other.

Is it possible that manager Lu will become his cousin's rival?

Zhang Keke couldn't help admiring her own imagination, but everything is possible.From her observation, it seems that the relationship between manager Lu and Chen Lulu is not so simple!

Does it mean that cousin's rival is about to appear?

Zhang Keke immediately feels alert, she wants to immediately investigate the relationship between the two people.

Chen Lulu just laughed and replied, "I'm quite surprised, too. When I first heard coco say Lu Enron's name, I thought it was the same name. I didn't expect that it was you. We haven't seen each other for a long time since we graduated from high school. I didn't expect to see you again. I would be in the graduate school."

Next to Zhang Keke immediately understood, it seems that this man should be Chen Lulu's high school classmates.

Since I am a high school classmate

Is it because of Chen Lulu's personal reasons that he invested 15 million yuan in this research institute?

The more Zhang Keke thought about it, the more worried he felt.

Because the two bigwigs wanted to talk about some more private topics, other irrelevant people stepped back.

Chen Lulu takes her back to her office. Lu Enron looks at Chen Lulu's office and the girl in front of her.

He now feels that Chen Lulu has really changed. Compared with her seven years ago, she has become more beautiful and has more temperament.

Lu Enron couldn't help laughing and said, "now I suddenly feel that I just said something wrong."

Chen Lulu couldn't help frowning, with a blank expression on her face.

What's wrong?

"Well, what did you say wrong?"

Lu ran laughed as like as two peas. "I just said that you are exactly the same as seven years ago, but there is no change at all. But now it looks as if you were completely different from seven years ago. You are more beautiful and more temperate than seven years ago."

Hearing Lu Enron say so, Chen Lulu couldn't help being a little shy.

She is a person who easily blushes. As long as others praise her, she will feel a little embarrassed and feel that she doesn't deserve it. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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