Chapter 816

Chen Lulu replied with a smile, "you've become more talkative than seven years ago. Seven years ago, you didn't seem to be very talkative, but now you're so glib."

Chen Lulu said, laughing and opening the PPT in her computer.

There are detailed information about the Institute.

When other people come to invest in their own companies, they should always understand the structure of their research institutes.

"Come and have a look at our research institute first. Let me introduce it to you. I still feel a little curious. I don't understand why you invest in UAV Research Institute?"

Lu Enron smiles, looks into Chen Lulu's eyes and suddenly asks, "if I say it's because of you, will you believe it?"

Chen Lulu's eyes widened in surprise. She was stunned.

"Lu Enron, I'm talking about this topic with you seriously. I'm not joking with you. Don't joke with me."

While laughing, Chen Lulu turned on her computer and began to search for the contents of PPT.

However, Lu Enron looked serious.

He didn't joke just now. He was telling the truth. He really invested in this research institute because he saw the name of Chen lulu.

If it's really just the same name, then his investment in this research institute will become a little groundless.

"I invested because I saw your name in the list of research institutes and thought it was very predestined."

When Chen Lulu heard Lu Enron say this, she felt even more embarrassed. It turned out that she had invested in this research institute because of her own reasons.

Well, she has brought 15 million yuan of investment to the director. When the director comes next time, she has to take credit.

Chen Lulu gave a light smile and replied, "since it's because of me, the next time my boss comes over, I must tell him my credit and ask him to find a way to increase my salary."

"Well, he should give you a raise."

Lu Enron looked at Chen Lulu, she obviously a little bit to escape their appearance, Lu Enron can only helplessly smile.

They met for the first time after seven years of separation. He couldn't be anxious, he had to take his time.

"Come and have a look. This is the PPT data sorted out by our colleagues. It has detailed information about the Institute of aerospace UAV, including its starting time and its development history in recent years. If you have a deep understanding, I believe you will not regret your investment."

However, Lu Enron stopped Chen lulu.

He didn't come here today to talk to Chen Lulu about the research history of UAVs, and he didn't have much interest in the materials of the Research Institute.

He must have known the Institute in detail before he invested.

Therefore, the information Chen Lulu has brought out now is not tempting to him at all.

"Lulu, you have to believe that I have decided to invest. Before that, I must have studied the information of your company in detail. Don't show it to me."

Hearing Lu Enron say so, Chen Lulu's face became a little embarrassed.

Since he didn't come here to read the information, why did he come here?

Do you want to have a field trip?

Chen Lulu asked, "what do you mean now is that you want me to show you around the company?"

Lu Enron shook his head.

"Lulu, we are old friends. We haven't seen each other for a long time. We can't talk about the past together. Let's go. I'll invite you out for dinner. It happens that we haven't seen each other for a long time. We can have a chat."

Hearing Lu Enron say so, Chen Lulu's face became a little embarrassed.

The relationship between them, talking together, seems a little strange.

After all, seven years have passed, and some things should be forgotten.

Now, she only regards Lu Enron as her partner.

Since the partners have said that they want to go out for a chat and talk about the past, Chen Lulu can't refuse.

However, just as she was ready to promise, her cell phone suddenly rang.

She took a look at the time on her mobile phone. It's half past five, which is just her exact off-duty time.

As for the phone that suddenly rang, it was Lin Hao who called him.

"Where are you now? Are you still working in the company? "

Chen Lulu was puzzled and asked, "yes, I'm in my office now. What can I do for you?"

Now at this point, he didn't know what Lin Hao called him all of a sudden.

But Lin Hao said, "Miss Chen, please don't forget that I sent you to the company in the morning, and now I have to take people back."Early this morning, Lin Hao sent Chen Lulu to the company.

Chen Lulu didn't have a car to come back, so he was very considerate and provided a service to send her home.

Chen Lulu was obviously a little surprised to hear Lin Hao come to pick him up.

"Where are you now?"

Lin Hao replied with a smile, "I'm downstairs of your company now? Is it convenient for me to see you? "

Chen Lulu took a look at Lu Enron and immediately replied, "don't come up. You wait for me. I'll go down later."

Originally, she felt that it was strange for her to go out to dinner with lu'an'an in such an awkward position at this time.

Fortunately, now that Lin Hao comes to her, she can also find an excuse to refuse Lu Enron.

After hanging up Lin Hao's phone, Chen Lulu, with an embarrassed look on her face, explained to Lu Enron, "sorry, manager Lu, I suddenly have something else on my side. I may not be able to go to dinner with you. Otherwise, next time, I'll treat you."

Now they haven't seen each other for a long time, and they don't know what to say.

If Chen Lulu agrees to come down, when they have dinner later, they will face each other. Chen Lulu also feels embarrassed.

It's better to wait for them to get familiar with each other for a while, so that they can have more common topics.

Even if I wanted to invite Lu Enron out for dinner at that time, I could also discuss some work matters, so that the inviting atmosphere would not be too embarrassed.

Maybe at that time, we can join a few colleagues. That would be even better.

Lu Enron just laughed awkwardly when he heard Chen Lulu say so. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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