Chapter 821

What's more, the most important problem is that he seems a little too casual when he makes his confession, which increases the probability of failure.

Just as Lin Hao felt regretful and thought about whether he should change his way of expressing himself, Chen Lulu showed her heart.

"Do you really feel that way?"

Lin Hao looks surprised.

Chen Lulu nodded. That's natural. Why did she lie.

Through this period of time together, Chen Lulu also gradually found that Lin Hao is a very careful person, and he is very single-minded.

He never dallies with others outside. He is very careful. Lin Hao can find out his little physical problems, and she is in love. It seems that this feeling is not bad.

"Well Can I invite you out for dinner today, Miss Chen? "

Chen Lulu smiles, purses her mouth and nods slightly.

"OK, let's go there together."

The next day.

Zhang Keke now comes to work in the Research Institute and feels depressed in his heart.

She did not expect that Lu Enron actually took a temporary post here. It does not mean that manager Lu is a temporary post and will not come to work.

Why, why did she see Lu Enron clock in the next day?

With an angry look on his face, Zhang Keke rushed forward and kicked Lu Enron hard.

If not for her colleagues behind her, she would have been safe now.

"Why are you holding me? Don't you see how angry I am now? "

"Please calm down, elder sister. They are the top directors here now!"

Colleagues tightly pull Zhang cocoa, if not for her, I'm afraid Zhang cocoa has made a mistake now.

The manager Lu is now the most popular person in front of their director. If Zhang Keke offends the manager Lu, his job will be lost.

"I now I, when I look at him, I feel angry. Can you tolerate such a person to appear in our company? "

Next to the wood is a pair of affectionate look, looking at Lu Enron.

She thinks that manager Lu is really handsome and eye-catching!

And he is still single, why not allow such high-quality young men to work in the Institute.

You know, the male members in their institute are too It suck no more.

If there is such a high-quality male colleague at this time, she thinks it will be very good.

Zhang coco still felt gnashing his teeth, "next time, I must find a way to teach him a good lesson, otherwise I feel not reconciled."

However, Zhang Keke's voice was so loud that Lu Enron, who was next to him, heard it even if he was deaf.

Lu Enron didn't feel angry when he heard Zhang Keke say that. Anyway, the prime minister can hold a boat in his belly. He is a big man. Is he still angry with this little woman?


Hearing Lu An'an's coughing voice, mu mu, a colleague nearby, quickly stepped back two steps.

Oh, my God, manager Lu didn't hear anything.

She's going to stay away from coco these two days. Coco, the girl, doesn't know what she thinks. She's so unrepentant.

"Good morning, manager Lu!"

After Mumu said this, he felt his heart beat faster and ran away in a hurry.

Too handsome, too handsome, all day in the face of such a handsome man, her adrenaline does not soar is strange!

Zhang Ke's angry face, staring at the man in front of him, hummed coldly, "what are you looking at me for?"

Lu Enron was not so angry.

"Miss Zhang, if you are not looking at me now, how can you know that I am looking at you?"

Zhang coco pursed her lips and looked unhappy. When she looked at Lu Enron, she felt angry!

"I don't like you."

"Even if it's very sad, Miss Zhang, I will work in the company in the future. I'm afraid that we need to get along with each other day and night recently."

Zhang Keke angrily stretched out her index finger and pointed at the man in front of her. She wanted to go forward, poke the man's forehead and teach him a lesson.

However, Lu Enron is her boss now, and she can't do it, otherwise she will be fired.

"I I don't like what I think of you. It's irritating. "

Zhang Ke Ke looks angry, angrily drops this sentence, then turns around and leaves in a hurry.

She must keep a close eye on her cousin now, but she must not let Lu Enron have an opportunity.

My cousin is so busy at work that I don't have time to take care of her.If my cousin really ran after Lu Enron, it would not be worth the loss.

Lu Enron looked at Zhang Keke's angry face and turned to leave. He thought it was a bit interesting.

The girl was always in a bad mood, and she didn't know what she was angry about.

When Chen Lulu came here today, she looked very happy with peach blossom.

Today, she changed into a pink dress and looked even younger.

Before, she never seemed to wear pink clothes, her clothes are always dark color, heavy or dead, or very old-fashioned.

However, as soon as Chen Lulu arrived at the company, she saw Lu Enron standing in front of her.

Looking at him, Chen Lulu looks embarrassed and doesn't understand what Lu Enron is doing in the company at this time.

She dated Lin Hao very late last night. She didn't check the mail in the mailbox, and she didn't know what happened in the company.

However, Lu Enron saw Chen Lulu coming, but with a warm face, he went forward and handed Chen Lulu his breakfast. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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