Chapter 827

"It's not easy to faint, but I feel very uncomfortable when I see a girl's long hair."

Of course, if the long black hair is draped behind a girl's head, it's quite pleasing.

"I think it's more convenient for your future girlfriend to keep a short hair, so as not to wake up and find a long hair on the pillow when sleeping with you. This is a very common thing, and you will feel uncomfortable."

Zhang Keke stared at the leather sofa in Enron's office. For the first time, she felt that the black sofa was too impractical.

Zhang Keke thought about it and said, "I suggest that you change the sofa here from black to white."

This meeting, confused person pour is Lu Enron, black sofa is not a bit more resistant to dirty?

"Why change to a white sofa?"

"In this way, the next time something dirty falls on it, it will be particularly obvious, and you will see it at the first sight, and you won't faint again," Zhang explained

If there is a black leather sofa in Lu Enron's office, even if there is hair falling on it, it will not be too obvious.

What if she didn't clean up in time, and then Lu Enron saw it and was in a bad mood?

"You can rest assured that someone will help me clean the dirty hair on the sofa. You don't need to worry about this. You're not a cleaning aunt. You're my assistant. What you need to do is take care of my daily life and work."

Zhang Keke heard Lu Enron say so, cleverly nodded, seems to be quite reasonable.

All she has to do is take care of Lu Enron's daily work and life.

Other things, cleaning aunts do, these seem not to worry about their own.

Zhang Keke thought for a while, then asked confusedly, "if I remember correctly, you are still allergic to yellow roses, are you allergic to red roses?"

Zhang Keke always thought that he was allergic to roses because he was allergic to the smell of roses.

Yellow rose and red rose should be flowers with the same taste. However, in that information, it was only specially recorded that he was allergic to yellow rose.

There was no mention of red roses and roses of other colors, so Zhang Keke thought that roses of other colors would not be allergic.

Or is he allergic to all roses?

Lu Enron actually answered the question, "among all the roses, I'm only allergic to yellow roses, but I'm not allergic to other colors. I'm allergic to Prunus mume, tulip and rose."

In fact, when he saw the flowers, the symptoms were not allergic symptoms.

Some people's allergic symptoms are rash or fainting.

He just feels a little uncomfortable and even wants to faint. If it's serious, he will faint.

Zhang Keke thought about it and just said with a smile, "there are really such strange people who are allergic to the color of roses. Yellow rose means to apologize. It seems that you won't apologize to others in your life. Red rose is not allergic. In this way, when you send flowers to your girlfriend, she won't dislike you too much."

Lu Enron can only shrug helplessly. He has never been in love since he graduated from university.

Because of his bad habits, he doesn't want to be treated like others, so he never deliberately gets close to a opposite sex.

The reason why I like Chen Lulu is that when I was in high school, Chen Lulu once bravely confessed to him.

He thinks that he can accept a girl who loves him, but he really doesn't know how to love someone, maybe because his bad habits are really outstanding.

"Who do you think is willing to fall in love with me, a man with so many problems like me?"

It's the first time Zhang Keke has seen such a lonely expression on Lu Enron's face.

Just, this kind of expression appears on his face, it seems that there is a little inappropriate feeling.

Zhang Keke smiles. She feels that she still needs to give Lu Enron some courage and confidence.

"That's a lot. You don't know. When you came to the company on the first day, all the girls in our company were crazy about flowers. They said that you are handsome and capable. People like you will definitely find someone. Of course, your requirements can't be so high."

After all, girls with better conditions may not be able to accept such strange habits.

For example, her boyfriend will feel uncomfortable when he sees her long hair, so she has to specially cut it short.

My boyfriend can't see the yellow rose. He will never apologize with the yellow rose. He will only insist that he is right.

Moreover, we can't eat hot pot together, we can't eat spicy food together, and we can't even drink water from the same water cup.When two people get along with each other, they may have to pay attention to some boundaries.

"I really think that people like you live a miserable life, and you can't enjoy a lot of fun. Haven't you ever eaten hot pot in your life?"

Lu Enron glanced at Zhang Keke beside him. This smelly girl began to find various reasons to sympathize with her.

But he really felt that he didn't need sympathy. He had already adapted to such a life.

Moreover, he felt that such a life was a normal life for him.

He didn't have any dissatisfaction, or felt how sorry he was. Maybe he was very satisfied with his present life.

Lu Enron took a look at Zhang Keke, and then said, "OK, if you have sorted out my office, you can go out to work first, and I'll come to you when you need to."

Zhang Keke nodded. She also knew that after spending too long in Lu Enron's office, he began to dislike himself.

Lu Enron also has a strange habit. He likes to be alone. No wonder he has no girlfriend for so many years.

This is also natural, a boy Gao lengcheng like this, which girls are willing to close?

Zhang Keke sighed, took the rag in his hand, and looked around Lu Enron's office. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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