Chapter 833

Zhang Keke said, while carrying his exaggerated big box, went to one side, and began to slowly take out all the things in the box one by one.

When she was just shopping, she had already thought it over. She was already very simple in selecting some things. Some unnecessary things, she didn't bring them.

These are few.

"I've already said that, you move these things out quickly, or I'll be angry."

Lu Enron held his forehead and almost sighed. How could this woman not understand her own meaning?

He really hates that there are other messy things in his office. If it wasn't for the necessary tools of life, he would never put them in his office.

However, Zhang Keke didn't feel worried at all. "Don't get angry first. After I tell you the purpose of these things, you can decide whether to move out or not. Moreover, there is nothing in your office. Since you can buy a large cabinet and hold 35 cups, what are these things?"

Zhang Keke still thinks that there is nothing wrong with the things he chooses.

For example, this coaster is very valuable.

As Chen Lulu said, since he doesn't allow himself to label his glass, label the coaster.

So, label paper is definitely needed.

Since we bought the label paper, we also need the marker pen. What's more, all the folders of Lu Enron are color classified.

The color of his files is not enough. There are so many files in the office. It is estimated that it will take more than 100 files to separate them.

Chen Lulu also specially posted different post it notes on the folder, because there are not so many kinds of folders at all. Lu Enron doesn't like other folders with miscellaneous patterns.

Therefore, you can only label the notepaper on the folder to indicate which category of folder they belong to.

However, Lu Enron, frowning, walked over and stood in front of Zhang Keke.

Zhang Keke looked up at him with a puzzled look on his face, "what are you going to do? I told you, these are all my treasures. You are not allowed to move them out

But Lu Enron directly bent down and picked up all the treasures in Zhang Keke's big box.

Then he went out and put the big box in his hand at the door.

"I've already said that it's not allowed in my office."

Zhang Keke looked at Lu Enron and did not accept his feelings at all. He felt even more angry in his heart.

"What are you doing now? Do you know that I chose these things for you in the supermarket for more than an hour. I'm tired of moving them in the supermarket. Lu Enron, don't be ungrateful! "

Zhang Keke frowned and looked angry. She pointed to Lu Enron in front of her. She wanted to rush forward and pry Lu Enron's head open to see what he was thinking.

These things are not useless waste. She has already said that she left them after careful consideration and screening.

Otherwise, if she bought at will, she would not be able to fit the whole office.

However, Lu Enron replied word by word, "I've told you 800 times that nothing else is allowed in my office. If you still don't understand me, you'd better move out. Don't be my assistant. I don't want such a boring assistant."

"What did you say?"

After Lu Enron dropped these words, he directly closed the door of his office coldly, and didn't even let Zhang Keke in.

Zhang Keke quickly stepped forward and knocked on the door, "Lu Enron, open the door for me, and make it clear. What do you mean? I'm doing it for you. Why can't you understand me? "

However, Lu Enron still closed the door tightly and did not let Zhang Keke in.

This smelly girl, how to speak he can't understand.

Listening to Zhang Keke's anxious voice at the door, Lu Enron just didn't hear it.

He went back to his desk and continued to work on unfinished documents.

"Lu Enron, come out and make it clear to me. Why don't you accept this?"

Just listening to Zhang Keke's voice at the door, Lu Enron felt upset again.

After all, he didn't go to open the door. Zhang Keke knocked on the door for a long time, but he didn't get any response.

She was so angry that she even wanted to take out the key and knock on the door, but it seemed a little impolite.

Anyway, Lu Enron is now her boss."Damn Lu Enron, you're a dog biting LV Dongbin, and you don't know the heart of a good person. I've thought so much about you and helped you choose for so long. I haven't deducted it from the company's public funds. I've directly taken out my personal pocket, and you don't appreciate it."

Zhang Keke looks angry and kicks the box beside him.

Her movement was so big that all the colleagues around her gathered around and looked at Zhang Keke curiously.

"Coco, what's the matter with you? Is manager Lu angry? Why didn't he let you in? "

"Yes, yes, coco, are you falling out with manager Lu again? If you really don't like to be his assistant, you can tell the director that we will change our positions."

Even if Zhang Keke is unwilling to be Lu Enron's assistant, there are other girls in the research institute who want to be Lu Enron's assistant.

Lu Enron people are handsome and capable. Naturally, they want to be closer to such a rich and handsome man.

However, Zhang Keke is not willing to give up the job to others. Now she thinks it's OK.

Lu Enron's bad temper is too bad for her to tolerate.

Zhang Ke Ke took a look at several colleagues beside him and said faintly, "I'm ok. Hurry to do your own work, or the manager will come here later and curse again."

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