Chapter 835

But did not think, others do not need her help, this girl, in the end or a little too cute.

"Coco, have you ever considered that he doesn't need the things you do for him? He just wants to make his life easier. Maybe the 35 cups are just because he wants a simpler life and clean. You just said that you only buy coasters. How can you buy so many things?"

Just now Zhang Keke sealed the big box, so Chen Lulu didn't know what was in it.

However, what she just said to Zhang Keke is to let Zhang Keke buy 35 coasters.

Even if Zhang coco secretly put the coaster in Lu Enron's cupboard, Lu Enron would not find it.

Who knows, Zhang Keke bought a big box.

No wonder, when she looked at the big box, she felt strange.

Even if you buy 35 coasters and 350 coasters, it's impossible to fill that big box.

It is conceivable that how many messy things were in that big box. No wonder Lu Enron felt angry.

He is such an elite. He always likes simple life, which is a lifestyle that all business people are keen on.

However, coco is a lovely girl, she likes those messy, fancy, more colorful things.

Zhang Ke Ke looks depressed. Looking at Chen Lulu's face, he asks, "cousin, so what you mean now is to help him talk safely. You also think I've done something wrong. I shouldn't buy him so many things, right?"

Chen Lulu just smiles. She doesn't answer Zhang Keke's question immediately.

Zhang Keke's heart is good, but her practice is really not quite right.

When you give something you think is good to others, others may not think it is good. Sometimes, they think it is a burden.

What's more, Lu Enron, who is not good at expression and communication, is a straight man of iron and steel. He can't understand how girls think carefully for him.

"Coco, I know what you mean. You want to help Lu Enron clean up his office and do his assistant job well. But you have to understand his actual needs. For people like Lu Enron, you think that if you put his office like a public room and put on pink curtains, pink couches, or pink chairs for him Pink desk, how do you think he will feel? "

Zhang Keke was silent.

Just looking at Chen lulu in front of her, hearing Chen Lulu's description and dressing Lu Enron's office as a pink princess room, she couldn't help laughing.

In fact, she thinks that the office environment is very good, elegant and beautiful, which is the life that a delicate girl should have.

Just considering Lu Enron's black face, she felt that it was very strange, even a little funny.

If Lu Enron's office is really painted like that, I'm afraid Lu Enron will be crazy.

Zhang Keke couldn't help laughing, but he quickly lowered his head.

"If I really make his office look like that, I'm afraid he will throw me out immediately, not just out of his office, but out of this research institute."

Zhang Keke seriously considered what Chen Lulu said, and she suddenly felt that what Chen Lulu said was quite reasonable.

"Cousin, I seem to understand a little bit after listening to you so much."

Zhang Keke sighed, looked at Chen Lulu and asked, "what do you understand?"

Even if this wench is to understand temporarily, Chen Lulu thinks she should also not have much memory, point to uncertain next time forget again.

But it doesn't matter. Once or twice, it will be better gradually.

"Do you mean to tell me that if I want to be his assistant, I should not only do what I think is right, but also cater to his will. My main responsibility as an assistant is to make his work happy and smooth?"

Zhang Ke Ke looks at Chen lulu in front of him, this just nodded.

Yes, that's what she means. She should focus on Lu Enron, not herself.

"Yes, so you are aggrieved to be his assistant. You have to aggrieve yourself and help others."

Zhang Keke nodded slowly. She understood Chen Lulu's meaning, and later she went back to apologize to Lu Enron.

Then, she would hide the things she bought in her small office.

No matter what, she still wants to send in those coasters. Otherwise, she really can't distinguish Lu Enron's 35 cups.

Moreover, I also bought a glass of lemonade for him, which is really beautiful, much more beautiful than his glasses."Well, don't worry, cousin! I'm in a better mood. Thanks to your understanding, I understand now. I'll go down now. "

Zhang Keke said, with a look of excitement, he went down.

After she went downstairs, she moved the big box to her office.

Then she picked out the things that might be used in it, such as the 35 coasters and the glass that can hold lemonade.

In Zhang Keke's office.

Her office is small, not as big as Lu Enron's.

After all, she is only a small assistant, and the institute does not have so many resources to provide each colleague with a large office.

Zhang Keke cut the big box with a paper cutter. First of all, he took out the 35 coasters and the cups that can hold lemonade.

In fact, there seems to be a lot of things in this big box.

When she just bought it, she chose to put it one by one. She didn't think how much she had bought.

I didn't expect to add so much before I knew it.

No wonder I remitted more than 2000 yuan when I paid the bill. It seems that I really bought too much.

Now Zhang Keke realized how exaggerated this big box is.

On the other hand, Lu Enron felt a little guilty.

After thinking about it seriously, he felt that Zhang Keke was really kind-hearted in doing bad things.

That girl is reckless, and it's very common to do wrong things. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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