Chapter 836

However, he just directly drove Zhang Keke out, and he was angry with her. He didn't know what happened to Zhang Keke now.

Lu Enron wanted to continue to deal with his work, but he was absent-minded.

Finally, after half an hour of wandering, he got up and decided to go to Zhang Keke.

He went to Zhang Keke's small office and knocked on the door. There was no movement inside.

Zhang Keke is hanging earphones, where she is packing up. It is estimated that the music in the earphones is very loud. Even Lu Enron's footsteps are not heard.

Lu Enron pushes open the door of her office and just sees Zhang Keke concentrating on tidying things.

She seems to be very serious, staring at the box in front of her, sorting out all the things in it.

The box she brought back was very big and contained a lot of things.


Lu Enron deliberately made a little voice, Zhang Keke realized that someone had come.

She stood up in a hurry, probably because she had been standing and squatting for a long time. Suddenly she stood up and felt a little dizzy.

She couldn't help but stagger two steps, almost lost her footing.

After a while, Lu Enron quickly grabbed her, frowned and looked at the girl in front of him.

The woman is always bold and easy to make mistakes.

"How are you? How are you feeling? "

Zhang Keke shakes his dizzy head and holds the table beside him. After a little stabilization, he can see the person in front of him clearly.

Just as she stood up suddenly, she felt black in front of her eyes.

"Manager Lu, why are you here? I'm ok. I just got a little dizzy. Maybe it's because the squatting time is too long. "

Lu Enron sighed and looked at Zhang Keke in front of him. He said helplessly, "you didn't squat for too long. You have low blood pressure. You should go to the hospital to have a check. Then you can replenish your qi and blood. It's no wonder that you have problems with your body."

Zhang coco heard Lu Enron say so, also nodded, indeed, her cousin said she had the problem of insufficient blood.

My cousin once said that she would use traditional Chinese medicine to help her recuperate. However, she really can't accept the taste of traditional Chinese medicine. It's too smelly.

After Zhang Keke eased a little, he realized. Lu ran to his office.

He does not go to the three treasures hall. There must be something urgent!

Zhang Keke asked in a hurry, "by the way, manager Lu, what can I do for you?"

"Don't worry, I don't have a big deal. I just came to see you. I'm sorry about this morning's business. I just scolded you on impulse. However, you'd better not put these things in my office. I really feel it's very disturbing when I look at them."

After Lu Enron calmed down a little, he also thought about Zhang Keke's intention of buying these things.

She just wanted to tidy up her office, originally for her own good, but she didn't know what Lu Enron wanted.

Anyway, Zhang Keke's girl is always headstrong and unruly. If she thinks she's doing the right thing, she must do it, regardless of whether other people get it or not.

He offered to apologize to himself?

Zhang Keke is obviously a bit surprised. Will she apologize to herself for this living hell?

Looking at Lu Enron's awkward expression, Zhang Keke knows that he must have apologized for the first time.

However, after Chen Lulu's persuasion, she is not so angry now.

"Don't worry. I'm not angry. I'm just a little bit angry this morning. I'm not angry now. Besides, I know I've done wrong. I won't do it again next time. If you have any orders, you can tell me directly. I don't need to guess your meaning, and I don't need to help you."

Zhang Keke said, bulging his mouth and sighing.

Anyway, she is always prone to make mistakes when she is guessing other people's meaning.

If she does things according to her own ideas, she will always make others misunderstand or make others feel uncomfortable.

In this case, she'd better not do bad things with a good heart and keep a low profile.

Lu Enron sighed and nodded slowly, "that's the best."

After that, he looked at Zhang Keke, his eyes looked a little complicated.

Zhang Keke doesn't know what he means, but Lu Enron has turned around and left.

Zhang Keke shrugged helplessly, looked at Lu Enron's back, and continued to lower down to clean up his things.

But what should we do with these 100 plus folders and so many sticky notes?Next time a colleague comes, will she sell it to them?

But how to price it?

If the price is set high, no one will buy it. If the price is set low, you will definitely suffer a loss.

Moreover, she thought that Lu Enron was so picky when he used things.

Therefore, all the folders and notepaper she selected were the ones with the highest price and the best quality.

If it's sold at a low price, you'll have to die.

Forget it. She'd better take these things upstairs to her cousin.

My cousin is so serious. She must use these things quickly. It's estimated that they will be useful!

When Zhang Keke thought of this, he immediately carried his big box and went to find Chen lulu.

Chen Lulu looks helpless and pays Zhang Keke according to the original price.

Although Zhang Keke said she didn't want money, Chen Lulu insisted on giving Zhang Keke silver.

"Cousin, I've told you 800 times that we are a family. You can use this thing first."

"Coco, I've already said that I'll give you the money I should give you. You didn't steal these things. Since you bought them, I'll buy them from you."

Chen Lulu has no choice but to smile. It's estimated that Zhang Keke's purchases will last her more than five years.

However, she accepted all the orders. Anyway, if she is engaged in the UAV industry, she will not lose her job or change her job.

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