Chapter 870

However, when Zhang Keke complained again, Zhang's father and mother did not look at their daughter.

"Come on, you smelly girl, hurry up with your own business. We don't care about you."

Zhang Keke looks at Lu Enron. Lu Enron's face is very calm. He seems to really like chatting with his father.

Can we say that this is the same smell in the legend?

How come she has never found out before that Lu Enron is such a talkative person!

It seems that his performance in the company has been very indifferent. It's really more difficult for him to have a word with Lu Enron.

In the company, Lu Enron's little fans are not a few.

However, every time they go to talk with Lu Enron, Lu Enron only mentions things about work, and never says a word about her private life.

So, those little girls were still in high spirits at the beginning, and then gradually gave up, feeling that Lu Enron was completely indifferent.

but today, Zhang Keke sees Lu Anran's communication with his father. It's just opening up a new world.

Half an hour passed.

Father Zhang and Lu Enron are sitting on the sofa in the living room, playing chess in high spirits.

Mother Zhang is knitting while coco Zhang yawns.

"Mom, it's 11 p.m. now. Don't you feel sleepy?"

But mother Zhang thinks it's not too late at all. Isn't it just 11 o'clock?

"11 p.m. is nothing. It's still early. It's not zero yet."

Zhang Keke covered his mouth with exaggeration and yawned.

You know, usually at nine o'clock, her mother will remind her that it's too late to go to bed early. She can't stay up late. Staying up late is bad for her skin. It's easy to die suddenly and make people old.

"My dear mother, this is already It's 11 o'clock in the night. Don't you really need a beauty sleep? Besides, my father's infarct is very easy to make. You'd better let him go to bed as soon as possible. "

Zhang Keke is now worried that his boss has delayed tomorrow's work and will blame himself for the discussion.

He plays chess too late tonight. What if he gets sleepy tomorrow?

At that time, Lu Enron will certainly find his own trouble.

When Zhang Keke was worried, Lu Enron said, "it doesn't matter. I just have a day off this week. It's better for you to arrange the rest time for me tomorrow."

Lu Enron lowered his head and played chess seriously, while ordering Zhang Keke.

If it wasn't for Zhang Keke's quick reaction, she would almost forget that Lu Enron was her boss.

As Lu Enron's assistant, she should arrange Lu Enron's itinerary.

Lu Enron has a day off every week. As for the day off, it all depends on his personal mood.

Does it mean that he is really a good match? When he meets his father, he feels like he has met a bosom friend. So, he has to play chess all night tonight and even take a holiday tomorrow?

Zhang Keke yawned and nodded, looking tired.

"OK, manager Lu, I'll arrange a day's rest for you. However, I have to go to work tomorrow morning, so I'll go to bed first. You two will continue to play chess."

Zhang Keke said, slowly smiling, stood up and planned to slide to his room.

Too sleepy, too sleepy, she is very miss her little bed now.

However, Lu Enron said, "coco, do you have a bad memory? You are my assistant. I have a day off and you can have a day off. You can have a day off when I have a day off. "

Now, Lu Enron means that Zhang Keke doesn't have to go to work tomorrow. She can stay up late tonight.

However, Zhang Keke doesn't want to stay up late at all, and it's really boring to sit in the living room and watch them play chess.

Her father once intended to cultivate his daughter to play chess, and later he was able to cultivate an opponent for himself.

However, Zhang Keke is not very interested in this. She would rather go to the bar to have a drink with her friends, or go to KTV to sing together, rather than learn chess at home.

He felt that chess was something that could only be done by an old man sitting in the park to cool off.

However, looking at Lu Enron's skillful appearance, we can see that he is absolutely a master!

Zhang's mother heard Lu Enron say so and immediately pulled her daughter back.

"You smelly girl, what do you sleep now? Don't you often stay up late? Aren't you a night owl? What time is it? Come here, sit down and have a chat with mom. "

Zhang Keke yawned, looked sleepy, and sat back on the sofa.

Now she suddenly felt that it was a wrong decision to take her home safely.Now the lie is like a snowball. In the future, it is estimated that it will get bigger and bigger. She feels more and more uneasy.

Zhang Keke looks at Lu Enron's skillful movements with a curious look on his face.

She could not help but ask, "Lu Enron, I never knew you could play chess before. When did you learn it?"

Lu Enron just laughed at Zhang Keke's idiotic question.

"My father is also a chess enthusiast. Like his uncle, my father's chess playing skills are higher than mine. I followed him from childhood and naturally learned a little bit."

Zhang Keke nodded, leaned on the sofa, took a pillow next to him, and then moved his mind to the fruit plate in front of him.

He thought it was quite interesting for Lu Enron to talk about his childhood.

But now he's playing chess with his father, and it's not convenient for Zhang Keke to ask more.

She began to look for car ions in the fruit plate. My mother was really stingy. There were so many cherries in the fruit plate. Did you take a few cherries to make up for them?

"Mom, next time you buy fruit, you should buy a single one. You don't need to decorate it with cherries. It should be all cherries. It's more beautiful."

The price of cherizi in the supermarket is about 70 yuan per kilogram.

For today's young people, being able to weigh cherizi by catty has proved that you are a rich second generation. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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