Chapter 871

However, when her mother bought fruit, she bought very few cherries every time.

Mother Zhang nodded, and immediately said to her daughter seriously, "you like single fruit so much, so it's better tomorrow. I'll put all the grapes on your plate. You used to like eating grapes."

"No, no, forget it."

Zhang Keke could only shake her head immediately, but she didn't mean it.

Chelizi is better. Although it's less, it doesn't matter. It's better than nothing.

If according to that damned saying, it's really meaningless to replace all the grapes in the fruit plate.

Chelizi is delicious.

"Mom, in fact, you're very beautiful. You can see that all the colorful ones are beautiful. The big apple next to you is a little bigger. You can consider chopping the apple and adding some salad dressing to mix it."

Zhang Keke is very suspicious of his mother's Dao Gong.

Every time Aunt Zhang is at home, the fruit cut out is like a work of art.

However, the fruit cut by her dear mother is like a random knife.

"If you eat an apple, you can eat it clean. What kind of salad dressing do you add? How high the calorie of salad dressing is. You don't even know how fat you are, and you don't know how to control your diet." Mother Zhang began to dislike her daughter again.

Zhang Keke looks aggrieved. Who said she was thin some time ago?

How can she forget that her mother is really heartless.

Her mother clearly reminded her to eat more. Now, she began to question her weight again.

Zhang Keke felt his belly with a pathetic look on his face.

Well, she's not supposed to give up her mother. What's her expectation.

Time went by little by little.

Half an hour went by, an hour went by.

The two men in the room are still playing chess in high spirits.

Zhang coco really can't see what's good in the chessboard.

Why are these two so attentive? Besides, looking at their father, they seem to be studying tactics.

It's really rare for Dad to be so serious.

Zhang Keke doesn't know when she fell asleep, but when she woke up, she found that she was already lying in her room.

Now it's more than nine in the morning.

What happened last night, and how he came back to the room, Zhang Keke can't remember.

She only remembers that she felt very sleepy at that time, so she leaned on the sofa. It happened that the air conditioner was on in the living room, so the temperature was moderate.

When she fell asleep, she was confused, and then she didn't know anything.

When I woke up again, I found myself lying on the bed in my room. It was more than nine o'clock now.

Zhang Keke looked around him blankly, sat up, changed his clothes and went downstairs. His parents were already having breakfast.

Her father also has two dark circles under his eyes. It looks like fun.

It can be seen that his father went to bed very late last night.

They play chess so hard that they don't know whether dad went to bed before or after three o'clock.

Zhang Keke yawned exaggeratively and walked down the stairs step by step.

"Good morning, mom and dad. Why did you get up so early today?"

As Zhang Keke spoke, he yawned with exaggeration and walked down slowly.

Her eyes were still squinting, and she didn't see clearly what was in front of her.

Mother Zhang looked at her daughter, a pair of trapped skin shrimp, can only helplessly shake her head, this girl is really lazy.

"What's early? It's almost nine o'clock in the morning. If you didn't have a job today, you would be late again."

On hearing the word "late", Zhang Keke immediately became sensitive.

She hates these two words most. You know, she's in the company now. That's really a well-known late king.

By the way, wasn't Lu Enron at her house last night?

And now?

Now he's still asleep. Didn't he get up?

That's right. We should let his mother know that Lu Enron is a lazy man. He can't even get up early.

Such a person is obviously not suitable to be the son-in-law of his parents.

"Dad and mom, don't dislike me getting up late. Look, Lu Enron is still sleeping. He is such a lazy man."

Zhang Keke said with a happy face, as if he was very satisfied with getting up early.She went over and found a seat to sit down. However, she found a set of dishes empty in front of her.


Zhang Keke immediately seemed to understand something.

Is it true that Lu Enron has already woken up and left after breakfast?

Father Zhang slowly shook his head, looked at his daughter, and said earnestly, "you smelly girl, if you are lazy in the future, don't blame others for coming here more than you. No one is lazier than you. They got up at six o'clock. We played chess last night until three thirty at night. He got up at six o'clock. Look at you. What time did you wake up? Do you mean to talk about others? "

I went to bed at more than three in the evening and woke up at six the next morning. What kind of fairy sleep is this?

All in all, I only slept for more than two hours!

Didn't Lu Enron feel sleepy?

Zhang Keke thought that Lu Enron must have gone home to make up for his sleep.

"He's hardworking. Maybe he's too embarrassed to sleep in when he's at home. Now he's going back to his home early to have two sleeps."

Zhang coco really does not believe that a person only sleeps more than two hours a day, in this case, people will collapse.

Even if you need energy during the day, you need a little sleep to relax.

"Well, no matter. I'm starving. I have to eat first."

Zhang Keke won't marry so many people. He grabs the bowl on the table and starts to drink porridge.

Zhang Ke Ke suddenly looked very sure and said, "Mom, today's porridge must be made by Aunt Zhang."

Mother Zhang is cleaning the refrigerator in the kitchen at the moment.

She wondered, "how do you know this porridge is made by Aunt Zhang?"

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