Chapter 888

However, after hearing his cousin's words, Zhang Ke Ke felt a little uneasy.

My cousin is a kind of character who never goes to the three treasures hall. If he didn't encounter something, he couldn't have come to find himself.

But I haven't done anything wrong recently?

Zhang Keke thought about it in his heart. Is it something to do with his cousin?

However, Chen Lulu's performance during this period is also very good. She really can't figure out what's the matter with her cousin calling at this time?

"Cousin, what do you want to talk to me about? I listen to your tone as if it's not good for you. You won't have anything big to ask me, will you

The more he thought about it, the more uneasy he felt.

Lin Hao on the phone can only sigh.

Then, with a serious look on his face, he said to his cousin, "come on, have you been in love recently? Why do I hear your cousin say that you and that Lu Enron are not clear? Are you two lovers? Don't keep it from your cousin. I won't tell anyone, but you can't keep it from me. "

Zhang Keke turned his lips. Sure enough, there is no airtight wall at the end of the day.

In fact, she was ready in her heart. Her cousin knew about it. What's more, her parents knew about it. What's so strange about it.

It's normal for my cousin to worry about herself.

However, the relationship between her and Lu Enron is simply complicated. If she says she is in contact with Lu Enron, will her cousin be angry at that time?

You know, Lu Enron was my cousin's former rival.

Lu Enron's main purpose in the company is to pursue Chen lulu.

So, now my cousin is chased by this man again. I guess my cousin will feel very unhappy.

Although he hasn't spoken yet, Zhang Keke's heart has been full of twists and turns, thinking many times.

When Lin Hao heard Zhang Keke's silence, he asked, "since childhood, you have no secret to me, so you don't have to hide it from me. Even if you cheat your parents, don't cheat me. Don't worry. I won't tell your parents the secret you told me."

As soon as Lin Hao's words fell, Zhang Keke immediately replied, "yes, that's right. I'm just associating with Lu Enron."

When she had finished, she took a deep breath and calmed her agitation.

Come on, she'll lie to the end now.

It's easy to show the truth if you say something different.

"What did you say? Are you really dating that kid now? Do you know what you are doing now? It was your sister-in-law that they were after. What did you do to join in the fun? Didn't you tell me that you like that big star What's it called? What's it called? "

Lin Hao frowned. He knew his cousin was a Star chaser.

Before that, she was crazy about a star, and she was shouting about resigning and going to the star's concert.

Therefore, he always thought that his cousin was a Star chaser and only wanted to marry the big star.

Unexpectedly, this girl is talking with Lu Enron now.

"Yes, I like that star, but I can't help it. That star already has a girlfriend. What can I do? What's more, the distance between me and him is too far, and I can't abandon my parents, my job and pursue that star. Do you think it's right, cousin? If I do this, my parents have to break my leg, so I have to find a reliable one. Don't worry. Lu Enron is very good to me, and he has already met my parents, My parents are very happy with him, too. "

Zhang Keke said a lot at a time, probably because Lu Enron helped her speak this morning.

So, now Lu Enron's image in her heart is really aboveboard!

"What did you say? You mean your parents have met Lu Enron. Are they very satisfied? Don't they have any opinions? " Lin Hao frowned.

When he thought that he would still be a family with Lu Enron, the more he thought about it, the more he felt aggrieved.

"Yes, my parents have already met him, and my mother also likes him very much. She told me never to break up with him and let me fall in love seriously. My father also said so. So, cousin, you don't think about it any more. I can't break up with him. You'd better give up your idea as soon as possible." Zhang Keke looks stubborn and persistent.

Lin Hao just sighed and nodded on the phone.

Sure enough, their cabbages were still arched by pigs.

She picked up the warm milk beside her and shook her head helplessly.

After thinking about it, Lin Hao seriously asked, "do your parents know the things between Lu Enron and your cousin now?"Zhang Keke shook his head decisively.

No way. How could she be so stupid as to say these things to her parents!

"Of course, I don't know about all these. I'm not a fool. What do I tell them? What's more, he and his sister-in-law all died of nothing. They are all floating clouds. They're gone. Cousin, do you mind?"

Lin Hao curled his lips and replied, "of course I don't mind these. Besides, your cousin and I are in a good relationship now. I'm worried that you mind too much."

Zhang Keke nodded with a smile. She felt that her cousin was completely worried now and became a family with Lu Enron.

However, this is also impossible, although his cousin has this little idea in her heart.

As a matter of fact, Lu Enron is really perfect. Except for a little arrogance and pettiness, he seems to have no other shortcomings.

It's just that she and Lu Enron are two parallel lines. There can't be any intersection. Their recent relationship is only between their superiors and subordinates.

Zhang Keke still has this self-knowledge.

She also knows that a person with such high requirements and high standards as Lu Enron can't look up to him.

In Lu Enron's heart, he should be a man full of holes.

At the thought of this, Zhang Keke felt a little inferior. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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