Chapter 903

This is to work overtime to treat Zhang Keke, although it is not his duty.

However, because he was his own patient, the old doctor was quite conscientious.

Zhang Keke looks sorry, looking at the old doctor in front of him, and says, "it's really troublesome for you, doctor. I'm sorry, but you have to work overtime."

The old doctor was more dedicated, so he took Zhang Ke's foot and looked at it seriously.

After reading, he frowned and worried, but he complained that Zhang Keke was not listening to the doctor's advice.

"Oh, young man, I have already reminded you that you can't touch the water with your feet. Even if you take a bath, don't you just ask your boyfriend to wash it for you?"

Zhang Keke coughed a few times. She was choked by her own saliva, and Lu Enron was also embarrassed.

Is it a joke to let Lu Enron take a bath for himself?

How is that possible?

She still laughed awkwardly and didn't explain it clearly.

It seems to be a bit complicated to explain this matter. What's more, it was Lu Enron who sent her to the hospital in the middle of the night, which is even more controversial.

So, she could only smile awkwardly and explain to the old doctor, "doctor, my foot, do you want to help me deal with it first?"

"It must be dealt with, but this time it may be a little painful. I have to use some alcohol. You can't use anesthetics. It's not good if you use anesthetics again."

Zhang Keke heard the doctor say so, also can obediently nod.

She also knew that disinfecting with alcohol would be very painful.

Moreover, his feet are still covered with soap bubbles. Zhang Keke feels heartache at the thought of his own death.

She carefully looked at the old doctor in front of her, and then asked with a scared face, "doctor, I beg you, you must do it later, be light, be light."

As soon as she heard this, she heard a howl like killing a pig.

The doctor has poured disinfectant on Zhang Keke's wound, and then slowly cleaned the wound with a cotton swab.

Now it looks much better, but the wound seems to have returned to the state of the day and opened.

"The glass is a little too deep. I suggest you sew two stitches on the soles of your feet. It will be better soon."

Zhang Keke's eyes widened in surprise, looking at the old doctor in front of him.

"My feet need stitches. How serious is it?"

Zhang Ke Ke's face was scared and clenched his fist, which made his legs soft.

The doctor nodded and replied, "yes, because your injured foot is just in the center of your foot. As long as you walk, it's easy to crack, so the wound is not easy to heal. Unless you lie in the hospital for a month, it's also a waste of time. It's better to directly sew the needle, which will be better and faster, and then come to remove the stitches."

As soon as he heard that he wanted to sew a needle, Zhang Keke felt even more scared now.

Sew two stitches on the center of your feet!

Her foot is not a rag. Can she sew it with needle and thread?

"Doctor, do you mean I have to have an operation now?"

The doctor nodded, and he had seen a lot of needle surgery. Unlike Zhang Keke's first surgery, he didn't think it was a big operation.

It's just two stitches at random. Some people are not afraid of pain. They just need to sew directly. They don't even need to use anesthetics.

However, looking at Zhang Keke like this, he is sure to use anesthetics.

The doctor comforted him and said, "it's just a small operation. I'll give you some anesthetic then. It shouldn't be a problem."

"How many days can I take out the stitches?"

Zhang Keke looked down at his feet with a sad face.

I didn't expect that she would be in such a big trouble this time. It's really bad luck.

The old doctor lowered his head and looked at the size of the wound on Zhang Keke's foot. In fact, the wound was not very big, mainly deep.

"I think your wound will be sewn up at that time. You can remove the stitches in less than two weeks, about ten days."

Lu Enron asked in time, "doctor, can we arrange the operation tonight?"

The doctor nodded, and now it's almost time to arrange the operation.

"All right, I'll work an extra shift now and do this operation for you."

As the doctor said, he asked the little nurse next to him to prepare some materials.

Zhang Keke looks scared and looks at Lu Enron in front of him.

Growing up, she almost never sewed a needle.

Usually even if a preventive injection to cry for a long time, so, later, mom and dad almost do not let her go to a preventive injection.Even if she had a cold and fever, she didn't even need to hang up the water, so she was really afraid of the needle.

Unexpectedly, he had to sew the needle himself now. At the thought of this, Zhang Keke felt scared all over.

She took Enron's hand tightly and said nothing.

Lu Enron was stunned for a moment. He looked down at Zhang Keke and held his hand tightly. His hand was almost broken by Zhang Keke.

However, he didn't care about anything. He could feel Zhang Keke's fear.

It's just a simple sewing needle. It's just a small operation. It's nothing.

Lu Enron sighed and comforted Zhang Keke in a soft voice. "You can rest assured. It's just two stitches. It's going to be fine soon."

However, Zhang Keke still stubbornly shook his head.

Sewing two stitches sounds very painful. She feels that Lu Enron is cheating herself now.

She still didn't believe Lu Enron. "Do you know how long it will take? Does it hurt? "

Lu Enron continued with a smile and said, "it doesn't matter. It only takes five minutes to sew two stitches at most. When the doctor sews them for you, they will be fine soon. Moreover, they will take anesthetics. It won't hurt."

However, Zhang Keke shook his head firmly.

"I don't believe what you said. It's really going to hurt!"

"Not afraid, not afraid."

Lu Enron sighed and gently held Zhang Keke.

He couldn't tell how he felt at the moment.

However, when Zhang Keke jumped into his arms for a moment, he had an impulse to protect her and keep her from any harm. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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