Chapter 914

Then he took his briefcase and planned to go out.

At this time, he should be going to work, right?

Looking at Lu Enron going to work, Zhang Keke was a little reluctant.

She suddenly wanted to go to work. She was at home by herself, which was boring.

However, Lu Enron won't agree with her work like this, and Zhang Keke can only give up the idea in her mind.

"Did you go to work?"

Lu Enron nodded slightly, "well."

Zhang Keke pursed his lips and said, "well, you should pay attention to your safety on the way and come back early after work."

After saying this, Zhang Keke was a little suspicious of his mouth. He really dared to say anything.

In this way, I feel like my girlfriend or even my wife.

Such intimate words should not be said by her.

After all, she was just a tenant of Lu Enron, and she didn't pay the rent.

Now say such words, will cause misunderstanding, Lu Enron just smile, nodded, as if did not care about what Zhang coco said.

It is true that he never takes other people's words as one thing, let alone his own.

Zhang Keke watched Lu Enron turn around and leave. Then he went back to the living room and wanted to clear the table.

When she turned around, she found that the table in the living room was clean.

Look at the kitchen. There isn't even a dirty bowl in the kitchen sink.

It seems that this man is really diligent. He washed all the dishes before he left.

"It seems that my vision is not bad at all. I'm really a good man at home. If I find such a boyfriend in the future, I'll be very lucky!"

Zhang Ke Ke looks happy and thinks that if he finds such a boyfriend in the future, it must be good.

If Lu Enron can really be included in the bag, then the mother will be at ease.

The thing that mother adults have been worried about for so many years is Zhang Keke's ability to do housework.

It's just a pity that Lu Enron is going to leave. She doesn't expect to have a chance in the future.

Moreover, like Lu Enron, how can he like such a person.

At the thought of this, Zhang Keke couldn't help feeling a little dejected.

Looking at the present time, she has nothing to do, so she can only go to the sofa next to her, nest there, turn on the TV, and continue to chase the variety show she didn't finish yesterday.

Looking at it, Zhang Keke seems to have suddenly thought of something. He goes over and opens the snack cabinet next to him.

"Why so much?" Zhang Keke's eyes widened in an instant, and he looked surprised.

Strange, she clearly remembered that there was only one package of potato chips in the snack cabinet before.

But what's the matter with this big cupboard full of snacks?

"Is it..."

At the thought that Lu Enron might have bought it for him, Zhang coco immediately laughed.

It seems that he is not so heartless. At least he knows how to take care of his lesbian.

With an excited look on his face, Zhang Keke opened the snack cabinet under the TV cabinet.

There are her favorite rabbit, corbic, Dove chocolate and popcorn, all of them, and even some lollipops.

A few days ago, she had been looking for the taste of lemon, but she never found it. She didn't expect that there was one here.

Zhang Keke is like discovering a new treasure.

She doesn't care whether these things are prepared by Lu Enron or not. Anyway, she thinks that people like Lu Enron will never eat snacks.

After he finished eating, he was caught in a big deal, so he had to pay him a little money.

Zhang Ke Ke thinks like this, the more happy he feels in his heart, so he hugs those snacks to the sofa next to him, and then he happily watches TV while eating snacks.

Until ten o'clock in the morning, the doorbell suddenly rang.

She was puzzled, thinking that Lu Enron had forgotten to bring something.

"Come on, come on, don't press!"

Zhang Keke said, while holding the sofa beside him, he stumbled up.

Her legs and feet are still a little inconvenient now. The recovery of the soles of her feet, as the doctor said, is relatively slow.

However, just can also take advantage of foot injury, in Lu Enron's home to continue to stay, do not leave.

That's why I stay at home.

Zhang Keke went to the door, she will still have some sense of defense, so did not directly open the door.What if the door happens to be a bad guy?

What's more, she has met a lot of bad guys several times before, so now Zhang Keke's heart has become more cautious. Whether she is a bad guy or not, she has to observe first.

Through the cat's eye, she saw a strange woman standing outside the door.

Who is this woman?

Whether she wants to open the door or not, Zhang Ke feels confused. However, he hears the woman outside calling Lu Enron's name.

"Enron, Enron, are you home?"

Zhang Keke thought, is this Lu Enron's relative?

It seems that it's not very polite to turn away relatives.

Besides, this man doesn't look aggressive. He should not be a bad man.

Moreover, the security guards in this community are extremely responsible.

Zhang Keke thought of this, then opened a crack in the door and asked the woman to come in.

However, after the woman standing at the door saw that Zhang Keke was opening the door, she looked puzzled.

Strange, isn't Enron always living at home alone?

"Excuse me, miss. Who's calling?"

Zhang Keke pointed to himself. So, is this lady asking herself now?

However, it is clear that she opened the door to others first. Shouldn't she introduce herself first?

She said that she was Zhang Keke, and this woman would not know who Zhang Keke was referring to?

Zhang Ke's face was embarrassed, and she was about to say something, but the woman began to smile first.

"Well, hello girl, I'm Lu Enron's mother."

Lu Enron's mother?

Zhang Keke widened his eyes and looked surprised! , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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