Chapter 918

It's just that after I came back, I had a quarrel with my father Lu.

Because of the commercial marriage, whether they can divorce or not can only be involved in this life.

Lu family's daily life is a couple, because of the trivia of life, constantly quarreling.

Later, after Lu Enron went to junior high school, his mother left again, this time to France.

She stayed in France for another year before she came back. After she came back, she was involved in several other social friends.

Lu's father was very angry about this, so he concentrated on the company and hardly came home.

There is usually only Lu Enron and a nanny at home.

Lu Enron spent most of his childhood with his godfather and godmother. He even regarded his godfather and godmother as his own.

Lu Enron's godfather and godmother, who are now Lu's best friend and her husband, are a pair of university teachers who love each other.

So Enron seems to have taken another couple as their own parents.

He didn't love his own parents. Instead, he recognized others as his parents

When Lu Enron came back, it was half an hour later.

When he saw Lu's mother, Zhang Keke could clearly feel that Lu Enron was stunned. He should be very surprised.

"Enron, long time no see."

Mother Lu looks at her son awkwardly, and Zhang Keke next to her feels embarrassed to death.

This is clearly the mother and son. Why does she feel that these two people look like strangers.

"Long time no see."

It's true. Long time no see.

During the Spring Festival, he would rather go to his godfather's and godmother's for the new year than to his own parents.

Lu Enron grinned bitterly and looked indifferent. Now looking at his mother, he felt like he was facing a stranger.

Zhang Keke went to Lu Enron's side and quietly pushed Lu Enron's arm.

She is reminding Lu Enron that this is his own mother. There is no need to be so serious.

What's more, Lu's mother felt uncomfortable in her heart. Now Lu Enron put on such a cold look, which made people feel more uncomfortable.

After all, it's mom. She can't

A big man, the prime minister can pull a boat.

Lu Enron sighed and took a look at Zhang Keke, as if he had just reacted.

He said, "since you're here, let's go out for dinner. Now it's almost time for dinner."

Mother Lu immediately nodded, looking happy.


Her son agreed to have dinner with her, which was a blessing from heaven, and she didn't want any more.

Zhang Keke also changed her clothes and followed Lu's mother and Lu Enron. Now she suddenly felt that they were really like a family.

However, mother Lu still doesn't know what topic to talk about with her son. Every time she opens her mouth, she is dealt with by her son in a few words.

Obviously, the son still resisted her mother.

Every time Lu's mother talks, Lu Enron is either silent or "mmm." "Good." "All right."

Even, he didn't even have a redundant expression on his face. It was always that cold look, just a little bit of lip movement.

This is clearly to want to chat to death.

Zhang Keke was on one side. At first, she felt powerless. She wanted to leave more space for the mother and son to have a good communication.

But I didn't expect that if I didn't speak, the atmosphere became particularly awkward.

For a moment, it seemed that no one spoke, so Zhang Keke could only make a concoction from it.

"Ha ha, I haven't seen you for a long time. It's inevitable that there will be less common topics."

Every time, as long as there is a cold topic, Zhang Keke will stand up and speak.

Fortunately, it's not very long. It's only ten minutes from home to the hotel.

However, Zhang Keke felt as if he had been in the car for a whole day.

Such an embarrassing environment really made her suffocate.

Fortunately, when we eat, we can always discuss the difference between the taste of this dish and that dish.

Or, to talk about personal tastes and hobbies.

Lu's mother has a clear understanding of Lu's taste, which even Lu didn't think of.

He thought that after a long time no see, mother Lu would not remember these little things.

It really surprised him that mother Lu remembered all of them.Lu's mother sighed and looked at her son apologetically. She said, "Enron's taste has always been light. I remember when he was five years old, he was allergic to chili once. The doctor said that he is allergic to many things. Fortunately, his godmother has been with him all these years. His godmother is a better person than him I'm relieved that a more careful person will give Enron to her. "

At this time, not only Lu Enron felt embarrassed, but Zhang Keke also heard the abnormal meaning in the words.

Mother Lu shouldn't mention Lu Enron's godmother at this time. This will only let Lu Enron compare the two together. Once the comparison comes out, it will be up to her.

Zhang Keke originally wanted to remind Lu's mother, but since the words had been spoken, there was no way to take them back.

Mother Lu said with a heavy sigh. She also knew that she had not fulfilled her duty as a mother all these years.

She can't even take care of her children.

Lu Enron just said coldly, "so I always regard her as my biological mother."

The meaning of Lu Enron's words is very clear, that is, he regards his godmother as his own mother.

But what about his biological mother?

His biological mother never looked after him!

Lu mother's hand action meal, chopsticks inside the food immediately fell to the table.

Her face became very ugly, but it was hard for her to say anything. All this was her own fault.

It's because she doesn't spend time looking after her son that makes him so indifferent. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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