CH 2

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Just as everyone was busy with the search, behind the deserted Cold Palace, right next to its desolate lake, there was suddenly the sound of water rippling.

The water was rippling as though someone had just jumped into the lake.  The moon shone brilliantly, but its light failed to illuminate the silhouettes under the pavilion near the lake.

Under the night sky, a piece of torn green yarn floated in the wind and slowly left the pavilion, reaching towards the sky. The green yarn might have covered the moon, but it could not completely hide the trembling of a woman’s arm, the way her head was pressed in, the weird bend in her posture, her jade-like fingertips struggling, even leaving faint and bloody scratch marks.

Her trembling limbs were like fine jade, completely beguiling in the eyes.

Unfortunately, it could not invoke any feelings of pity from the man on top of her.

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A trail of tears could be seen moving down a delicately beautiful face, before disappearing in her lush hairline.

In the colour of the night, the woman wept pitifully and the man groaned heavily.  There was a certain musky scent slowly drifting in the air.

However, the night was still long.

Who knew how long it took for those servants to find this desolate place.  They could see a tall and handsome young man, whose eyes carried slight traces of cruelty.  His robe was in disarray while he sat on a stone bench by the pavilion.  The smell of alcohol was heavy in the air.  His cheeks and eyes were red.  When he heard the sound of people coming, he slowly turned around.

Seeing him, the eunuchs and maids immediately kneeled in fear, “Your Highness.”

The man did not say anything and simply knead his aching temples.  He looked at the torn pieces of clothing on the ground.  There was still that lingering fragrance in the air, as if to show everything that happened just now. 

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“Your Highness, His Majesty is looking for you.  Please come with us.”

The man remained silent and sat there for a moment longer.  Then, he got up and left the pavilion without even looking back.

Under the moonlight, those torn pieces of clothing were picked up by the wind and fell into the lake, slowly sinking.

It was as though nothing had ever happened.

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