CH 8

Once Yu Er’s eyes adjusted to the light, she could see the person in front of her clearly.  Her legs automatically softened and she knelt on the floor, “Your- Your Highness…”

The person standing in front of us was tall.  His robe was white, like snow.  Standing under the sunlight, he appeared peerless and flawless.  His face was fine, like white jade.  His clear eyes were like the most peaceful lake in the world.  The corner of his lips was raised, making it seem as though he was slightly smiling.  His entire being exuded jade-like gentleness.

He was the current dynasty’s Crown Prince – Pei Yuan Xiu.

Yu Er, who was kneeling by my side, was trembling greatly.  Nobody knew how long he had been standing outside, how much he had overheard.  Dying ten times over still wouldn’t make up to what Yu Er had said just now.

Realizing that, I became nervous as well.

Just like that, the two of us knelt on the ground.  I could hear the sound of footsteps approaching us as the edge of a snow-white robe came into my view.  I could hear a gentle voice from above, saying, “Get up.”

I supported Yu Er and got up slowly.

Pei Yuan Xiu looked at the trembling Yu Er before asking, “What is your name?”

“T-This servant’s name is Yu Er.”

“Yu Er?  You don’t appear to be a maid from Nei Cang Pavilion.”

I glanced at him before saying, “Yu Er is here to help this servant clean up Nei Cang Pavilion.  Now you have done it, you may leave now, Yu Er.”

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After saying that, I secretly pinched her hand.  She got the hint and quickly curtsied, “If Your Highness has no other instruction, this servant shall retreat first.”  After saying that, she stumbled on her way out, bumping into the doorframe as she exits.

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Pei Yuan Xiu watched her disappearing silhouette before turning to look at the stunned me.  There was an ambiguous slight smile on his face.  He didn’t say anything and merely turned around and walked to a book shelf.  I followed him from behind and watched as his slender, jade-like fingers perused through the books.  However, after looking for a while, he still did not pick a book.

I pondered for a while, before picking up ‘The Thirteen Classics’, a book from a different book shelf that he once annotated.  I offered it to him with both hands.

He glanced at me, smiled, and took the book.

To tell the truth, what Yu Er said about the Nei Cang Pavilion being an obscure place wasn’t entirely accurate.

Back when I was assigned to the Nei Cang Pavilion by Yao Ying Xue, it was true that no one had come to the place all year long.  After a while, I got used to it and would secretly read the books.  After all, I could read some characters; it was better for me to read than to spend my time day-dreaming.

Two years ago, just as I was reading a collection of poems, the door was suddenly opened.

The person who came in was Pei Yuan Xiu.

I could still remember the sight of him walking into the light, garbed in a set of white robes.  He looked as though fallen immortals couldn’t hold a candle to him.

He only came that day in search of a rare ancient record, and it just so happened to be a book that I had just finished reading.   I was able to easily find it and gave it to him.  I remembered a strange light flashing in his eyes as I handed him the book.

Since then, he frequently came by.  I would quietly serve him by his side.

We barely exchanged any words.

At the moment, the Nei Cang Pavilion was quiet as usual.  He was lowering his head to read as I stood by his side, secretly watching him.

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