CH 11

I sighed: “Ning Yan, if you don’t want to do it, tell her you can’t do it with your temperament, have you not eaten enough in the past two years?”

I also know that she has always been arrogant and she has been favored by the prince in the past. Of course, she is unwilling to do such things, so she has been treated as an outcast in the cold palace. Every time I come, I have to give some money to the girls. I don’t have much salary, let alone I will be out of the palace in half a year. What will she do in the future?

At this time, I heard Ning Yan sobbing and said, “Qing Yang, I really want to leave here, I can’t stand it.”

“Ning Yan, don’t say stupid things. This is the Cold Palace. Just because you say you will leave does not mean that you can leave “

“Qing Ying, I want you to help me!”

“Me?” I froze and looked at her. “How do you want me to help you?”

Ning Yan grabbed my hands and held it tightly: “Beg His Royal Highness and let him take me out of here!”

As soon as I heard it, my face turned pale: “Ning Yan–“

“Qing Ying!” Before I finished speaking, Ning Yan had interrupted my words and said eagerly: “Only he can help me, He loves me so much he must be reluctant to let me be suffering here, Qing Ying, as long as you tell him I’m being bullied here, he will come to my rescue! “

Seeing her eager look, I felt sad for a while.

Indeed, His Royal Highness had spoiled her for a while, but how did she forget that when she was degraded to Cold Palace at first, Pei Yuan Hao didn’t even show her pity and just watched her being taken away indifferently. In the past two years, he has not shown the slightest sympathy for the cold smoke of the cold palace, How could she hope that he could still remember Ning Yan and was willing to lend a helping hand?

With this in mind, I said gently to Ning Yan: “Ning Yan, calm down, His Highness—”

My words had just come out, When Ning Yan shook off my hand and said indignantly: “How do you want me to calm down, it is not you who suffers in the cold palace, it is not you who is beaten and scolded, of course you can calm down, but me!” She cried with tears in her eyes, “Look at me, As long as I don’t work for a day, they hit me and scold me. Is this the life I want to live?”

Looking at the bruises on her white arms and the five fingerprints fanned out on her beautiful cheeks, I could not speak.

“Promise to help me to tell His Royal Highness, will you?”


“Yue Qing Ying!”

Ning Yan looked at me and saw that I was just standing there, without agreeing, her face slowly sinking.

She suddenly said: “Don’t forget, Qing Ying, It was because of you I was the fancy of His Royal Highness, Because of you!”

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