CH 12

As soon as this sentence came out, my face turned pale, and I looked up at Ning Yan's cold expression, Her eyes froze and she looked at me: "You must help me escape out of here! "

Suddenly mentioning what happened two years ago caught me a little bit off guard, and it took me a while to speak, and my voice was a little empty: "Ning Yan, you--"

"Qingying, did you forget what happened?"


"It was you who made me his Highness woman. You are also responsible for everything I have encountered today. Qingying, you are so cruel!"

"Ning Yan, don't say that, I don't want to see you suffer "

"Then help me get out of here, and help me get back to him, what's the use of talking on my mouth!" Ning Yan said getting angry. seeing the needle work that I helped her do in my hand, She grabbed it and threw it on the ground fiercely: "What's the use of these alone? I'm leaving here, I'm going to live the life I deserve, and I don't want to suffer in this **** cold house anymore!"


"I tell you, Yue Qingying!" She bit her lower lip and said fiercely, "If you can't let me leave here, Don't bother to come again. This kind of false care, I don't want it!"

After speaking, she turned around and returned to her room, slamming the door shut, I stood in the yard and was shocked.

When I left the Cold Palace, My feet seemed to be filled with lead, and each step I took was heavy, I walked to the gate of the courtyard, and but I was called back by a strange noise.

When I turned around, I saw that there were many palace ladies walking in a line to the side of the Jin Palace. All of them looked abnormal, and some seem to be well-dressed, Not only wearing delicate makeup, but also wore some jewellery that you can't bear to wear on weekdays.

What's wrong?

I was puzzled. When I got back to the house, Yu Er was already resting inside. When she saw me coming back, She immediately asked, "Where did you go today? I could not find you anywhere"

I hesitated and did not tell Yu Er about where I went. I was afraid that she would worry about me and asked, "Where isn't I going? By the way, Yu Er, I just saw a lot of the women in the palace come out. As if someone had called them, What happened? "

Yu Er looked out of the window and said indifferently: "It is His Royal Highness, He is looking for the palace maid who was in the palace that night."

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