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Chapter 1 – Liked You for a Long Time

Under the scorching sun, a black figure flew across the white, vast snowfield.


A man swiftly glided over the platform, using the edge to turn and lead into a straight jump, soaring into the air. The back of his black and white custom-patterned snowboard bore the logo “BURTON.”

His body extended as he rotated 540 degrees, then landed firmly, smoothly carving a “J” turn, using the back edge to brake and raising a spray of white snow.

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A fellow skier passed by and whistled in admiration.

Xu Ji’s chest was slightly rising and falling. He pulled down his snow goggles, revealing a handsome face with slightly angular features and three-dimensional bony structures. His temperament was as refreshing and cold as the ice and snow around him, giving people a sense of distance that was difficult to approach.

Upon closer inspection, there was a black mole on his nose.

There were three to four snowboarders sitting on the side like roadblocks, and couldn’t help but exclaim, “This is what you call showing off your skills, we are monkeys at best!”

Xu Ji was annoyed, he forcefully slid away until he reached an area with no one around.

Just then, his phone rang in his bag, worsening his already irritated mood. He saw the caller ID and hung up without answering.

But just as he had put his phone away, it rang again.

Xu Ji let out a breath of white air, took out his phone, and pressed the button to answer.

Upon answering the call, accusations were immediately thrown at him, “Where the hell have you been fooling around?! You left your wife at home right after you got married? Do the math yourself, how many days have you not gone home?!”

Xu Ji calmly replied, “It wasn’t me who wanted to get married.”

“Then are you not the groom? Is your name not on the marriage certificate?”

Xu Ji hung up the phone expressionlessly and turned it on silent.

The ski resort was surrounded by mountains, with a vast expanse of needle-leaved forests covered in pure white snow crisscrossing the landscape. Looking down from the top of the slope during the ride, the towering mountain range on the horizon seemed to be watching him. The scorching sun poured into the dense white clouds, spreading across the entire blue sky. It was spectacular and gorgeous.

After his eighth fall, Xu Ji cursed, rolled over, and lay down on his side. His tailbone was in pain and he was too lazy to get up. Fine snow stuck to his eyelashes, falling off in drops every time he blinked.

He didn’t feel like snowboarding anymore. That fall earlier was a bit rough. After resting for a while, he packed up his equipment and left.

Even after his father’s call just now, Xu Ji had no intention of going back to the house where there was someone else.

Although strictly speaking, the other person was his legally recognized wife whose name was listed on his household registration.

Halfway through the drive, a phone call came in from someone who had only recently appeared in Xu Ji’s view. The voice on the other end was so gentle it could flow like water, “Are you coming back for dinner tonight?”

Xu Ji looked ahead and pressed the Bluetooth earpiece with one hand. He was very indifferent, “No.”

The other side didn’t insist, but there was a hint of disappointment in their voice, “Okay, be safe then.”

Xu Ji hung up without hesitation.

According to his parents, Xu Ji had always been disobedient, irresponsible, and immature. He was already 26 years old and still hadn’t settled down, always playing around with snowboarding or gliding without any serious demeanor.

So his parents said, “If you don’t look for one, I’ll find one for you.”

It was really sudden that day. When Xu Ji stepped into his house and saw three strangers sitting on the sofa with their backs facing him, his footsteps immediately turned in the opposite direction.

Unfortunately, the housekeeper had already been instructed by his parents and blocked the door with a smile.

Xu Chengyue said in a deep voice, “Xu Ji, come and sit down.”

Xu Ji did not move.

Xu Chengyue felt a little embarrassed, Chen Lian quickly called their son, “Come and sit.”

Xu Ji still remained unmoved. He stood upright with his eyes slightly lowered, giving off a strong sense of oppression.

The Xu parents have never been able to control him, so they had to put on a bold face and inform him, “We formed a marriage alliance with the Li family, and we are here today to discuss the marriage of you two.”

You two.

Xu Ji has an impression of the Li family. Last month, the company went bankrupt and needed a large amount of funds to turnover, but whether it was a loan or borrowing money, it was not enough to fill the huge hole. He lifted his eyes and looked at the female lead who was sitting quietly.

Since the start, the two elders from the Li family kept turning their heads to smile at him, but that woman had kept her back to him.

​​She had long and smooth black hair that flowed past her shoulders, with several strands at the end that were casually curled. She had a gorgeous back view.

Xu Ji withdrew his gaze and said, “I’m not getting married.”

No one would like to have their lifelong affairs decided by others, especially when the other person was a stranger, Xu Ji hated it even more.

He hated being constrained, no matter what it was.

The parents of the two families began talking again.

Xu Ji wasn’t listening at all. His eyebrows showed that he was full of impatience. When they finished talking, he said, “Not marrying.”

Anyone with eyes could see that he was very annoyed.

During the whole time, the woman didn’t even move a strand of hair, which made Xu Ji begin to suspect whether the other party had fallen asleep, or if they were like him, had been forced by their parents.

Thinking of this, Xu Ji walked around to the front of the sofa and lowered his head.

When he saw the other party’s face, even someone who wasn’t a facecon like him was a little dazed. His mind was only occupied by three words: a stunning beauty.

It turned out to be a man.

He was too beautiful and striking, with thick eyebrows and eyes, and overly pale lips. The corners of his eyes were slightly upturned, and when his eyes fell on him, he felt dizzy for a moment.

Apparently not expecting Xu Ji to suddenly come up to him, the man was slightly stunned, then quickly lowered his head and said somewhat hesitantly, “Hello, my name is Li Ting.”

“Hahaha, Li Ting is a little shy,” Mother Li saw her son’s behavior and was displeased as he failed to meet her expectations. She reached out and pinched Li Ting’s back, “Why don’t you introduce yourself again? Li…”

Unfortunately, Xu Ji wasn’t falling for this beauty trap. To be honest, he didn’t even hear what the man’s name was just now.

“No need,” he just stared at the top of the man’s head and asked, “Do you want to get married?”

The parents sitting beside the female lead… oh, no, the male lead became even more excited, as if they wanted to marry him themselves.

Before they could be happy for more than a few seconds, they heard Xu Ji’s indifferent tone, “If you don’t want to, I can make them leave.”

Xu Chengyue was furious, “How dare you talk to your elders like this?!”

Finally, Li Ting made a move. He slowly raised his head, and a few strands of black hair that were draped over his shoulders swayed gently with the movement, making him look like a shy girl glancing at her husband with embarrassment.

He showed a small smile, and his eyebrows and eyes curved. It was as if his delicate face was instantly covered with a soft veil.

The beauty spoke with a very pleasant voice, “I do want to get married. I have liked you for a long time.”

This sentence did not cause any heartbeats, and Xu Ji, who heard the confession, even looked a little impatient.

“Oh, yes, that’s right!” Father Li smiled so wide that the wrinkles on his face piled up, “We didn’t originally have this idea. It was Li Ting who took the initiative to come to me and said he wanted to be with the Xu family’s child. It seems that he has really liked him for a long time, haha.”

Xu Ji’s eyes narrowed, and the look on his face changed in an instant.

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