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cos0 – Chapter 3 – Stop Being So Fake

Li Ting’s fingertips curled up and he reluctantly withdrew his hand.

It’s no wonder Xu Ji didn’t give him a good look. Skiing is an extreme sport, and accidents can range from minor injuries to bone fractures, or even death. Meeting a newbie on an advanced course is like encountering a driver who can’t brake on a highway.

Not only did he not know his own abilities, but he was also irresponsible for other people’s lives.

If nothing serious had happened, it would have been fine if he had a better attitude, but he didn’t even fricking apologize!

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A torpedo once crashed into Ji Chi and he had to lie in a hospital for a month. Back then, the season ended before it even started for him.

Li Ting didn’t say anything, but the guy who crashed into Xu Ji reacted instead. He reached out and pushed Xu Ji’s shoulder, saying, “Watch your mouth!”

Ji Fangchi was shocked to see this, and his heart sped up after seeing Xu Ji’s expression. He was just about to act as a peacemaker when– the stunning beauty beat him to it and stood between them first.

Although he was clearly the other guy’s companion, he was now in a posture of defending Xu Ji, “What are you doing?”

To be honest, when Ji Fangchi saw Li Ting, he immediately lowered his head reflexively and avoided eye contact, looking all over the place. He felt his face burning up.

It was too lethal…

Yet Xu Ji was labeled with the words “immune to beauty” all over his body. His ribs still hurt a little, but it didn’t affect his calm demeanor.

He was tall and slightly leaning back, his tone was lazy but it revealed a sense of arrogance, “You dare touch me again?”

Men are most sensitive about their dignity, and being unable to save face in front of so many people made the other guy angry. He pushed Xu Ji again and said, “I’ll touch you if I want, you think you’re so precious…”

Before he finished his sentence, Xu Ji punched him in the face. He seemed to hear a faint exclamation from Li Ting.

The two of them started fighting, to be precise, it was Xu Ji one-sidely riding on top of the other guy and punching him. He was already extremely annoyed, then this idiot came and crashed into him, it’s impossible for him to let this go without giving him a beating.

Thus, the following “tripartite standoff” situation was formed: The two brothers from the Ji family stood on the side, as if watching a show, Ji Chi even inserted his hands into his pockets, showing no intention of stepping in to stop the fight. On the other hand, Li Ting wanted to stop them, but he didn’t know where to start, though it was mainly because he didn’t dare to touch Xu Ji again.

“It’s okay, don’t worry,” Ji Fangchi comforted him. “Even if we wanted to stop them, we wouldn’t be able to… we tried before.”

Li then slowly straightened up and looked at him, “He fights often?”

“No!” Ji Fangchi had a suspicious blush on his face, staring at his own feet. “I only saw him fight once three years ago. He was even angrier back then, but he always knew his boundaries.”

Li Ting doubtfully looked at the snow that was already stained with a few drops of blood.

“Oh!” Ji Fangchi suddenly realized, and said awkwardly, “The one who’s getting beaten up is your friend, right? I’m sorry, we…”

Li Ting shook his head, “Not really a friend.”

it wasn’t until the resort’s safety officer arrived quickly on a snowboard that Xu Ji stopped. He shook his hand and said, “I can afford to pay for it.”

Ji Fangchi really didn’t understand. How could Xu Ji be so cool even after beating someone up? It’s clearly wrong to hit people though!

The hospital near the ski resort was always bustling. After all, there was the saying, “At the end of skiing lies the orthopedic department.”

To be on the safe side, Xu Ji went to get an X-ray. When he came out, he saw Li Ting waiting for him at the door. He pretended not to see him and walked past without looking.

Li Ting called out, “… Xu Ji.”

So Xu Ji had to stop and asked impatiently, “What else do you want?”

Li Ting looked uneasy and hesitatingly said, “I’m not familiar with that guy. He’s a friend of my friend, and I didn’t come out to hang out with him alone… My friend had something to do and left early, so… I usually stay at home and clean up every day.”

Xu Ji frowned, thinking, What is he talking about? Why is he explaining this to me? He couldn’t be bothered to think and said, “It’s none of my business.”

Li Ting seemed hurt by his words, and he buried his chin in his snowsuit. His mouth pursed into a pitiful look, “As long as you’re not angry… after all, we’re married, it’s not good getting too close to other men.”

Xu Ji momentarily thought that a virtuous wife was standing in front of him. If he hadn’t been mindful of his image, he might’ve already twisted his face. He took a step forward and grabbed Li Ting’s collar forcefully.

Li Ting’s eyes, that had upturned tails, widened in fright.

Xu Ji said in a deep voice, “I won’t bat an eye even if you sleep with someone else. I remember telling you on the first day that you do your thing, I’ll do mine, and we’ll stay out of each other’s way, alright?”

Li Ting lowered his head at his words, and his long hair brushed against Xu Ji’s hand.

It was a strange sensation, gentle and ticklish. Xu Ji quickly withdrew his hand and stepped back a few steps.

But if he had bent down at that moment to look at Li Ting’s expression, he would have seen a faint curve at the corners of the latter’s mouth, as if he was trying to suppress a laugh.

Soon, Li Ting reluctantly replied in a hoarse voice, “Okay.”

Xu Ji could clearly see Li Ting habitually biting his lower lip, and although his teeth were white and his lips were well moisturized, but…

He really could not bear it. He shuddered and said, “Stop being so fake, it’s disgusting.”

With this, Li Ting’s expression really did go blank for a second.

Xu Ji was disgusted and walked away without even looking back.

When he was going downstairs, he happened to run into Ji Chi, who went to pay the bill, and Ji Fangchi, who went out to buy rice balls.

Ji Chi asked, “Did anything crack?”

Xu Ji shook his head.

Ji Fangchi gave each of them two rice balls, and there were still two left in the plastic bag. He looked around and asked Xu Ji, “Where’s that pretty gege?”

Xu Ji’s frown could have crushed a fly, “…?”

Ji Chi slapped his younger brother’s head irritably, “He’s been bewitched by that guy’s beauty.”

Ji Fangchi objected, “That’s not true! It’s mainly because when Xu-ge went in for a check-up, he sat on the chair outside, with a sad and worried expression, looking very pitiful!”

Xu Ji, “?”

“Indeed,” Ji Chi pondered and said, “I feel like I’ve never seen anyone more beautiful in my life. He’s so delicate and pitiful, quite a feast for the eyes, he’s completely able to arouse every man’s protective instinct.”

Xu Not-A-Man Ji, “?”

He felt so speechless, He summed up his thoughts in one sentence, “You two damned straight guys are blind.”

Now it was the Ji brothers’ turn to be confused, they said in unison, “You’re one to talk?”

Ji Fangchi exclaimed, “No one is straighter than you, Xu-ge!”

“You guys couldn’t even tell that his expression…never mind.” It was impolite to talk about others behind their backs, so Xu Ji took the plastic bag from Ji Fangchi’s hand. “Stop looking, I’ll eat four.”

The two brothers don’t live together. Ji Chi drove off first, and Xu Ji was going to drop Ji Fangchi off along the way.

As soon as they left the hospital, Li Ting chased after them, “Xu Ji!”

Xu Ji closed his eyes and gave the car key to Ji Fangchi, “You get in the car first, sit in the back seat.”

Ji Fangchi reluctantly withdrew his gossiping eyes and left.

“What now?” Xu Ji pressed his throbbing temple.

Li Ting’s long hair was casually tied back behind him, and his beautiful face was a little pale from the cold. He asked, “Are you going home tonight?”

“Yeah.” The documents needed for tomorrow’s company meeting are still in the study. Li Ting moved in so hastily that Xu Ji left many things behind.

Perhaps because he had heard “no” too many times from Xu Ji’s mouth that Li Ting was a little stunned when he heard a different answer this time around. He asked, “Can you take me with you? If I take a cab, I have to walk for ten minutes to where there are cars.”

Xu Zhi was decisive, “No.”

Li Ting’s expression became even more at a loss, as if he had not expected his husband to be so harsh.

Xu Ji thought about transferring some money to him, but remembered that they didn’t have each other’s contact information, so he took out a wad of cash from his bag. “I don’t like other people sitting in my car. Take this money, use it to take a cab or go find a hotel or whatever, just don’t bother me.”

With money in his hand, Li Ting watched helplessly as Xu Ji walked away without a care.

As soon as the door of the car was opened, Ji Fangchi’s head leaned over, “Ge, what’s your relationship with that pretty gege?!”

Xu Zhi replied, “No relationship.”

Ji Fangchi knew that there was no point in prying into things that Xu Ji didn’t want to talk about, so he shifted his focus to another topic. “Then ge, what does sister-in-law look like? Is she at home? Can I come with you to sneak a peek? Then I’ll take a cab home by myself? Is that okay? Please?”

“Didn’t you already see him?” Xu Ji said.

Ji Fangchi let out a “Huh?” and became stupefied. His brain immediately began to recall like a revolving lantern. After two minutes, his mouth widened, “… that-, that stunning beauty?”

Xu Ji remained silent, indicating his acknowledgement.

Ji Fangchi was about to let out “You have no appreciation for what’s good!!” but he caught a glimpse of Xu Ji’s superior profile and stopped himself.

“Pardon me.” Ji Fangchi said solemnly. It was he who had no appreciation.

He was just an outsider, he had no business meddling in the romantic turmoil between a stunning beauty and a handsome man.

The author has something to say:

Li Ting smiles: What an interesting comment. It’s the first time someone has said that my face is disgusting (actually he’s already angry)

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