CH 72

“Cough, cough cough…” Everyone was unprepared, and a cough suddenly sounded. However, there was no need to continue the delay. Director Zhang breathed a sigh of relief. After a while, he let the people from the blasting team go over to see the situation.

“Be careful, don’t be careless.” Director Zhang couldn’t help but urge again.

Bai Xinyan also stared over there, seeing Zhang Kai also walking over and crouching down to check the situation.

“After the bombing is over, we have to rearrange it. The lead should have been broken just now.” The people of the blasting team read the report to Director Zhang.

“Then why did it explode again just now?” Director Zhang frowned.

“It didn’t break completely. It took a long time to burn.” The person from the blasting team gave another explanation.

Director Zhang always felt that something was wrong, but he wasn’t a professional after all, so he waved his hand, “Then you clean up first and try again later. Remember to pay attention to safety.”

After tossing for a long time and starting all over again, Bai Xinyan looked at the busyness of others and whispered to Li Zhibai, “Do you think it was an accident this time?”

Before Li Zhibai spoke, Zhang Kai, who had come back after taking a look at it, first made a soundproof barrier, and then said to Bai Xinyan, “Someone must have designed it on purpose.”

“Huh?” Bai Xinyan was startled, “How do you know?”

Zhang Kai said: “Later I used fire spells to detonate the explosion. If I didn’t do this, it’s estimated that the explosion will happen when someone passes by, and it will definitely cause casualties. I took a look and the lead was broken, which wasn’t natural. It should be made by some special method and most of it can be controlled. Even if there’s nothing left after the explosion, I can’t see how it was made.”

Li Zhibai’s expression sank and said, “Is it the one who has always wanted to harm me? But if this is the case, it will definitely not be me.”

Zhang Kai: “They can also hit the 《Trace of the Source》 crew even if you’re not bombed. Besides, you’re not an ordinary person, an explosion of this magnitude won’t hurt too much and you don’t need to worry about problems such as disfigurement. It doesn’t make much sense to bomb you.”

“Then they’re just doing harm to others casually?” Li Zhibai frowned, looking angry. He was a demon, but he had some kind of friendship with these ordinary people who had been with him for a long time. If something happened to them, or it was because they were implicated by him, Li Zhibai felt uncomfortable no matter what.

“That person can harm anyone for their own sake,” Zhang Kai said. “Although today’s incident isn’t dangerous, it’s also trouble. And I guess that person may be doing small things to the rest of the crew in the future and won’t target you for the time being.”

Bai Xinyan, who had been listening, couldn’t help but ask, “En? Why is this?”

“It’s just my guess,” Zhang Kai said. “After what happened last time, that person should have guessed that our side can deal with those monsters, ghosts and other means. They’re not sure that they will be better than us and they’re afraid to expose themselves. But they want to make Mr Li feel bad, so they have to influence Mr Li’s work to achieve the goal. It’s, of course, easier to start with ordinary people in the crew than to directly target Mr Li. If we’re not vigilant enough and may not take the accident that happened to other people seriously, we wouldn’t have thought that it was someone doing a trick.”

“If there are accidents one after another in the crew and there are some taboo rumours, it will definitely affect the future of the show. Or if Director Zhang is injured, the crew can only temporarily stop filming. After stopping filming, there are more variables, and it may be impossible to continue filming in a short time.”

After Zhang Kai finished speaking his thoughts, Bai Xinyan and Li Zhibai both changed their faces.

“How could it be so serious?” Bai Xinyan was startled. Originally, he thought that countered soldiers with arms and water with an earth weir, but they had nothing to be afraid of when they were strong. But now according to what Zhang Kai said, the risk was much greater. There were so many people on the crew and it was impossible to pay attention to them all the time to ensure that there would be no problems! (兵来将挡水来土掩, meant to adopt measures appropriate to the actual situation)

Li Zhibai also had a worried look on his face, “Even if it doesn’t hurt anyone, it’s not good to delay the progress like today.”

Although they couldn’t hear what they said, Bai Xinyan and Li Zhibai’s rare bad expressions still caught the attention of some people. Zhang Kai said quickly: “It’s not that serious. In fact, the other party can only use those means. Although I haven’t found a way to take care of everyone, I think with the cultivation and knowledge of the boss and Mr Bai, it should be able to solve it.”

Hearing this, Bai Xinyan couldn’t help but touched his wrist. The invisible Bai Jiahei was circled on it. In fact, Yin Heng could also stay invisible on Bai Xinyan’s wrist, but Bai Xinyan felt that he might be easily distracted, so he only wore Bai Jiahei.

Because Yin Heng had been with him, Bai Xinyan hadn’t used the messaging function on Bai Jiahei for a long time. This time, he just touched it. Although he wanted to ask Yin Heng about what Zhang Kai said, but after he thought about it, Bai Xinyan decided to wait and ask in person.

He had to say that although he couldn’t help but worry, Bai Xinyan and Li Zhibai still believed in Yin Heng and Bai Yin’s abilities.

Seeing someone coming, Zhang Kai removed the barrier and stopped talking about this topic.

“Xiao Bai, Xiao Li, are you scared? You don’t seem to be looking very well.” The assistant director was worried about the two giants’ emotions, so he hurried over and carefully prepared to appease them.

Bai Xinyan shook his head, “No, it’s something else.”

The assistant director asked several times and confirmed that neither Bai Xinyan nor Li Zhibai had any conflict because of the accident, so he was relieved and left with a smile.

Although no one had an accident, the accident was actually an accident. This time, after several investigations and operating work for everyone, Director Zhang finally started the second shooting.

This time Zhang Kai took a chance to check it out first and kept staring at the blasting team layout, but found no problems.

Sure enough, everything went well this time. It exploded when it was time to explode. The effect was good and no one was injured.

“Ok, ok, ok, it’s over!” Director Zhang shouted happily, “Clean up and take the next scene.”

After finishing work, Bai Xinyan immediately went to Yin Heng and Bai Yin also came shortly after. They discussed again how to deal with that person behind the scene.

“Actually, it doesn’t matter,” Yin Heng really had a solution. “Just find a few more people to come and watch it on the set, or I can just keep staring at it with my divine essence.”

Although they weren’t afraid of thieves stealing, they were afraid that they would miss thieves, but as long as they took precautions in place, no matter how much thieves tried, it was still useless. Yin Heng said to find a few people, but naturally, he wasn’t looking for ordinary people. His divine essence was also enough to monitor everyone in the crew, it was just a little troublesome for him.

“The most important thing is to find that person as soon as possible.” Yin Heng said.

Bai Yin frowned slightly, “That Yu Anyan is very strange. I want to check it out myself. He will be found out even when it’s not too close. But looking at him, he is really just an ordinary person. I suspect that there must be someone behind him with a high level of cultivation.”

“I also think Yu Anyan gives off a strange feeling,” Li Zhibai couldn’t help but said. “I feel a sense of disobedience.” (感觉有种违和感)

Yin Heng thought for a while and said, “Since it’s easy to be discovered, why don’t you just try it out and see if you can catch the tail by taking the opportunity.”

Bai Xinyan asked, “How to try it?”

“Go and check it out clearly to see how the other party reacts, especially if there’s any connection with the crew.” Yin Heng said, “Maybe you can find some evidence, or find the person behind Yu Anyan.”

They felt that what Yin Heng said was reasonable and agreed to give it a try. After discussing it again and making arrangements, Bai Xinyan and Li Zhibai would filming while “waiting for the rabbit”. (守株待兔, meant to wait idly for opportunities)

Soon Bai Yin successfully completed the task of investigating Yu Anyan. Instead of approaching him, he checked the residence and office of Yu Anyan and his agent. He didn’t carefully clean up the traces and even put some surveillance spells to let them know that someone had come to check.

Yin Heng had been paying attention to the 《Trace of the Source》 crew with his divine essence for the past two days and he really found the problem. It was before Yu Anyan found that “people” broke into his house.

In the crew, there was a group of grey worms (mountain demons), which were very inconspicuously sticking to the soles of people’s shoes, but they were still discovered by Yin Heng.

Although these mountain demons were inconspicuous and had little skill, for ordinary people, they could make people upset, anxious, exhausted, and agitated. It was easy to get confused and argue with each other, which easily affected the work and atmosphere. As long as this group stuck to a few people, it was estimated that the crew of 《Trace of the Source》 wouldn’t be able to live in peace. He was afraid there would be an accident in two or three days.

Sure enough, Zhang Kai guessed right. The other party wasn’t sure of their depth. He was afraid that he wouldn’t lose the rice by stealing chickens again, so he came up with this idea. (偷鸡不成蚀把米, meant wanted to take advantage but suffered a loss)

However, with Yin Heng present, this kind of trick wouldn’t work. After Yin Heng discovered the mountain demon, the divine essence directly crushed it, leaving only a thin layer of ash, which quickly dissipated completely.

Originally, that person only seemed to be targeting Li Zhibai. Although Yin Heng was disgusted by being on the same front, he didn’t dislike it very much. But the other party had repeatedly attacked the 《Trace of the Source》 crew, which undoubtedly involved Bai Xinyan. Yin Heng couldn’t help but feel disgusted with them from the bottom of his heart. He had planned how to teach the other party to vent his anger for Bai Xinyan.

Bai Yin just rummaged through Yu Anyan’s office and home with magic but didn’t look for anything carefully, let alone take anything away. But even so, Yu Anyan was still like a big enemy after he discovered it. Not only did he inspect the house overnight, but he also simply changed his place to live, which made him obviously more vigilant.

Bai Yin waited for his further actions but found out that Yu Anyan was really cautious. Except for checking the places where he was intruded, there was still no abnormal behaviour. At the same time, after the demon was eliminated, the 《Trace of the Source》 crew had been safe and stable, and nothing happened again.

It had been so smooth until the 《Trace of the Source》 crew was finished.

Although it wasn’t possible to directly catch Yu Anyan’s action, looking at the situation, it was almost certain that he was the one who did it. After all, Yu Anyan was the only one who might have a conflict with Li Zhibai and obviously knew some tricks of evil spirits. Moreover, as soon as Yu Anyan became cautious, those who dealt with them stopped. Too many coincidences weren’t coincidences, but inevitable.

It was just that although Yu Anyan was almost identified as a suspect, the next action fell into a deadlocked. After all, Yu Anyan was also a popular star. If they didn’t have direct evidence, they would be arrested first. First, they would cause a lot of trouble. The pros and cons of the result were difficult to predict. Second, they were worried about striking the grass and startling the snake, so that the guys behind the other party got the news and ran away. Basically, they couldn’t solve the problem at all.

Fortunately, 《Trace of the Source》 had been completed now. Yu Anyan didn’t dare to act casually for the time being and they didn’t need to focus on it all the time. So, Bai Yin thought of a plan to lead the snake out of the hole and arranged for someone to keep watching. Then they went out on vacation to see if Yu Anyan would take the opportunity to take action.

In order to attract them completely, they went directly to the U Country, which was far away and it took half a day to go back and forth with magic.

It was reasonable that Bai Xinyan was in a period of rapid development in the early stage and it was time to take more work and expose more. However, 《Trace of the Source》 hadn’t been broadcast yet. There was still a gap between his current status and the positioning given by Zhang Kai. To be honest, those other variety shows activities were also not good. The most important thing was that Bai Xinyan didn’t want to run these announcements and wanted to go on vacation with Yin Heng. Therefore, Zhang Kai, who adhered to the concept of “Bai Xinyan is happy”, naturally helped him push all those invitations. Including the people on Xinghuan’s side, they dare not object to this.

Li Zhibai had always gone fishing for three days and dried the nets for two. Compared with his peers, his work schedule had always been looser. Shao Ping didn’t stop him this time. (三天打鱼两天晒网, meant doing things “without perseverance”, unable to persist for a long time, here)

“You don’t need to be exposed too much for the time being. When 《Trace of the Source》 is broadcast, the audience will have a new impression of you. It will be better to increase publicity later.” Shao Ping said, “But you should also pay attention when you go on vacation. Don’t be photographed any inappropriate photos by others, do you understand?”

Li Zhibai replied, “With Bai Xinyan and Bai Yin here, there won’t be any inappropriate photos!”

“……” Shao Ping was worried that any intimate act between Li Zhibai and Bai Yin would be photographed. Seeing Li Zhibai’s unconcerned appearance, his heart froze for a moment. Thinking of Bai Yin’s help a few times before, he could only sigh and say nothing more.

In comparison, Bai Xinyan was much happier here. Zhang Kai wasn’t an ordinary person like Shao Ping, so he could also go on vacation with him. At the same time, he was also responsible for various chores during the journey. The most important point was to pay attention to whether anyone had any ulterior motives, such as stalking and secretly taking pictures.

U Country was where Bai Yin had stayed for many years. It could be regarded as half of the host, so they didn’t specially arrange anything in advance. After arriving in U Country by plane, someone there directly took the initiative to receive them.

“Bai, long time no see!”

When they came out of the VIP passage of the airport, they saw a tall blond man waiting at the exit. There was also a bunch of bodyguards in suits and sunglasses. They looked very imposing.

“Long time no see, Monte (蒙特). You look good?” Bai Yin, who was obviously familiar with the other party, greeted him with a smile.

“Oh, of course, I’m good,” Monte laughed. “It’s thanks to you, that rascal Lace (莱斯) is a lot more honest. Now I’m taking a lot more every day than before (kind of investing thing). I’ll pay your and your friends’ vacation expenses this time. I know you’re not short on this amount of money, but you will stay in China in the future, so let me do the ‘friendship of landlords’ when you come to U this time?” Monte said and thought about it. “Is that what you said?”

“Your Chinese language is very interesting, but they are too difficult to pronounce. I always feel that my tongue will be knotted.” Monte smiled again, “Come on, I have prepared the itinerary for you here in Mote Forest (莫特森, kind of forest name, right?) and there is a grand banquet, dedicated to welcoming you and your friends.”

Monte was very enthusiastic, but Bai Yin didn’t refuse, “Then I’ll disturb you.”

After introducing Monte to Bai Xinyan and others, the group left.

That night, Monte really threw a rather luxurious banquet for them. He invited many local celebrities from various industries, including many well-known performers from the U Country.

“They heard that it’s a banquet for you. These people are willing to come.” Before the banquet, Monte in a suit and tie held a glass of red wine and said to Bai Yin with a smile, “By the way, Catherine will also come today. She has bombarded me many times with your news. Are you going to see her? I think she must be very beautiful today.” Monte winked at Bai Yin.

As a well-known investor, Bai Yin had a lot of contacts in U Country over the years and even more people want to get to know him. Almost half of these people came because of Monte and half because of him. However, the Catherine that Monte mentioned was completely aimed at Bai Yin alone.

Catherine pursued Bai Yin. She never gave up after being rejected, still very persistent. Even if Bai Yin returned to China, she didn’t seem to give up completely. This time she came to the banquet, obviously wanting to try to contact Bai Yin again.

Catherine was an uncompromising beauty. In Monte’s view, Bai Yin’s response to the other party wasn’t a loss at all. Anyway, things like girlfriends could be changed at any time if they didn’t like it. To be honest, he didn’t quite understand why Bai Yin kept a distance from the other party.

This time Bai Yin came to U Country with more than one person. Monte could also see that he had an ambiguous relationship with Li Zhibai. He also had praised Bai Yin’s vision before. After all, Li Zhibai looked even better than Catherine if you just looked at his face. It was just that Monte was a straight man and it was easier to appreciate the body of a beautiful woman. For the ambiguous relationship between Bai Yin and Li Zhibai, he didn’t classify it into some kind of formal and serious classification at all.

Hearing that Li Zhibai was an actor, Monte didn’t take him seriously. The entertainment industry in U Country was unusually chaotic. For people like Monte and the others, most of the most popular stars were things that could be easily coaxed into bed. Even if it wasn’t for money and resources, because of the openness of sexuality, there were many cases of drinking too much alcohol at banquets and casually going to bed with people. In comparison, Catherine, a business elite who wasn’t inferior in appearance and body, made people want to conquer her.

Although Bai Yin had never looked for someone to play with like them before, Monte didn’t think he was the kind of person who would keep his integrity for the so-called true love.

To put it bluntly, in a circle like theirs, no one would believe in true love. It was just a matter of having fun. Bai Yin was different from them, just because Bai Yin’s happiness was probably not in sex but in career and money.

However, even so, Monte wouldn’t refuse to advise Bai Yin to experience their joy. For example, now, he suggested Bai Yin meet Catherine.

“No need,” Bai Yin refused without thinking, “I didn’t have feelings for her before and I don’t feel the same about her now.”

Monte didn’t think much of it when he heard the words, but instead smiled and said, “Apart from Catherine, there are many beauties at the banquet today. No matter who it is, I think the other party will be very willing to go with you.”

Bai Yin sneered softly, “I brought the most beautiful one. Okay, don’t worry about it. I’m just bringing people on vacation this time. I don’t plan to do anything else.”

Monte looked at Bai Yin in surprise and sighed a moment later, “Well, it seems that you Chinese people are quite conservative. I can’t understand this noble sentiment of giving up the entire forest for one tree. If you don’t want to see Catherine, do you want me to help you lead her away? She will definitely come over when she sees you.”

“Okay, then I’ll trouble you.” Bai Yin said, “I don’t want to socialize today. Please remember to explain, so that people don’t have eyes on the people I brought.”

“Of course, I understand.” Monte raised his glass to Bai Yin, drank the wine in one gulp, and turned to socialize with the other guests who came early.

Bai Yin found Li Zhibai and the others. While looking at Li Zhibai in a delicate dress, he said, “This time some well-known directors, producers, and stars of the U Country will come. If you need to know them, I can introduce them to you.”

Bai Xinyan heard the words and replied, “I haven’t planned to go abroad for the time being…”

Yin Heng stretched out his hand to help him straighten his collar and said, “There’s no harm in getting to know them first.”

Bai Xinyan thought for a while, “Okay, why don’t I find a chance to see Teacher Julia.”

“Since you are in U Country, of course, you want to visit her. After all, she had taught you a lesson for so long.” Bai Yin said immediately.

Julia was Bai Xinyan’s acting teacher. It was Bai Yin who found her for him. In addition to Julia, there were many teachers who taught Bai Xinyan remotely in the U Country. Bai Xinyan had never met them before. This time, he had the opportunity to thank her.

“In this case, don’t we have to stay in the U Country for a long time?” Bai Xinyan couldn’t help asking, “Isn’t the vacation for Li Zhibai only half a month from Brother Shao?”

“It’s okay. Shao Ping won’t be okay.” Bai Yin said indifferently, “It’s good for you to know more people in U Country.” The teachers he invited to Bai Xinyan belonged to quite powerful in this circle.

Li Zhibai saw him (Bai Yin) arranging for him in a few words. He was speechless for a while, “…can you ask for my opinion?”

Bai Yin impolitely stretched out his hand and stroked Li Zhibai’s neck. His eyes lingered on the curve of his body outlined by the tight suit and smiled, “I’m asking for your opinion. Do you think there’s anything wrong with my arrangement?”

Li Zhibai was fidgeting for a while when he saw him. He felt a dangerous aura coming toward his face. Suddenly, he lost the slightest momentum. His cheeks quickly flushed and his voice immediately weakened, “…no, it’s good.”

“Good,” Bai Yin raised the corners of his lips in satisfaction. After a while, he couldn’t help but say, “Is this suit a little tight or should we change it?”

Bai Xinyan, who was on the side, felt that his eyes were going to be blinded by these two people. He immediately rushed towards Yin Heng and shouted, “Mr Yin, please change your clothes too. This one is too beautiful.”

Yin Heng: “……”

In response to Bai Xinyan’s counterattack, Bai Yin sneered disdainfully, “His face is covered with a cover spell. No one will look at him no matter how beautiful his clothes are.”

Bai Xinyan: “……”

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