CH 74

Yin Heng was very talented. He once wondered if he might have any special bloodline, but after so many years of cultivation, nothing happened to him. This speculation was left behind by him for a long time.

Father Bai was more knowledgeable than him in this regard, but his tone wasn’t very sure, which showed that even if he had that kind of blood, it was probably quite thin.

“Yanyan’s physique change should be affected by your special bloodline.” Father Bai thought for a while and judged, “Yanyan is very sensitive. Your bloodline should be of a high level, stimulating the vitality and spiritual power in his body. Your orifinal form is a snake, so I guess this special bloodline is mostly a dragon. It’s just that I don’t know what kind of dragon it is. We’ll know after you awaken.”

Father Bai looked at Yin Heng and said with a smile, “It’s just right, Yanyan has a lot of vitality and energy in his body. If you stay with him, the blood will be stimulated much faster. Maybe you will awaken soon.”

“Really?” Before Yin Heng could react, Bai Xinyan became extremely excited, “Mr Yin will become a dragon?”

“Mostly it’s a dragon,” Father Bai said, “but I’m not sure. It might turn into a Jiao first, or maybe it’s another kind of bloodline.” (蛟, Jiao meant a legendary dragon with the ability to control rain and floods)

“Sounds amazing!” Bai Xinyan looked at Yin Heng with bright eyes, “You can actually turn into a dragon!”

Seeing Bai Xinyan’s delight appearance, Yin Heng unconsciously calmed down after being quite surprised. He wanted to touch Bai Xinyan’s head, but after all, in front of Father Bai and Mother Bai, Yin Heng still restrained. He just smiled and said, “It’s also thanks to you. Otherwise, with such a special bloodline, I would never be able to awaken myself.”

“I’m also thankful to you. Otherwise, maybe I won’t be able to reach adulthood in this life, which would be a tragedy.” Bai Xinyan smiled brightly and said happily, “We complement each other! It feels like we are made for each other!”

“……” People next to him felt a bit sour when they heard this. Bai Yin couldn’t help but glared at Bai Xinyan, who was smug and ecstatic.

Father Bai coughed lightly and said, “The awakening of the bloodline isn’t easy and the pain is no less than that of a thunder calamity. It’s best to prepare in advance. You should also pay attention to Yanyan’s cultivation.”

Father Bai explained some relevant matters. Yin Heng nodded naturally and wrote them down one by one.

The first time his son, who had not yet reached adulthood, went out, he quietly made a boyfriend and came back. Father Bai and Mother Bai would have been somewhat unhappy at first, but Yin Heng’s condition was good and he had a good relationship with their family. Compared with Bai Xinyan, they had nothing to criticize. Coupled with the fact that the two of them were going to cultivate together, Father Bai and Mother Bai were a little fortunate.

After seeing Yin Heng and Bai Xinyan getting along, Father Bai and Mother Bai accepted Yin Heng more sincerely and regarded him as a member of their family.

As for the pair of Bai Yin and Li Zhibai, Bai Yin wasn’t like Bai Xinyan, who they had to worry about, after all. Now that they had found the other half, Father Bai and Mother Bai naturally had no objection. In their opinion, Li Zhibai was also a little guy who wasn’t much older than Bai Xinyan. They naturally loved each other when they got along well.

The environment in the mist mountain was very good and there were many interesting things. Bai Xinyan and Bai Yin hadn’t returned for a long time, so they stayed at home for a few more days without knowing it.

Then Li Zhibai received an angry call from Shao Ping.

“Are you going on vacation to the end of the world? It’s been almost a month and you haven’t even posted a Weibo! If you don’t show up, you might be out of breath! Your fans are still coming to scold me for not developing your career! Obviously, it’s you, the one who don’t seek to make progress yourself!” Shao Ping could be said to be furious. Originally, although Li Zhibai was a little weird, he had always been able to manage it. Apart from being smug and narcissistic, there was nothing wrong with him and he never made his own decisions. As a result, he had been different since he met Bai Yin. He caused a lot of trouble directly and indirectly. He became a lot more courageous. One of them was to go straight to vacation for such a long time without saying anything. He wasn’t afraid of being scolded by him if he had a backer, indeed!

It wasn’t that Li Zhibai wasn’t afraid of Shao Ping’s scolding, but that Bai Yin was there, and Yin Heng, Shao Ping’s immediate boss, was indeed making him fearless. He didn’t really care about his popularity and career, so he did relax a little while on vacation. Li Zhibai also knew that Shao Ping was for his own good, so he couldn’t help feeling guilty after receiving this angry phone call, but…

“Brother Shao, I’m sorry. I’m with Bai Xinyan in his hometown… If I don’t have an important job, I might have to stay for a while…” Li Zhibai said cautiously.

Shao Ping, who didn’t know about this, immediately wanted to ask him why he went to Bai Xinyan’s hometown. Fortunately, before asking, he suddenly remembered that Bai Xinyan’s hometown was probably also Bai Yin’s hometown! Li Zhibai didn’t go to the mountains for vacation, but mostly, he went back to see his parents!

Shao Ping suddenly held his breath in his chest, wanting to vomit but couldn’t. There was no way. He couldn’t afford to provoke Bai Yin. He couldn’t interfere casually when he saw such a big thing as meeting his parents. If someone messed up, it was a big crime. Moreover, there was really no job that Li Zhibai had to go to recently.

Shao Ping could only take a deep breath and said, “Forget it. We’ll discuss your problems when you come back. Now that you have other things to do, you can send a Weibo account for a live broadcast or something to interact with your fans. If you haven’t done anything for a month, they still think I’ve hidden you.”

Li Zhibai hurriedly agreed.

Shao Ping coughed again and said half-coveredly, “If you… want to reveal your relationship with him, you need carefully discuss it with me and the company, so we can come up with a suitable plan. Just don’t reveal it for the time being, understadn?”

Li Zhibai nodded and Shao Ping added, “Don’t be too fake, you are good friends to the outside world now, it’s normal to be a little closer. If you go to their house, it’s Bai Yin and Bai Xinyan who invited you together.”

Although Li Zhibai wasn’t going to come out in a short period of time, it was still necessary to take precautions regardless of whether he and Bai Yin would go public in the future. Only when people formed a good impression of their relationship, then when they saw the rumours and intimate photos of the two, the first reaction would be that someone exaggerated their friendship.

Shao Ping warned him and finally hung up the phone. Li Zhibai sighed and looked at Bai Xinyan, who was leisurely eating junk food and playing games next to him, but he wouldn’t be harassed by Zhang Kai at all. He wasn’t worried about his skin getting worse at all. Then his envy rose, followed by a burst of grievances. Although he was also a demon himself, he didn’t have to worry about gaining weight casually, but his lifestyle still had a subtle effect on the quality of his skin and hair, so he was almost as particular about eating as an ordinary star. Unlike Bai Xinyan, who had a special physique, abundant vitality, and rapid cell renewal in the body, there was no need to worry about the deposition of fat toxins. He could eat whatever he wanted and he could still get fresh water every day.

So, Li Zhibai, who was jealous, also pulled Bai Xinyan on during the live broadcast. If you can’t take care of it like the other party, then at least the other party must work as hard as him!

Bai Xinyan gladly accepted this. He had never played live broadcasts and was quite interested. Moreover, he hadn’t appeared in front of fans for a long time. Although his fans weren’t as anxious as Li Zhibai’s fans, most of them also wanted to know his current situation.

After all, the mist mountain was Bai Xinyan’s home, so it was decided that Bai Xinyan would start the live broadcast, accompanied by Li Zhibai.

The two made an appointment for the live broadcast and first posted a notice on Weibo.

Li Zhibai V: See you tomorrow [scattering flowers] // Bai Xinyan V: Long time no see. This vacation is a little long and you may be a little worried, so tomorrow afternoon at 2 o’clock I will have a live broadcast at home, where we can chat. In addition, there’s also a special guest @Li Zhibai who accept it. Don’t miss the opportunity and not come [èr hā] (二哈, èr hā meant silly but cute husky)

The two “missing persons” finally posted on Weibo and fans were immediately excited. When they found out that there was still a live broadcast, their excitement and anticipation immediately began to soar highly and the speed of forwarding comments on Weibo increased like a rocket.

【Bai ah, I waited for you, fortunately, I didn’t give up】

【You are finally willing to post on Weibo, I think you have gone to some old forest in the mountains where you don’t even have a mobile phone signal…】

【Ah ah ah ah, there is actually a live broadcast!!! I definitely! Will! See you! Tomorrow!】

【You two are going to live broadcast together?? Not going on vacation together, right?】

【I don’t care, ZhiXin CP is beyond the sky!! Have a sweet holiday together!!!!】

【Hey, is your CP name set to be ZhiXin?】

【I remember that the one who called more at the beginning was Double Bai, right? As a result, after the big boss Bai Yin appeared, it wasn’t good to call it that, but now it seems to be called ZhiXin】

【To tell you the truth, I think ZhiXin is a bit earthy… Double Bai sounds good, but if there’s one more Boss Bai, any two of them can be called Double Bai. The uncle and nephew cult party is more righteous. It’s really not good to use this again…】

【That, our Star CP’s name sounds sweet and good, and it’s not a cult. Do you want to eat it?】 (恒星CP, 要吃安利伐?), Star CP, Stellar CP, HengXing CP, prob refer to Yin Heng and Bai Xinyan; and the last one, mostly referring to ‘do you want to eat (ship) the one I recommend?)

* * *

The next day, Bai Xinyan started the live broadcast on time. In an instant, a large number of people poured into the live broadcast room, causing Bai Xinyan’s mobile phone to freeze for a while.

“Well, can you hear me? Is it still stuck?” Bai Xinyan made some adjustments to make sure that there was no problem and the live broadcast officially started.

“Good afternoon, everyone. This is our special guest, Li Zhibai. He’s already seated,” Bai Xinyan turned the camera around and aimed at Li Zhibai. He took back the phone a moment later and put it in the place where both of them could be recorded in it. “Today we will broadcast live for an hour and chat with everyone casually.”

Bai Xinyan and Li Zhibai were both without makeup. The live broadcasts didn’t show any beauty filter, but the audience still couldn’t find any flaws on their faces. They couldn’t breathe because of a simple close-up shot.

【Ah ah ah! Crazy licking screen!!!】

【Is it my illusion, I feel that you look better after taking a vacation…】

【Wuli Zhibai is always so beautiful and prosperous! Love you ten thousand years ah ah ah】

【Yanyan, I can finally see you again, this sister misses you so much 1551】

The barrage of the audience was boiling for a while. After the fans had vented their grievances that there was no news about their idols for a long time, Bai Xinyan smiled and said, “Thank you for your concern, do you have any questions? Now you have the opportunity to ask.”

【Yes, yes, yes, I want to know when Trace of the Source will be broadcast!! Now extremely short of food TAT】

【Just wanted to ask, did you go on vacation together? Have you been on vacation for so long after shooting Trace of the Source?】

【Where are you now? The room has very natural atmosphere】

【You’ve been on vacation for so long, when will you start working again? Is it time to start promoting, I want to watch the show or Reuters QAQ】

【Li Zhibai is already very popular after all, so I don’t worry about him taking a few months off. Yanyan, why did you go on vacation for so long after filming? Now is the time to increase your popularity. The agent won’t give you a job?】

Obviously, there were many questions from fans. There were all kinds of questions. Bai Xinyan and Li Zhibai picked the ones that could be answered and answered them one by one.

“The time for 《Trace of the Source》 hasn’t been set yet, but it won’t exceed the winter vacation at the latest, I guess.” Bai Xinyan said, “But it’s not certain. I didn’t ask Director Zhang, I guessed it myself.”

“It’s estimated that the publicity won’t start until the file is finalized. Director Zhang should still focus on editing the film now.”

“We went on vacation together, but it’s not just the two of us. It should be regarded as a group tour.” Bai Xinyan smiled, “Who else? Why don’t you ask Li Zhibai about this?”

Li Zhibai coughed lightly. Thinking that Shao Ping said that he couldn’t deliberately avoid suspicion, he tried his best to say naturally, “There’s nothing that can’t be said. We went with four… five people. Xiao Bai’s uncle and his agent were there.”

“Who’s the other one?” Li Zhibai asked after seeing the barrage and looked at Bai Xinyan. His tone was a little meaningful as if he wanted to avenge the shot just now, “You shouldn’t ask me about this.”

However, Bai Xinyan said lightly one step ahead, “The other one is, of course, Mr Yin. You all know Mr Yin, right?”

【!!! I got it right! Sure enough, it’s really Mr Yin!】

【I know, I know!! Your chairman!】

【exm?? Why are you so excited to introduce Mr Yin?】

【2333, this biggest Yin Yan blowing is about to start again】

【Ah, my Star CP is so sweet that it explodes!! The blue sky above the head doesn’t accept the rebuttal!!】

Since Bai Xinyan revealed his true nature in the first Weibo interview, he had never been shy about talking about Yin Heng, except that he didn’t directly disclose it, and didn’t hide his intimacy and worship attitude at all. It made the fans get used to it gradually. CP fans gulped sweets. Even if they weren’t CP fans, they could think that the relationship between the two was pure friendship. After all, Bai Xinyan was too generous.

This time, Bai Xinyan said that he and Yin Heng were going on vacation together. After being surprised, the fans quickly calmed down and felt that things were normal. After all, besides them, there were Bai Yin and Li Zhibai, and they also brought the agent. It seemed that they were simply good friends, so they would go on vacation together for a long time. They weren’t shy about it, obviously they were really good friends.

The audience asked a lot about their vacation. Bai Xinyan and Li Zhibai picked up what they could say and changed to the next topic.

“Where are we now? Can you guess?” Bai Xinyan took the initiative to pick up the phone and let them look at the furnishings in the room and the farmland in the yard outside the window, “I can give a gift to the first person who guesses right.”

Although Bai Xinyan didn’t contribute much in it, he was still very content with the environment of his home, so he wanted to show off to his fans. Anyway, he didn’t have to worry about any fans or anti fans coming to his door, so he didn’t have any worries about revealing it.

【Wow, this decoration feels so comfortable! The furniture looks good!】

【It doesn’t look very luxurious, but the decoration in the room is very charming, it feels great!】

【There are fields outside and the scenery is very good. Where is the homestay? I want to go…】

【I want to go there. From the lens, I feel I will be very comfortable living there, really heartwarming! It’s the place where Baibai and the others live, I’m afraid it’s very expensive… 】

【How do I feel that those craft ornaments are a bit like real antiques…】

【It shouldn’t be true, just the workmanship is good, and the overall decorative atmosphere of the room looks real】

Bai Xinyan said that he wanted to give a gift, but no one guessed that this was his home. After all, celebrities usually tried to hide this kind of thing. Bai Xinyan waited for a while and saw that no one guessed right, so he had to reveal the answer first, “Actually, this is my hometown. The house and the fields outside are all made by my parents. The scenery and environment here are very good. After returning from abroad, we went back to my hometown to continue the vacation. I think this is good to guess, but you didn’t think of it, then… the gift mentioned before is gone.”

【What!? Hometown? This… where is this good to guess!? It should be difficult for normal people to think about it!】

【Wow! Yanyan, where is your hometown? So beautiful! I want to travel there!】

【It’s your home, so you really can afford to buy antiques…】

【Is the land made by your parents?? So, the rich still farm their own land?】

“To be precise, it’s almost all made by my dad. My dad likes to grow vegetables and he has nothing to do at home every day, so he just grows vegetables to pass the time.” Bai Xinyan said with a smile, “My dad is very fond of the vegetables he grows. Nobody is allowed to touch them casually. Sometimes when I steal food, he will scold me.”

【emmmmm, it’s normal to grow flowers or something, but to grow vegetables and also to grow in such a large area… It seems that I really don’t understand the world of rich people…】

【After saying this, I feel that Yanyan’s parents are so simple and down-to-earth】

【The layout of the room is super nice. Yanyan’s parents’ aesthetics are really good】

【Wow wow wow, I also like to grow vegetables, do you think I can succeed when I apply to be their daughter-in-law?】

【To be honest, I’m doing pretty well with flowers, can I be the sister-in-law of the two bosses?】

【Stop dreaming, wait until you have a net worth of over 100 million and still face the wind and the sun every day to farm the land before you speak】

【Yanyan, can you let us take a look at the panoramic view of the house and the scenery outside, it’s not enough to see such a beautiful scenery only from the window!!】

【Actually, I also want to see the design of other rooms… The design here is really beautiful!!】

【Are you all so simple in thinking? Am I the only one who wants to take the opportunity to take a look at Yanyan’s parents, and what Big Brother Yin looks like?】

【!!! One word awakens the dreamer!!】

【I also want to see Big Brother Yin 1551, Yanyan has blown his face many times, but I can’t find a single picture!! Really curious!!!!】

【Who doesnt want to see him, but since we can’t find his photos, it means he doesn’t want people to see him. Otherwise, the chairman of a big company will have several ID photos. Anyway, don’t dream about it.】

【Say you want to see what’s the matter with your parents!? Is there no basic quality at all?】  (说想看爸爸妈妈的怎么回事?!一点基本的素质都没有吗?)

The barrage started to get a little chaotic. Bai Xinyan said quickly, “If you want to see them, how about one by one? Li Zhibai and I will show you around and you can see whoever you meet.”

Hearing that, Li Zhibai glanced at Bai Xinyan, hesitating whether to stop him, but after thinking about it, he felt that there was no problem with this, so he just let him go.

“I told them about today’s live broadcast and they don’t mind being on camera.” Bai Xinyan patiently explained to fans who were worried and discouraged him.

Father Bai and Mother Bai didn’t leave the mist mountain very much at all. They didn’t have to worry about being disturbed after being exposed. As for Yin Heng, he changed his mind last time in U Country and no longer actively concealed his appearance. At most, in order not to be watched in a crowded place, his sense of existence would be reduced a little, and then there would be no intention to make a normal face in the eyes of ordinary people, and couldn’t be captured by the camera.

Bai Xinyan’s words have blown him so many times. To be honest, he had long wanted to show off his boyfriend straightforwardly. Therefore, after Yin Heng gave up the disguise, Bai Xinyan was completely satisfied with the audience’s request.

However, of course, fans were naturally surprised by him.

【Do you really want to let Big Brother Yin and his parents show their faces? Please don’t follow us too much! Refuse those who should be refused!!】

【I, I can’t believe it. Are we going to see Big Brother Yin? My God, I’m so excited right now…】

【!! Thankfully I caught up with today’s live broadcast! I didn’t expect such a great benefit! I was so surprised that I couldn’t suck it!!!】

“This is the small living room on the second floor of the house. The bedroom won’t be shown to you. Let’s go to the first floor.” Looking at the barrage filled with exclamation marks, Bai Xinyan couldn’t help laughing. He got up and walked while introducing, “Ah, my dad is in the field and Mr Yin is there, you can see them.” The other side of the window just happened they could see Father Bai and Yin Heng who were in the field, wearing classic linen clothes, standing in the field watching the vegetable seedlings.

【It’s a bit far, I can’t see clearly…】

【I see! Is that Big Brother Yin and your dad? I feel like they are both tall and in good shape.】

【??? Big Brother Yin also likes farming?】

“Mr Yin helped my dad. He has only recently started to try to help, but he has done a very good job.” Bai Xinyan raised his voice unconsciously and said, “Let’s go directly to them.”

【…a familiar tone】

【…Big boss Yin being familiar blows】

【?? Why can you blow even he just grows vegetables?】

【I also do very well in growing vegetables, can Yanyan blow me [shy]】

【No, ugly rejection】

【No, poor rejection】

【…what a cruel reality】

Bai Xinyan went downstairs quickly, but met Mother Bai who was playing with a vase on the first floor. The enthusiasm of the audience suddenly stumbled Bai Xinyan’s footsteps.

【!! How beautiful!】

【Ah ah ah ah, who is this, I was hit!!!!!】


【My God, isn’t this Bai Xinyan’s mother? She is so beautiful? Totally beyond imagination…】

Although he wanted to find Yin Heng more, Bai Xinyan had to stop and say hello to Mother Bai first, “Mom, I’m broadcasting live, would you like to say hello to the audience? They’re all complimenting you on your beauty.”

Mother Bai turned her head, looked at Bai Xinyan, and smiled. She was just facing the camera. Suddenly, the barrage was full of ghosts and wolf howls.

“Okay, let them take a look.” Mother Bai was dressed in a beautifully embroidered dress. Her long hair was simple but elegantly tied behind her head with a hairpin. Her skin was fair and translucent. Her eyebrows were picturesque. Her temperament was extraordinary. Moreover, her whole body was beautiful. It seemed that she was almost less than 30, which was a bit more outstanding than those recognized as beautiful actresses in the entertainment industry.

Beside Bai Xinyan, Mother Bai looked at the rolling barrage that flashed quickly on the screen and asked softly, “Are these your fans?”

Bai Xinyan nodded, “Most of them are.”

Mother Bai smiled and greeted to the camera, “Hello, I’m Bai Xinyan’s mother. Thank you for supporting Yanyan and Zhibai.”

【I, I, I can’t… 】

【Where’s the medics, where are the medics! My blood tank is empty, please give me a mouthful of milk!!】

【Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah, I have lost the ability to speak only ah, who am I and where am I】

【Lying down peacefully, I didn’t expect to see a beauty that perfectly fits my aesthetics in my lifetime, the fairy in my childhood dream, this fairy, wuwuwu】

Seeing that the barrage was about to explode, Bai Xinyan couldn’t help but say, “You guys are reacting so much now, what will you do when you see Mr Yin later?”

Hearing this, Mother Bai reached out her hand and tapped Bai Xinyan’s forehead, “Is your mother much worse than your Mr Yin?”

Bai Xinyan came back to his senses and quickly restrained himself from getting carried away, “No, no, you all look good, but Mr Yin is relatively new to me…”

“It’s been half a year and still fresh, yet you’re not telling the truth.”

However, Mother Bai didn’t really care about this. She laughed and scolded Bai Xinyan and said, “Okay, I know you can’t stay still. Go find Xiao Yin and the others.”

Bai Xinyan smiled and asked Mother Bai to say goodbye to the audience, and then jumped out happily.

“If it’s sunny outside, I won’t go out.” Li Zhibai, whose sense of existence had unknowingly decreased, said at this time.

Bai Xinyan moved, thought for a while, and said, “Then you can start a live broadcast yourself? It’s not even an hour. Your fans are all here to see you.”

Li Zhibai didn’t really want to live broadcast by himself, because his previous persona was a bit high and cold, he wasn’t particularly good at interacting with fans He was afraid that he wouldn’t be sure to be exposed his nature too obviously. Although Shao Ping was helping him transform, he didn’t intend to let fans know how smug and narcissistic he was. In addition, of course, he wasn’t as comfortable as Bai Xinyan here. Having Father Bai and Mother Bai here was even more stressful.

However, what Bai Xinyan said was right. The live broadcast itself was Shao Ping’s task for Li Zhibai to explain. It was inappropriate for him to just make soy sauce. It was also he seemed sorry to the fans. (他只打个酱油也不合适, make or play soy sauce refers to him being additional season(?) in it)

“Then… okay,” Li Zhibai hesitated for a while but agreed and turned on the live broadcast himself. At this time, Bai Yin happened to come down from the upstairs and was immediately welcomed by the enthusiastic audience. Li Zhibai hesitated for a moment, but he still followed the public opinion and called Bai Yin over to live broadcast together.

But it just so happened that Li Zhibai didn’t know what to say and Bai Yin could help him introduce the things here, which happened to solve Li Zhibai’s troubles.

On the other side, Bai Xinyan had already arrived at Father Bai and Yin Yan, and during this time the barrage had undergone some intense discussions.

【Why did Mother Bai directly say Yanyan about ‘your Mr Yin’, this, this, this… This will give me the illusion that they have come out of the closet with their parents qwq】

【Sugar! Big sugar! Shocking giant sugar!】

【What should I do, I think the Star is real 1551】

【Anyway, the two of them have already met parents. If you have sugar and you are drunk now, don’t hurry up and kowtow!!】

【Am I the only one who is still thinking about Mr Yin’s appearance? Listening to the tone of Mother Bai, it seems to be better than her!?】

Bai Xinyan was also very concerned about Yin Heng’s appearance, so he deliberately passed behind them. When the audience’s expectation and urgency reached a peak, he shouted to make Yin Heng turn back, so that the camera just recorded the other party turning and looking back. Bai Xinyan looked at the complete scene of him with slightly soft expression and a smile on the corner of his mouth.

Reflecting the fresh wilderness scenery behind it, the stern aura of the original facial features softened a bit, but it was still the same breathtaking, just one glance made people addicted to it.

【I… I’m dead…】


【Wuwuwuwuwu mother, I’m in love】

【Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah, I want to explode into fireworks in place】

【I really can’t breathe, this appearance… really blow me!!】

【From now on, I was blown by Big Brother Yin who’s more powerful than Yanyan】

【Is this really a face that will appear in the human world? I almost suspect that I have hallucinations, and then I look at the barrage, it seems that I’m not the only one caught in the hallucination…】

【I really can’t. I thought Li Zhibai’s face was the perfect one, but today I just saw Mother Bai who was equally beautiful and suffocating, and now I see an even more amazing Big Brother Yin, I… I need first aid TAT】

【You don’t need to give me first aid, I can’t be saved, lie down peacefully.jpg】

【I want Mr Yin to be the number one in the world, the most beautiful in the world, and I won’t accept any refutation!!!!】

Seeing the feedback from the barrage, Bai Xinyan was very satisfied. He moved closer and filmed Father Bai, “Dad, Mr Yin, come say hello to my live broadcast audience?”

Father Bai wasn’t interested in these online live broadcasts, but he still paid attention to Bai Xinyan’s affairs. He went over to take a look and said hello to the screen.

Father Bai was also very handsome, with a refined and gentle temperament. Like Mother Bai, he looked very young. His cotton and linen shirt didn’t look rustic, but he looked gentle, which should have caused a burst of admiration. However, with Yin Heng’s extreme surprise ahead, the respond for Father Bai was much smaller, and many people still stayed in the discussion of Yin Heng.

Fortunately, Father Bai didn’t look at the fast-moving barrage and didn’t care about it. Instead, he said, “Xiao Yin, come over and say hello.”

Bai Xinyan immediately looked over with great anticipation.

Yin Heng saw Bai Xinyan’s somewhat small proud look that he tried to hide and understood what he was thinking. He took the initiative to cooperate, “Okay, Uncle.”

Yin Heng stood on the other side of Bai Xinyan. He also looked at the screen and said a word, which immediately caused a burst of madness in the audience.

This time, although it didn’t feel like the last glimpse, Yin Heng’s appearance itself was amazing enough. When he got closer, the impact increased rather than decreased, which made people hold their breath involuntarily. Even though he was across the screen, they were afraid that their breathing would be too heavy and disturb the other party.

However, the audience was reluctant to be disturbed, but Bai Xinyan had no scruples. Next, he directly pulled the heavenly-like face Yin Heng and started all kinds of very down-to-earth vegetable growing work.

【Su, suddenly I feel that growing vegetables is also an elegant thing…】

【I want to take a screenshot of every frame, but my hands are sore orz】

【It turns out that good-looking people look good in everything and ugly people are still ugly no matter how cultured they act like.】

【Hey, hey, hey, Star CP fans are satisfied, it’s the first time to eat such a direct interactive sugar today, it feels like a new year】

【I just took the screenshot of Big Brother Yin and Yanyan looking at each other to show jiyou, and jiyou was turned into Star CP fan by Amway in seconds, he he he】 (基友, I just search and found ‘jiyou’ here is referring to gay friend. It seems I found this one in the previous chapter but I forget which one)

【Suddenly I feel that ZhiXin CP has no future, next door Li Zhibai is handing sugar with Boss Bai Yin…】

【This sugar of Star-Double Bai is a little hard to be eaten today, hiccup】 (本恒星白银双担今天吃糖有点撑)

【Report—Mr Yin’s beauty is hot in the world!!】

Bai Xinyan’s operation undoubtedly made Yin Heng quickly become popular. Even Bai Xinyan, who had no news for a month, also cleaned the homepage of netizens again and the publicity effect was great. Even Xinghuan Entertainment gained a lot of attention through this and all the projects related to Yin Heng seemed to be hot for a while.

In addition, the biggest beneficiary was naturally Star CP. The number of CP fans had doubled overnight. The live broadcast screenshots and videos of Amway had a very effective result. The number of followers of CP topics and the number of fans had grown rapidly. All of sudden, the semi-cold CP without a name had become a hot CP.

As for Bai Yin and Li Zhibai, there was also a lot of sugar and food after the live broadcast, and CP fans also developed a lot. Under the two-phase attack, the CP of Li Zhibai and Bai Xinyan declined for a while. However, there was still a lot of hope for ZhiXin CP fans who were still insisting and that was the TV series 《Trace of the Source》.

After the live broadcast, Bai Xinyan and the others stayed in the mist mountain for a few more days before returning to S City.

In fact, it was best for Yin Yan and Bai Xinyan to stay in the mist mountain to practice, but the final film of 《Trace of the Source》 had already came out and it would be broadcasted soon. So, Bai Xinyan as the leading actor naturally had to cooperate with the group to do some publicity activities.

The drama 《Trace of the Source》 had long been heat before it was broadcast. Several well-known TV stations almost smashed their heads for the first broadcast rights. In the end, it was Strawberry TV that had already experienced the benefits brought by Li Zhibai and Bai Xinyan. They spent huge sums of money to buy the exclusive premiere rights. Most of the hot spots of 《Career Story》 focused on the two of them, which brought super high popularity and ratings to the show, as well as a large amount of revenue. Therefore, Strawberry Satellite TV could be said to have high hopes for 《Trace of the Source》.

The publicity that the crew of 《Trace of the Source》 participated in wasn’t too expensive. With the popularity of Li Zhibai and Bai Xinyan, the Internet popularity of this drama couldn’t be low. As for the ratings, with Zhang Cheng as a director and the effect of the finished film was also very good, Strawberry TV wasn’t worried.

Although suspense criminal investigation drama wasn’t the type that middle-aged women who were the main viewers like to watch, but with the basis of Strawberry Satellite TV, there was no need to worry about not being able to be a good drama that would be burst.

《Trace of the Source》 wasn’t scheduled for the winter vacation, but started broadcasting in early December.

This wasn’t a good schedule, but in order to avoid the loss of heat accumulated in these days due to the favourable location and people, they set it at this time.

Fact had proved that this wasn’t the wrong choice.

The viewership rating of 《Trace of the Source》 broke through two on the day it was broadcasted. Since then, due to its good quality reputation, the ratings had been steadily increasing and it had broken three in nearly half of the broadcast. The popularity in the Internet had remained high.

Bai Xinyan’s acting skills had been verified once again, and there were more and more praises for him. Everyone regarded him as the most anticipated star of tomorrow and drew the cakes for him to be the film emperor enthusiastically.

Not only that, Zhang Cheng and Li Zhibai were also considered to have made great progress. Their performances in 《Trace of the Source》 were very good.

When 《Trace of the Source》 was on air, the sales of the original novel quickly jumped to the top of various rankings, and related popular jargons and emoticons emerged one after another, and even aroused a wave of people’s desire to become a police officer and learn computer.

There was no doubt that 《Trace of the Source》 exploded! Strawberry Satellite TV almost smiled from ear to ear, while major video websites and platforms were working harder and harder in order to grab the webcast rights of 《Trace of the Source》.

However, when 《Trace of the Source》 was on air and fans were cheering for its dazzling results, Bai Xinyan came to U Country without disclosing to the public, ready to participate in the shooting of 《Stardust》. Bai Xinyan’s role in 《Stardust》 could be finished in about half a month after intensive filming. Originally, Bai Xinyan was an unknown male supporting actor who was also Chinese, so it was impossible for him to have the treatment of focusing on filming for his convenience. However, because of Bai Xinyan’s strong backing, not only Gardlin arranged for him to focus on filming, but the rest of the crew still behaved politely to him, at least not showing any dissatisfaction or discrimination in front of him.

However, because of Bai Xinyan’s talent, he still found some people who weren’t friendly to him and heard someone spoke ill of him in private. Except for the two people who spoke him very badly, Bai Xinyan gave Yin Heng and Bai Yin a small report and taught them a lesson. The others didn’t take initiative to provoke him and Bai Xinyan didn’t deliberately take care of them. He would only stay around for half a month. It didn’t matter if these people didn’t like him.

Although 《Trace of the Source》 was a big hit in China, it naturally had no impact on the U Country side. However, beyond Bai Xinyan’s expectations, when he only had a few days left to finish, the lead actor in 《Stardust》 and the internationally renowned movie star, Gerald, suddenly took the initiative to ask Bai Xinyan, “Ian, did you play a TV series called 《Trace of the Source》 in China?”

Bai Xinyan was surprised, “Yes, but how did you know?”

Gerald excitedly took out his mobile phone and showed it to Bai Xinyan, “You’re on the top recommendation of Star Gossip, look!”

Bai Xinyan inexplicably looked down at Gerald’s mobile phone and a line of large characters come into view—

Shock! Chinese’s little fresh meat, the crying scene wakes up the vegetative!

Bai Xinyan: ??? exm?

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