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The traffic policeman blinked vigorously and heard all kinds of discussions around him, only to realize that he was right.

God, that kid actually pushed the car?! The traffic policeman took another look at Bai Xinyan’s slender figure, feeling a little sceptical of life.

The traffic policeman was not the only one who doubted his life. Everyone who saw Bai Xinyan’s actions was stunned, except for Zhuo Xuan. Someone was at the shooting scene with a mobile phone before. After this, several shots suddenly gathered on Bai Xinyan, and some people came around to take a photo of Bai Xinyan’s face, and they talked a lot.

“You should believe me now?” Ignoring the crowd’s onlookers, Bai Xinyan patted the dust on his hands without even a drop of sweat on his face, and said to the traffic police uncle: “I will move the truck a little further, can the door be opened to save people?”

The traffic policeman still couldn’t believe it. The first reaction Bai Xinyan was joking when he heard the words, but after realizing what the other party had just done, he stopped talking and replied in a daze, “Go, go ba.”

Zhuo Xuan didn’t expect Bai Xinyan to jump out and get started. He was also taken aback. Seeing that nothing happened to him, he quickly reminded, “Police officer, the evidence at the scene should have been collected, right? This classmate won’t be judged to destroy the scene afterwards? Is it better to wear gloves?”

In fact, Zhuo Xuan originally didn’t want Bai Xinyan to speak out, and he was discovered that something unreasonable would lead to fire, but instead planned to do it himself. But Bai Xinyan had already pushed a truck, and it didn’t make much sense for him to go up and help cover up now. In addition, this little young man was planning to be an artist. Now that the incident had happened, it was still very eye-catching and topical, so it was better to use it to bring a positive effect.

Therefore, Zhuo Xuan decided to let Bai Xinyan act freely. He only needed to help relieve the worries in the future, and then operate properly, and prevent this from being negatively affected, he should be able to satisfy his employer… right?

He had always done things safely and surely, Zhuo Xuan helped, thinking of Yin Heng’s performance before, the first time he was a little uncertain.

Bai Xinyan was stunned when he heard Zhuo Xuan’s words. The traffic policeman was also overwhelmed by a series of problems. He quickly said: “We have all taken photos for evidence, and the dash cams of nearby vehicles also fully captured the accident. During the process, moving the vehicle has no effect.” As he saw Bai Xinyan who seemed to be stunned, he immediately comforted him: “Don’t worry, you are brave and you will definitely not be counted as destroying the scene. But it’s better to wear gloves. Okay, just use mine.” As he said, he took out a pair of spare gloves from his jacket pocket.

Bai Xinyan hadn’t considered these issues before. Hearing that, he ran over to take the gloves and thanked both the traffic police uncle and Zhuo Xuan.

Seeing Bai Xinyan standing in front of him politely and well-behaved, the traffic police uncle’s loving heart became more and more overflowing: “It’s okay, it’s okay. You should help us when you say it. When the time comes, we will try to send you a pennant and let your school commend you a bit.”

“……” Bai Xinyan wanted to say that he didn’t need it, but it was not the time to chat, so he just smiled and put on his gloves and went to the car.

Bai Xinyan didn’t notice, Zhuo Xuan had been observing him vaguely when he approached to take over the gloves. And as Bai Xinyan left, he finally confirmed a problem in Bai Xinyan that he hadn’t realized for a while.

Zhuo Xuan glanced at the black Maybach a little further away, then looked at the clean and naive boy in front of him, frowning at Yin Heng who was sitting in the car.

“Sir, Young Master Bai’s physique seems to be a bit special. It looks like he has brought a spiritual concentrator, and the concentration aura around him is higher than that of other places.” Zhuo Xuan hesitated while talking, and continued to transmit his voice: “But I still seem to feel… he is losing his vitality outside.”

As the name suggests, vitality was the basic element for the survival of all living things. It didn’t exist in the air as extensively as spiritual power, and it could be absorbed by cultivation at any time after it was lost. If a person’s vitality was leaving the body, then there must be something wrong with the person’s health and lifespan. If you were sick and injured, then it was normal for the vitality to escape. After the disease was cured, you could slowly recover a little bit; if the medicine wasn’t effective, when the vitality was exhausted, it was the end of biological life.

And if there was no illness or pain, but there was a loss of vitality, it was likely to involve something with a negative colour, such as certain witchcraft, or a physical defect in the body, and so on.

The reason why Zhuo Xuan wanted to communicate with Yin Heng was because he was worried that Bai Xinyan would encounter such a problem. Although it was reasonable to say that in Bai Xinyan’s family background, the possibility of being affected by sorcery and irreparable physical defects was very small, but Zhuo Xuan was also very sure that he did feel the vitality escaping from Bai Xinyan.

It was precisely because of the vitality and high concentration of spiritual energy around Bai Xinyan that people who stayed with him would feel more comfortable, and their mood would improve, and their attitude towards Bai Xinyan would be better. If this were not the case, it was estimated that Bai Xinyan would have been pushed aside by the traffic police for obstructing official duties.

But even though there would be such beneficial “side effects”, the problem of vitality escape was still very serious, and Zhuo Xuan felt that it was necessary to inform Yin Heng the first time.

After the report, Zhuo Xuan did not see Yin Heng’s reaction, but received a voice transmission from the other party after a while: “Continue to pay attention.”

Zhuo Xuan was clear, this was what it meant to do nothing for the time being and just continued to observe. After thinking about the two seniors of the Bai family, and then looking at the strong and vigorous young man who seemed to be unable to catch a trace of haze, Zhuo Xuan felt that he was mostly unfounded and worried.

* * *

Bai Xinyan pushed the truck he had just straightened back almost half a meter under the attention of everyone, to completely separate it from the car. In order to avoid being overly exaggerated, he deliberately took a deep breath, tensed his face and made very strong movements and expressions, but carefully controlled the force with his hands, so as not to push the car too far at once and frighten others.

The acting was more laborious than the cart during the whole process, but it was completed smoothly “slowly” anyway.

Everyone else looked intently, and there were still people applauding after success.

Bai Xinyan was watched by various gazes, but he didn’t have extra energy to feel nervous. Instead, he went to the next step immediately after completing one step. After all, he felt that the loss of the wounded people’s vitality was getting more and more serious.

However, when he was about to remove the deformed door of the car, he keenly felt a distinctive line of sight. Compared with the general onlookers, this line of sight was much stronger, with a cold feeling as if testing something around him, Bai Xinyan almost shuddered.

But this special line of sight quickly disappeared, and Bai Xinyan didn’t feel any malice, so he didn’t pay much attention for the time being, and refocused his attention on saving people.

After two verifications of pushing the truck, everyone now had no doubts about Bai Xinyan’s strength, but the excitement was still there, so they all waited enthusiastically for him to continue to dismantle the door.

Bai Xinyan also lived up to the expectation, grabbing the deformed and cocked part of the car door, and finishing the task easily. Of course, he still performed very hard.      

Finally, he could directly contact the two wounded people in the car, Bai Xinyan breathed a sigh of relief—it was still too late.

Seeing this scene, someone clapped again. This time the applause quickly became one piece, the tide rushed, and people cheered excitedly, and the scene suddenly felt like a “revolutionary victory” atmosphere of joy.

Bai Xinyan also felt a little embarrassed when he heard someone exaggerating “good job” and “proud of you”, and many people even gave him thumbs up.

Several traffic police officers quickly came forward to deal with the follow-up. The traffic police uncle patted Bai Xinyan on the shoulder and said with a touch of emotion: “I didn’t expect you to be so great and help us a lot. Next is up to us. You should go to the other side and take a rest. It must be tired after such a lot of effort?”

“……” Bai Xinyan wanted to say that ‘I was not tired at all, and even though people were rescued, but they could not continue their lives when I was far away, it was still very dangerous, so let me stay next to the wounded people, can’t I?’

But he could only think about it, and it was hard to say a word. So Bai Xinyan could only be wronged and squeezed aside, staring at the wounded people, thinking about what excuses he should find to get closer.

Zhuo Xuan helped this time.

As a special assistant to Yin Heng, a person who often didn’t bother to talk, Zhuo Xuan could be said to have an extraordinary understanding gaze. Bai Xinyan’s thought was almost directly written on his face, and Zhuo Xuan naturally saw it easily. Although he didn’t quite understand his purpose, he still quickly helped Bai Xin speak.

“Police officer,” Zhuo Xuan took the initiative to greet the traffic policeman who was asking where the ambulance was, and said, “I am a medical student, and I have a licensed physician qualification. I can help rescue the wounded people.”

Both wounded people were seriously injured, their vital signs looked a little weak, the hospital was a bit far away, and the ambulance was still stuck in the road. Without professional guidance, the traffic police were also hesitating whether to move the wounded people first for rescue. Moving might cause secondary damage, but if immovable, it would be hard to make it through. Therefore, Zhuo Xuan’s self-recommendation was nothing short of giving charcoal (to provide help).

After confirming the qualifications of the doctor a little bit, Zhuo Xuan was allowed to approach the wounded people to check the situation.

His qualification certificate was real, but he used spiritual power when examining patients. After “seeing” the two people’s injuries, Zhuo Xuan instructed people to avoid the wound and carry the injured out.

In this process, Bai Xinyan on the side was very naturally directed to participate in it, and he was successfully left to help when he simply treated the wound later.

No one noticed Zhuo Xuan’s deliberate action, even Bai Xinyan thought it was a coincidence. However, after discovering that he was able to approach the wounded, Bai Xinyan was lucky and immediately seized the time to rescue them.

Bai Xinyan’s “rescue” was not the same as Zhuo Xuan, a “doctor” who could use spiritual power to disinfect patients, debride wounds and stop bleeding. He used something less common—derived from the vitality in his body, that was, the vitality Zhuo Xuan perceived before.

In order to improve efficiency, Bai Xinyan released as much of the vitality in his body as possible, and then guided it into the body of the wounded people with spiritual power. He was not very good at manipulating spiritual power, so the efficiency of the latter step was very poor, he could only maximize the release of the former to achieve the rescue effect.

And as a result of what he did, his surroundings were suddenly full of vitality, and people around him clearly felt their spirits refreshed, the brain became active, the body seemed to become stronger, and even the five senses were suddenly strengthened.

Zhuo Xuan’s experience was more obvious. Not only did he feel a lot more comfortable in his body, but he could also clearly see the aura that gathered, almost reaching the concentration of a small spiritual vein in a short period of time, gathering around Bai Xinyan to form a small vortex. Although he couldn’t see the vitality, the improvement of the physical condition of these people and the rapid stabilization of the wounded injuries showed its effect clearly.

Moreover, Zhuo Xuan also discovered that the vitality released by Bai Xinyan was very pure, just like what was given by the heavens and the earth when a creature was born, with almost no impurities.

The quality was good, the quantity was large, the effect was good, and Bai Xinyan didn’t feel distressed at all to use it. Zhuo Xuan was sure that Bai Xinyan’s previous worries were indeed groundless worries. Now it seemed that the situation was more like Bai Xinyan had some vitality-enhancing treasures in his body. The vitality he felt before was only because Bai Xinyan did not have enough control over him, and his body was not enough to hold the huge vitality of the treasure. So, it was too full to leak a trace.

Thinking about it carefully, this was indeed the only way to meet the identity of Bai Xinyan, the only son of the Bai family.

It was just that this kind of heaven and earth treasure that could provide vitality was really precious, and Bai Xinyan had always leaked a little bit. Now, in order to save people, it was too conspicuous to send it out without hesitation. It was easy to be noticed by others, not to mention it, and maybe he would be targeted by greedy people.

Seeing that ordinary people who felt the changes around them had begun to notice, Zhuo Xuan wanted to cover up for Bai Xinyan first, and lock the vitality that escaped out in a small area so that others would not find out, just used it to treat the wounded people.

Zhuo Xuan was still thinking about it, and found that someone had already done something before him.

Feeling a powerful and familiar demon power forming a tight barrier around them, it could cover the two wounded people as well as him and Bai Xinyan who were rescuing them. Zhuo Xuan let go of his heart and was happy to relax at the same time.

But I really didn’t expect it. Looking at the speed of Mr Bai’s shot (看先生这出手速度), I am afraid that he (YH) has been peeping at the little boy with his spiritual knowledge. Zhuo Xuan unceremoniously secretly absorbed the excess vitality in the barrier, and couldn’t help but think in his heart.

Bai Xinyan’s skills in manipulating spiritual power were very poor, and he was quite nervous when using it, and did not pay attention to the surrounding enchantments and Zhuo Xuan who took advantage of the opportunity. After the two wounded people and the fetus in the woman’s abdomen was smoothly out of danger, they finally breathed a sigh of relief and slowly reduced the release of vitality. However, just in case, he continued to guide more vitality into the fetus.

At this time, the woman gradually regained consciousness. After feeling the body pain, she soon wanted to protect her abdomen, and murmured vaguely: “It hurts… baby, my baby…”

Upon seeing this, Bai Xinyan immediately grabbed her arm to prevent her from pulling her own wound and tried to comfort her: “Don’t worry, your child is fine, and your husband is fine. You are all fine.”

The woman heard Bai Xinyan’s crisp and soft voice, and at the same time she felt surrounded by a comfortable and warm atmosphere, and slowly calmed down. After regaining some strength, she opened her eyes with some difficulty and looked at her abdomen and her husband next to her.

After confirming that they all looked okay, the woman was a little relieved, and when she turned her head, she just saw Bai Xinyan’s expression seriously dealing with the wound.

The young man with delicate eyebrows was automatically added with a warm filter in the light and shadow of the rising sun and looked as if he was a luminous body, warm and holy.

Maybe this is an angel.

This thought came to the woman’s mind, and then she fell asleep again.

* * *

After a while, the sound of the ambulance finally arrived late, and Bai Xinyan no longer released his vitality. After his “rescue”, this family of three would basically no longer be in danger.

At the same time, the barrier that isolated his vitality disappeared without a trace. Bai Xinyan didn’t notice a trace until he recovered his mind from saving people, but he only felt a trace of unfamiliar demon power, not knowing came from and where it went.

However, Bai Xinyan did not find any malice. Combined with the fact that other people didn’t seem to be surprised or questioned him, Bai Xinyan probably guessed that the unknown monster was helping him cover it.

It seemed that he was a good monster who did good deeds and did not leave a name, Bai Xinyan thought in a good mood, remembering the characteristics of that trace of monster power, and decided that if he encountered it in the future, he would thank them and made friends.

So far this road accident was over. Although the whole process was tense, it didn’t actually take too long, only about half an hour. However, the traffic police uncle wanted Bai Xinyan to go to the police station with them to make a transcript, but Bai Xinyan could not delay any longer.

“My interview time is coming up, can the transcript wait for me after finish the interview?” Bai Xinyan’s aggrieved and pleading expression once again appeared on his face, like a small animal that hadn’t asked for food, seeing this people couldn’t stand it.

The time for the transcript was not a rigid requirement. This time, the traffic policeman naturally failed to insist. Not only did he agree with Bai Xinyan to go to the interview first, but also asked him if he needed a ride.

Working hard not to interfere with Bai Xinyan’s performance, Zhuo Xuan, who only appeared when needed, was also told about the transcript. Upon seeing this, he couldn’t help but start thinking about whether to propose Bai Xinyan to take their car.

But this matter mainly depended on the thinking of his own boss, so after thinking for a while, Zhuo Xuan once again transmitted to Yin Heng: “Sir, would you like to ask Mr Bai to ride our car?”

As a result, Yin Heng, who had always been highly efficient, did not reply for a long time.

Zhuo Xuan: ? ? ? What happened? Will the network be blocked even if the voice transmission is encrypted? Or should this situation be called aura?

The author has something to say:

No responsibility OOC small theatre:

A big man surnamed Yin in the car: Take a car? Didn’t we just meet up right away? I’m not ready yet…

Zhuo Xuan: It’s not about what preparations are needed for a blind date ==

A big man surnamed Yin in the car: But if we don’t bring him, what should he do if he is late without a car?

Zhuo Xuan: If you want to meet someone, you can just say it straight. You don’t need to make excuses. There are so many other people who are willing to take him →_→

Mr Yin: Shut up, do you still want your salary?

Zhuo Xuan: This is a non-responsible theatre. You don’t have to be responsible when you say bad things about the boss. ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

A big man surnamed Yin: (〝▼皿▼)

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