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Bai Xinyan didn’t think too much about meeting the big boss. He didn’t know if there was any hidden information or how to take advantage of this opportunity. He just went to meet a predestined person. It was just that the person’s identity was a bit special.

Anyway, Bai Xinyan didn’t make any mental preparations before meeting Yin Heng, so when he walked in the door and saw the man sitting on the sofa, he suddenly felt the blow…

He had never seen such… such…

Good-looking? Powerful? Stunning? Frightening?

Bai Xinyan ran across many adjectives in his head but felt that none of them could fully describe the feeling the other person gave him. He had always thought that his own mother might be the most beautiful person in the world, but when he saw Yin Heng, Bai Xinyan immediately turned around without hesitation.

The picturesque eyebrows and lines, when combined into a flawless face, bring a sharp edge. Even Bai Xinyan saw the perfect profile face without expressions, it made people feel the power of arrogance. The long and curly eyelashes droop slightly but also couldn’t cover up the bright cold light in his pupil’s eyes. When you saw it, there was a shocking sense of coldness and distance.

Such a pair of eyes, just lifted their eyes lightly and looked over, almost made people unable to breathe.

At that moment, Bai Xinyan felt like his heart was pinched and the blood flow in the body temporarily frozen. He was dizzy and his brain was too slow to think of anything except those eyes.

When Yin Heng looked at Bai Xinyan, he quickly reduced his chill, got up and walked two steps closer, trying to greet him gently and kindly. However, Yin Heng didn’t expect that Bai Xinyan was directly stunned in place as if he had lost his soul. He looked at him blankly without any reaction and his face was a little pale.

Seeing this, Yin Heng stopped. He frowned and quickly checked the evil spirit and spiritual energy on his body and around Bai Xinyan.

After confirming that he did not accidentally leak the evil spirits, even after the aura concentration around Bai Xinyan was a little higher than usual, Yin Heng couldn’t help but be puzzled by Bai Xinyan’s reaction. He immediately gestured to Zhuo Xuan, who was standing behind Bai Xinyan, to see the situation. At the same time, he was a little hesitant about whether he wanted to go forward.

Zhuo Xuan paused after receiving his employer’s gaze and took a look at Bai Xinyan in a daze. He tried his best to hide the helplessness in his tone and transmit the voice to Yin Heng. “Sir, have you forgotten how lethal your appearance is?” It was just that he had been used to it for so many years and Yin Heng’s strength was far more deterrent than his face, which slowly developed immunity. When he first saw Yin Heng’s true face, his reaction was no better than the current Bai Xinyan.

“……” He didn’t expect to get such an answer. Yin Heng couldn’t help being silent for a while then looked at the Bai Xinyan who was still staring at him blankly. After a long time, he finally felt that he had a lethal effect on his face again that was very destructive.

When Yin Heng occasionally contacted with ordinary people, he would use his demon power to obscure his appearance. Normally, except for Zhuo Xuan and other familiar subordinates, he didn’t see anyone else. However, he didn’t see this kind of thing again for a long time because his face shocked the other party and he ignored this point for a while.

Bai Xinyan’s demon power, Yin Heng couldn’t recognize it well at a glance. Coupled with his own race factors, when facing Bai Xinyan, Yin Heng especially collected his demon power and evil spirit to the lowest, fearing that it would be caused pressure and shadow to each other. In the end, he didn’t expect that the demon power he had well hidden, his face was exposed just because of the elimination of the spell. On the contrary, he still looked stupid.

Bai Xinyan felt that his whole body seemed to lack oxygen for a moment. He was in a daze before he slowly recovered. After the vitality in the body stagnated for a while, it quickly diffused and the aura of attraction began to run, entering with high speed in an almost exaggerated state. The aura circulation accelerated much faster than normal and Bai Xinyan’s skin was stained crimson gradually. His whole body turned red from his neck to his ears.

Zhuo Xuan became more affirmed on his guess when he saw this—Young Master Xiao Bai just looked at their big boss’ face and looked dumbfounded!

However, in fact, Bai Xinyan, who finally recovered, was a little confused. He didn’t know what was going on with the fierce reaction just now. He was confused for a while and wanted to try again to see what would happen if he stared at Yin Heng, but because of his previous feelings, he was a little scared, so he didn’t dare to look directly at the other party anymore and the line of sight falling on Yin Heng was erratic.

Yin Heng saw that he was blushing, looking dodgy to see but not daring to look at him. It was a bit funny and at the same time, he felt softened. In fact, Yin Heng didn’t like that other pay too much attention to his own appearance, but he didn’t know why when it was Bai Xinyan’s turn, not only did he not feel unhappy, but also found the other party’s reaction very interesting. He looked embarrassed and loveable.

Probably because the other party was still a cub to him, Yin Heng thought about it and wanted to judge. Although strictly speaking, Bai Xinyan was no longer a cub monster, but the age difference between the two was far apart. Bai Xinyan’s appearance was extraordinarily well-behaved and tender, which indeed easy for people to have a “kindness” heart to him.

But after a while, seeing some fine beads of sweat on Bai Xinyan’s forehead, Yin Heng couldn’t help worrying again and took another two steps forward.

This time Bai Xinyan didn’t stare at him, but as the opponent approached, he once again felt his heart tightening. Fortunately, this time because the vitality and aura in his body were running at a high speed, it was not that serious. Just because the two resisted each other, there was a little unexpected trouble—

Bai Xinyan felt vague that there seemed to be something on his head… He didn’t realize it yet. He reached out his hand blankly and touched his head then found a warm, fluffy thing.

Yin Heng was immediately stunned.

He wanted to take a closer look at Bai Xinyan’s situation. He didn’t expect that after two steps closer, the other party suddenly revealed a pair of fluffy ears!

Yes, that was the kind of fluffy, long, white and big bunny ears.

That pair of ears was very big, almost as long as Bai Xinyan’s whole head and they were wider than common bunny ears. They were covered with fine white fur and the slightly thinner areas showed a beautiful flesh-pink colour. It seemed that whether you stroke it down or kneaded it, you would feel good.

Those ears came out of Bai Xinyan’s soft black hair and stood on his head. It squeezed back, even slightly shaking and rotated a few times.

A well-behaved and beautiful boy, with a pair of bunny ears that “lives like life”, looked strange but exceptionally harmonious. There was even a special beauty that was hard to explain, which people couldn’t help but have some other reveries while admiring it.

Yin Heng was startled by this scene, but Zhuo Xuan, who did not see Bai Xinyan’s face, reacted quickly. He quickly locked the office to prevent someone from entering by mistake, although this possibility was completely negligible. The remote control closed the curtains, although the glass itself was single-sided. At the same time, the monitoring in the room was turned off for the first time. The short footage recorded just now was quickly deleted, although the monitoring in Yin Heng’s office was only available for him to call out (like only Yin Heng and Zhuo Xuan could see the records). In short, any possibility of leaking out the picture that shouldn’t exist in the first place was eliminated.

On the contrary, Bai Xinyan himself and Yin Heng, who faced Bai Xinyan, were “stunned” as if they were both greatly frightened. They just looked at each other and didn’t move.

Zhuo Xuan, who was on the sidelines, couldn’t help but complain in his mind. He could hardly ignore that Bai Xinyan, this little guy with almost negligible demon power was fine. His own boss hadn’t seen any big winds and waves for so many years, so could it be that such a little transformation problem shocked them into staring at each other? It made him feel that he was a bit redundant with the other two people who looked at each other “affectionately”.

He didn’t know that his subordinate was spitting out about Yin Heng again. It was not because of Bai Xinyan’s transformation problem that he was surprised. He was simply… surprised.

Looking at the boy with rabbit ears in front of him, Yin Heng’s mood was a little bit complicated for the first time. He really didn’t expect that, just seeing an extra pair of ears would make him have such a big reaction.

You must know that Yin Heng was always indifferent. After so many years, he didn’t have much interest in people and things and rarely had more intense emotions. Bai Xinyan himself had been regarded as a special case that made him pay special attention, but this kind of attention had felt that the sense of responsibility was most of the reason.

Bai Xinyan was really likeable and he fit his eyes. Yin Heng had a very good impression of him, but Yin Heng had always regarded him as an important junior. He did not expect that because of Bai Xinyan, his heart beat faster and his brain was blank.

Seeing the fluffy ears on the young man’s head, Yin Heng found that not only did he felt that the other looked so cute, which was different from the usual, with a hint of sexy cuteness. However, he also wanted to reach out, touch, and rub the other party’s long ears, he even wanted to bite and lick gently it for a moment…

Although Yin Heng didn’t show his inner thoughts at all with his powerful control ability, but after realizing what he was thinking, he still had an indescribable feeling.

This was the first time he knew… he had such a hobby…

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