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Compared to Yin Heng who was shocked by his new discovery of himself, Bai Xinyan was panicked purely because he had bunny ears directly in front of other people.

Although Bai Xinyan’s own demon power was very poor but because of his special physique, he was very keen in many aspects of intuition. As long as he had been in close contact with a relatively special creature, he could basically discover the true identity of the other party.

However, he did not expect that Yin Heng was in a category other than this “basic”, and his ability to conceal and disguise his true identity was strong enough to conceal his “intuition”. Although it may not be completely covered up, Bai Xinyan’s unusual reaction just now might be that intuition was working, but he did not consider it in this direction.

Zhuo Xuan also learned Yin Heng’s method, so the situation was similar in this regard.

In short, in Bai Xinyan’s eyes, Yin Heng and Zhuo Xuan were just ordinary people, but he was caught off guard and exposed his non-human identity in front of ordinary people, and exposed him to a very low level…

You must know that the form transformation would reveal some of the original defects. As long as the monsters were past their infancy, they would basically not make such low-level mistakes.

Not only that, but Bai Xinyan was still a monster with useless skills. He couldn’t even use the simplest tricks like blind eyes and obscure the memories, so now he couldn’t solve this accident exposed in front of ordinary people by himself. If it was reported to the Non-Human Affairs Administration for them to handle it, Bai Xinyan would not only have to pay a fine according to the regulations but also undergo another human social integration training.

Bai Xinyan thought for a while and couldn’t help but regret for the second time why he didn’t practice well in just a few hours.

The penalty was nothing, but retraining was time-consuming and humiliating. The most important thing was to test the basics of demon power and skill level. For the first training, only test knowledge about human society was needed. After all, it didn’t matter whether demon power entered human society or not. However, the second training was much stricter than the first one, because all the guys who were in trouble and needed to be treated severely, all aspects would be carefully assessed.

With Bai Xinyan’s demon power and skill level, if it were not for the first training, there would only be a written test and it would be basically impossible to pass. If he had to participate in the second training, he might simply lose his qualifications to enter human society, let alone become an actor. This is big trouble! He had been in the mountains for so many years. It was not easy for him to go down the mountain and act. If he had to go home as soon as he came out, it would be too miserable.

Bai Xinyan felt aggrieved when he thought about this. Although his demon power was poor and his transformation stabilized relatively late, as long as he stabilized, there should be no problems again. His parents also tried several times and they all said it was okay. Why did his ears pop up suddenly?

Also, the state that appeared when he saw Yin Heng just before was also very strange. If he found the reason… Bai Xinyan couldn’t help but carefully looked at Yin Heng again, thinking: The source seemed to be only from this person.

However, even if he was aggrieved and heavy in his heart, the purpose of looking at Yin Heng was pure exploration and observation, but when his gaze was on the man’s face that seemed to be particularly favoured by the Creator, Bai Xinyan’s first reaction was still to look at him and said—

This person is so beautiful.

Bai Xinyan, who was briefly bewildered by the other party’s beauty, didn’t notice for a while. Yin Heng, as an “ordinary person”, not only did not express his surprise at the sudden appearance of a pair of hairy ears, but he also had a little guilty.

Especially when he saw Bai Xinyan’s face showing his grievances and pouted slightly, his big eyes brought a little hazy watercolour, and his pair of white long ears fell back halfway down, looking very pitiful, Yin Heng felt moved in his heart.

But in the next second he couldn’t help but spit on himself, how could he still think of something so messy. Bai Xinyan was still a little kid. He pretended to be someone’s elder, so he shouldn’t act so “disrespectful for his old age”.

Yin Heng tried to put aside some untimely daydreams and soon discovered that Bai Xinyan seemed to be quite anxious about the ear problem. After a little hesitation, he released a trace of demon power, ready to help the little guy who seemed helpless.

“Concentrate calmly, run the demon pill, and induce the qi circulation.” Seeing Bai Xinyan’s face flustered and overwhelmed, Yin Heng gave him some comfort while personally giving him guidance, “It’s just that the demon power is a little out of control. Concentrate on thinking about the correct transformation and you will soon be able to get back.”

An unfamiliar low voice came into his mind. Although Bai Xinyan hadn’t recovered yet, the other party’s voice seemed to have some kind of magic power that made people trust and obey involuntarily, so he unconsciously did according to what the other party said.

Bai Xinyan, although his demon power was useless, as long as his transformation was stable and successful, it was basically an easy job. He panicked for a while and didn’t realize that he should retract his ears first until Yin Heng reminded him. After he controlled his consciousness, the pair of bunny ears quickly disappeared.

He retracted his ears and unknowingly, he also gradually adapted to the state of high-speed movement of the aura in his body. Although Bai Xinyan hadn’t fully figured out the situation, he still felt a little more relaxed.

Seeing this, Yin Heng was relieved and withdrew his demon power.

As soon as Yin Heng’s demon power left this time, Bai Xinyan noticed the changes in his surroundings and quickly reacted to catch a little tail of the other party’s demon power when it slipped away.

And this trace of demon power turned out to be a bit familiar, even including this scene. The last time something similar happened was not long ago. It was the kind monster who had helped him in the morning but did not show up. Yin Heng and that demon power carried the same cold and powerful aura.

Bai Xinyan finally reacted in a daze, it turned out that Yin Heng was not an ordinary person!

He was not only an ordinary person but also the monster that he thought of thanking him and making friends with before!

Things were much more normal after thinking about it. As the chairman of Xinghuan specially invited him to meet, it was not only because of Bai Xinyan’s charity to save people but also because they were the same kind(?) of monsters.

Since Yin Heng was also a monster, it was not a problem to be seen by him with bunny ears. It didn’t require the Non-Human Administration to deal with the aftermath, nor did he need to receive any penalty and retraining! Thinking of this, Bai Xinyan’s mood brightened for a moment.

However, he couldn’t help but think that if Yin Heng hid so tightly, making him thought that the other party was an ordinary person, he wouldn’t be so frightened.

Because of his unexpected mistake, Bai Xinyan couldn’t help but complain a little bit about Yin Heng, so after a moment of surprise, he showed a bit of an aggrieved look to him.

He had done a good job of “the psychological construction that the elders should have”. This time, Yin Heng was no longer as overwhelming as before. Of course, it may also be because Bai Xinyan’s ears had been withdrawn, but Yin Heng refused to admit it for the time being—though after thinking about it, he wanted to find something from his treasury and handed it to the other party.

Yin Heng was interrupted several times before he was getting close to Bai Xinyan. He worried that something happened to the other party because of his own reasons. This time, he was quite cautious when he handed the thing to him. Seeing that Bai Xinyan didn’t show any fierce reaction anymore, he finally stood in front of him.

In fact, Yin Heng could deliver the thing to Bai Xinyan from a distance, but this seemed a bit disrespectful. It also shouldn’t be a problem for him to be close to Bai Xinyan. According to the plan, he would have to talk to each other for a while. It was strange to be too far away.

Bai Xinyan was startled by Yin Heng’s actions, almost thinking that something would happen to him, but except that his heartbeat involuntarily became a little faster after Yin Heng approached, no other accidents happened.

Bai Xinyan looked up at the handsome man who was half a head taller than him in a dazed and then slowly realized that the other party had handed a small thing to him.

After lowering his head to see the contents in Yin Heng’s hand, Bai Xinyan couldn’t help but widened his eyes. His brain that had been slowly swallowed just now was agitated and he immediately entered the state of running at the same speed as his heartbeat—

What, what does this really good-looking monster want to do? This… what does it mean to suddenly show him a ring???

Bai Xinyan couldn’t help but glance at Yin Heng’s face again and at the same time felt that his heartbeat became more and more uncontrollable.

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